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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <iosfwd>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "base/strings/string_piece_forward.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "components/autofill/core/browser/autofill_data_model.h"
namespace autofill {
// A midline horizontal ellipsis (U+22EF).
extern const base::char16 kMidlineEllipsis[];
namespace internal {
// Returns an obfuscated representation of a credit card number given its last
// digits. To ensure that the obfuscation is placed at the left of the last four
// digits, even for RTL languages, inserts a Left-To-Right Embedding mark at the
// beginning and a Pop Directional Formatting mark at the end.
// Exposed for testing.
base::string16 GetObfuscatedStringForCardDigits(const base::string16& digits);
} // namespace internal
// A form group that stores card information.
class CreditCard : public AutofillDataModel {
enum RecordType {
// A card with a complete number managed by Chrome (and not representing
// something on the server).
// A card from Wallet with masked information. Such cards will only have
// the last 4 digits of the card number, and require an extra download to
// convert to a FULL_SERVER_CARD.
// A card from the Wallet server with full information. This card is not
// locally editable.
// The status of this card. Only used for server cards.
enum ServerStatus {
// The type of the card. Local cards are all CARD_TYPE_UNKNOWN. Server cards
// may have a more specific type.
enum CardType : int {
CreditCard(const std::string& guid, const std::string& origin);
// Creates a server card. The type must be MASKED_SERVER_CARD or
CreditCard(RecordType type, const std::string& server_id);
// For use in STL containers.
CreditCard(const CreditCard& credit_card);
~CreditCard() override;
// Returns a version of |number| that has any separator characters removed.
static const base::string16 StripSeparators(const base::string16& number);
// The user-visible issuer network of the card, e.g. 'Mastercard'.
static base::string16 NetworkForDisplay(const std::string& network);
// The ResourceBundle ID for the appropriate card issuer network image.
static int IconResourceId(const std::string& network);
// Returns the internal representation of card issuer network corresponding to
// the given |number|. The card issuer network is determined purely according
// to the Issuer Identification Number (IIN), a.k.a. the "Bank Identification
// Number (BIN)", which is parsed from the relevant prefix of the |number|.
// This function performs no additional validation checks on the |number|.
// Hence, the returned issuer network for both the valid card
// "4111-1111-1111-1111" and the invalid card "4garbage" will be Visa, which
// has an IIN of 4.
static const char* GetCardNetwork(const base::string16& number);
// Network issuer strings are defined at the bottom of this file, e.g.
// kVisaCard.
void SetNetworkForMaskedCard(base::StringPiece network);
// Sets/gets the status of a server card.
void SetServerStatus(ServerStatus status);
ServerStatus GetServerStatus() const;
// FormGroup:
void GetMatchingTypes(const base::string16& text,
const std::string& app_locale,
ServerFieldTypeSet* matching_types) const override;
base::string16 GetRawInfo(ServerFieldType type) const override;
void SetRawInfo(ServerFieldType type, const base::string16& value) override;
// Special method to set value for HTML5 month input type.
void SetInfoForMonthInputType(const base::string16& value);
const std::string& network() const { return network_; }
const std::string& bank_name() const { return bank_name_; }
void set_bank_name(const std::string& bank_name) { bank_name_ = bank_name; }
int expiration_month() const { return expiration_month_; }
int expiration_year() const { return expiration_year_; }
// These setters verify that the month and year are within appropriate
// ranges, or 0. They take integers as an alternative to setting the inputs
// from strings via SetInfo().
void SetExpirationMonth(int expiration_month);
void SetExpirationYear(int expiration_year);
const std::string& server_id() const { return server_id_; }
void set_server_id(const std::string& server_id) { server_id_ = server_id; }
// For use in STL containers.
void operator=(const CreditCard& credit_card);
// If the card numbers for |this| and |imported_card| match, and merging the
// two wouldn't result in unverified data overwriting verified data,
// overwrites |this| card's data with the data in |imported_card|. Returns
// true if the card numbers match, false otherwise.
bool UpdateFromImportedCard(const CreditCard& imported_card,
const std::string& app_locale) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
// Comparison for Sync. Returns 0 if the card is the same as |this|, or < 0,
// or > 0 if it is different. The implied ordering can be used for culling
// duplicates. The ordering is based on collation order of the textual
// contents of the fields.
// GUIDs, origins, labels, and unique IDs are not compared, only the values of
// the cards themselves.
int Compare(const CreditCard& credit_card) const;
// Determines if |this| is a local version of the server card |other|.
bool IsLocalDuplicateOfServerCard(const CreditCard& other) const;
// Determines if |this| has the same number as |other|. If either is a masked
// server card, compares the last four digits only.
bool HasSameNumberAs(const CreditCard& other) const;
// Equality operators compare GUIDs, origins, and the contents.
// Usage metadata (use count, use date, modification date) are NOT compared.
bool operator==(const CreditCard& credit_card) const;
bool operator!=(const CreditCard& credit_card) const;
// How this card is stored.
RecordType record_type() const { return record_type_; }
void set_record_type(RecordType rt) { record_type_ = rt; }
// Whether this is a credit, debit, or prepaid card. Known only for server
// cards. All local cards are CARD_TYPE_UNKNOWN.
CardType card_type() const { return card_type_; }
void set_card_type(CardType card_type) { card_type_ = card_type; }
// Returns true if there are no values (field types) set.
bool IsEmpty(const std::string& app_locale) const;
// Returns true if credit card number is valid.
