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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module device.mojom;
import "services/device/public/mojom/mtp_file_entry.mojom";
import "services/device/public/mojom/mtp_storage_info.mojom";
interface MtpManagerClient {
// Notifies the client that a storage is attached.
StorageAttached(MtpStorageInfo storage_info);
// Notifies the client that a storage is detached.
StorageDetached(string storage_name);
interface MtpManager {
// This is a combined interface to get existing storages and set a
// client for incoming storage change events. It is designed to reduce
// async calls and eliminate a potential race condition between
// the client being set and storage updates being made.
EnumerateStoragesAndSetClient(associated MtpManagerClient client) =>
(array<MtpStorageInfo> storages);
// Gets storage metadata for |storage_name|.
GetStorageInfo(string storage_name) =>
(MtpStorageInfo storage_info);
// Reads the metadata of |storage_name| from device.
GetStorageInfoFromDevice(string storage_name) =>
(MtpStorageInfo storage_info, bool error);
// Opens |storage_name| in |mode|.
OpenStorage(string storage_name, string mode) =>
(string storage_handle, bool error);
// Closes |storage_handle|.
CloseStorage(string storage_handle) => (bool error);
// Creates |directory_name| in |parent_id|.
CreateDirectory(string storage_handle, uint32 parent_id,
string directory_name) => (bool error);
// Reads the directory listing for |file_id| and returns the list of file ids.
ReadDirectoryEntryIds(string storage_handle,
uint32 file_id) => (array<uint32> file_ids, bool error);
// Reads file data from |file_id| on |storage_handle|.
// Reads |count| bytes of data starting at |offset|.
ReadFileChunk(string storage_handle,
uint32 file_id,
uint32 offset,
uint32 count) => (string data, bool error);
// Gets the file metadata for entries in |file_ids| on |storage_handle|.
GetFileInfo(string storage_handle,
array<uint32> file_ids) =>
(array<MtpFileEntry> file_entries, bool error);
// Renames |object_id| to |new_name|.
RenameObject(string storage_handle,
uint32 object_id,
string new_name) => (bool error);
// Copies the file from |source_file_descriptor| to |file_name| on
// |parent_id|.
CopyFileFromLocal(string storage_handle,
int64 source_file_descriptor,
uint32 parent_id,
string file_name) => (bool error);
// Deletes |object_id|.
DeleteObject(string storage_handle, uint32 object_id) => (bool error);