Revert "Don't make a LayerTreeFrameSink for a non-visible RenderWidget."

This reverts commit 68d8dbc019fd37659252e273ade868aac7a9d8ac.

Reason for revert: Looks like it makes PrerenderBrowserTest.PrerenderInfiniteLoop according to FindIt. 

../../chrome/browser/prerender/ Failure
Expected equality of these values:
    Which is: 1
    Which is: 2

Original change's description:
> Don't make a LayerTreeFrameSink for a non-visible RenderWidget.
> Importantly, non-visible RenderWidgets include swapped out RenderWidgets
> which are zombies, without a frame, and which should not be used.
> This can happen if the RenderWidget swap out races with the posted task
> from the compositor to make a LayerTreeFrameSink. When swapping out, the
> compositor would be marked as not-visible, which would stop it from
> making such requests, but one could already be in flight.
> In the other case, honoring the request for a non-visible compositor is
> more benign, but we can delay it until the compositor is actually
> visible again. This means if a context is lost, backgrounded tabs would
> not all attempt to reconnect to the Gpu process at once.
> This is a better followup for the hacky
> which
> was meant only for merge to a release branch. It reverts that change as
> part of this one.
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