// MASKED_SERVER_CARDs will never be valid because the number is
// not complete.
bool HasValidCardNumber() const;
// Returns true if credit card has valid expiration date.
bool HasValidExpirationDate() const;
// Returns true if IsValidCardNumber && IsValidExpirationDate.
bool IsValid() const;
// Returns the card number.
const base::string16& number() const { return number_; }
// Sets |number_| to |number| and computes the appropriate card issuer
// |network_|.
void SetNumber(const base::string16& number);
// Logs the number of days since the card was last used and records its use.
void RecordAndLogUse();
// Converts a string representation of a month (such as "February" or "feb."
// or "2") into a numeric value in [1, 12]. Returns true on successful
// conversion or false if a month was not recognized.
static bool ConvertMonth(const base::string16& month,
const std::string& app_locale,
int* num);
// Returns whether the card is expired based on |current_time|.
bool IsExpired(const base::Time& current_time) const;
// Whether the card expiration date should be updated.
bool ShouldUpdateExpiration(const base::Time& current_time) const;
const std::string& billing_address_id() const { return billing_address_id_; }
void set_billing_address_id(const std::string& id) {
billing_address_id_ = id;
// Sets |expiration_month_| to the integer conversion of |text| and returns
// whether the operation was successful.
bool SetExpirationMonthFromString(const base::string16& text,
const std::string& app_locale);
// Sets |expiration_year_| to the integer conversion of |text|. Will handle
// 4-digit year or 2-digit year (eventually converted to 4-digit year).
void SetExpirationYearFromString(const base::string16& text);
// Sets |expiration_year_| and |expiration_month_| to the integer conversion
// of |text|. Will handle mmyy, mmyyyy, mm-yyyy and mm-yy as well as single
// digit months, with various separators.
void SetExpirationDateFromString(const base::string16& text);
// Various display functions.
// Card preview summary, for example: "Visa - ****1234", ", 01/2020".
const std::pair<base::string16, base::string16> LabelPieces() const;
// Like LabelPieces, but appends the two pieces together.
const base::string16 Label() const;
// The last four digits of the card number (or possibly less if there aren't
// enough characters).
base::string16 LastFourDigits() const;
// The user-visible issuer network of the card, e.g. 'Mastercard'.
base::string16 NetworkForDisplay() const;
// A label for this card formatted as '****2345'.
base::string16 ObfuscatedLastFourDigits() const;
// A label for this card formatted as 'IssuerNetwork - ****2345'.
base::string16 NetworkAndLastFourDigits() const;
// A label for this card formatted as 'BankName' - ****2345' if bank name
// experiment turned on and bank name available; otherwise, formated as
// 'IssuerNetwork - ****2345'.
base::string16 NetworkOrBankNameAndLastFourDigits() const;
// Localized expiration for this card formatted as 'Exp: 06/17'.
base::string16 AbbreviatedExpirationDateForDisplay() const;
// Formatted expiration date (e.g., 05/2020).
base::string16 ExpirationDateForDisplay() const;
// Expiration functions.
base::string16 ExpirationMonthAsString() const;
base::string16 Expiration4DigitYearAsString() const;
// Whether the cardholder name was created from separate first name and last
// name fields.
bool HasFirstAndLastName() const;
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(CreditCardTest, SetExpirationDateFromString);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(CreditCardTest, SetExpirationYearFromString);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(CreditCardTest, BankNameAndLastFourDigitsStrings);
base::string16 Expiration2DigitYearAsString() const;
// FormGroup:
void GetSupportedTypes(ServerFieldTypeSet* supported_types) const override;
base::string16 GetInfoImpl(const AutofillType& type,
const std::string& app_locale) const override;
bool SetInfoImpl(const AutofillType& type,
const base::string16& value,
const std::string& app_locale) override;
// The issuer network of the card to fill in to the page, e.g. 'Mastercard'.
base::string16 NetworkForFill() const;
// The month and year are zero if not present.
int Expiration4DigitYear() const { return expiration_year_; }
int Expiration2DigitYear() const { return expiration_year_ % 100; }
// A label for this card formatted as 'BankName - 2345'.
base::string16 BankNameAndLastFourDigits() const;
// Sets the name_on_card_ value based on the saved name parts.
void SetNameOnCardFromSeparateParts();
// See enum definition above.
RecordType record_type_;
CardType card_type_;
// The card number. For MASKED_SERVER_CARDs, this number will just contain the
// last four digits of the card number.
base::string16 number_;
// The cardholder's name. May be empty.
base::string16 name_on_card_;
// The network issuer of the card. This is one of the k...Card constants
// below.
std::string network_;
// The issuer bank name of the card.
std::string bank_name_;
// These members are zero if not present.
int expiration_month_;
int expiration_year_;
// For server cards (both MASKED and UNMASKED) this is the ID assigned by the
// server to uniquely identify this card.
std::string server_id_;
// The status of the card, as reported by the server. Not valid for local
// cards.
ServerStatus server_status_;
// The identifier of the billing address for this card.
std::string billing_address_id_;
// The credit card holder's name parts. Used when creating a new card to hold
// on to the value until the credit card holder's other name part is set,
// since we only store the full name.
base::string16 temp_card_first_name_;
base::string16 temp_card_last_name_;
// So we can compare CreditCards with EXPECT_EQ().
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, const CreditCard& credit_card);
// The string identifiers for credit card icon resources.
extern const char kAmericanExpressCard[];
extern const char kDinersCard[];
extern const char kDiscoverCard[];
extern const char kEloCard[];
extern const char kGenericCard[];
extern const char kJCBCard[];
extern const char kMasterCard[];
extern const char kMirCard[];
extern const char kUnionPay[];
extern const char kVisaCard[];
} // namespace autofill