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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
class PrefService;
namespace base {
struct Feature;
namespace syncer {
class SyncService;
namespace autofill {
extern const base::Feature kAutofillAlwaysFillAddresses;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillCreateDataForTest;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillCreditCardAssist;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillScanCardholderName;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillCreditCardAblationExperiment;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillDeleteDisusedAddresses;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillDeleteDisusedCreditCards;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillExpandedPopupViews;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillPreferServerNamePredictions;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillRationalizeFieldTypePredictions;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillSaveCardDialogUnlabeledExpirationDate;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillSuggestInvalidProfileData;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillSuppressDisusedAddresses;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillSuppressDisusedCreditCards;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillUpstream;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillUpstreamAllowAllEmailDomains;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillUpstreamAlwaysRequestCardholderName;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillUpstreamBlankCardholderNameField;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillUpstreamEditableCardholderName;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillUpstreamSendPanFirstSix;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillUpstreamUpdatePromptExplanation;
extern const base::Feature kAutofillVoteUsingInvalidProfileData;
extern const char kCreditCardSigninPromoImpressionLimitParamKey[];
extern const char kAutofillCreditCardLastUsedDateShowExpirationDateKey[];
extern const char kAutofillUpstreamMaxMinutesSinceAutofillProfileUseKey[];
#if defined(OS_MACOSX)
extern const base::Feature kMacViewsAutofillPopup;
#endif // defined(OS_MACOSX)
// Returns true if autofill should be enabled. See also
// IsInAutofillSuggestionsDisabledExperiment below.
bool IsAutofillEnabled(const PrefService* pref_service);
// Returns true if autofill suggestions are disabled via experiment. The
// disabled experiment isn't the same as disabling autofill completely since we
// still want to run detection code for metrics purposes. This experiment just
// disables providing suggestions.
bool IsInAutofillSuggestionsDisabledExperiment();
// Returns whether the Autofill credit card assist infobar should be shown.
bool IsAutofillCreditCardAssistEnabled();
// Returns true if the user should be offered to locally store unmasked cards.
// This controls whether the option is presented at all rather than the default
// response of the option.
bool OfferStoreUnmaskedCards();
// Returns true if uploading credit cards to Wallet servers is enabled. This
// requires the appropriate flags and user settings to be true and the user to
// be a member of a supported domain.
bool IsCreditCardUploadEnabled(const PrefService* pref_service,
const syncer::SyncService* sync_service,
const std::string& user_email);
// For testing purposes; not to be launched. When enabled, Chrome Upstream
// always requests that the user enters/confirms cardholder name in the
// offer-to-save dialog, regardless of if it was present or if the user is a
// Google Payments customer. Note that this will override the detected
// cardholder name, if one was found.
bool IsAutofillUpstreamAlwaysRequestCardholderNameExperimentEnabled();
// For experimental purposes; not to be made available in chrome://flags. When
// enabled and Chrome Upstream requests the cardholder name in the offer-to-save
// dialog, the field will be blank instead of being prefilled with the name from
// the user's Google Account.
bool IsAutofillUpstreamBlankCardholderNameFieldExperimentEnabled();
// Returns whether the experiment is enabled where Chrome Upstream can request
// the user to enter/confirm cardholder name in the offer-to-save bubble if it
// was not detected or was conflicting during the checkout flow and the user is
// NOT a Google Payments customer.
bool IsAutofillUpstreamEditableCardholderNameExperimentEnabled();
// Returns whether the experiment is enabled where Chrome Upstream sends the
// first six digits of the card PAN to Google Payments to help determine whether
// card upload is possible.
bool IsAutofillUpstreamSendPanFirstSixExperimentEnabled();
// Returns whether the experiment is enbaled where upstream sends updated
// prompt explanation which changes 'save this card' to 'save your card and
// billing address.'
bool IsAutofillUpstreamUpdatePromptExplanationExperimentEnabled();
#if defined(OS_MACOSX)
// Returns true if whether the views autofill popup feature is enabled or the
// we're using the views browser.
bool IsMacViewsAutofillPopupExperimentEnabled();
#endif // defined(OS_MACOSX)
// Returns true if the native Views implementation of the Desktop dropdown
// should be used. This will also be true if the kExperimentalUi flag is true,
// which forces a bunch of forthcoming UI changes on.
bool ShouldUseNativeViews();
// Returns true if expiration dates on the save card dialog should be
// unlabeled, i.e. not preceded by "Exp."
bool IsAutofillSaveCardDialogUnlabeledExpirationDateEnabled();
} // namespace autofill