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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "components/autofill/core/browser/autofill_type.h"
#include "components/autofill/core/browser/form_field.h"
namespace autofill {
class AutofillField;
class AutofillScanner;
class CreditCardField : public FormField {
~CreditCardField() override;
static std::unique_ptr<FormField> Parse(AutofillScanner* scanner);
void AddClassifications(FieldCandidatesMap* field_candidates) const override;
friend class CreditCardFieldTestBase;
// Returns true if |scanner| points to a field that looks like a month
// <select>.
static bool LikelyCardMonthSelectField(AutofillScanner* scanner);
// Returns true if |scanner| points to a field that looks like a year
// <select> for a credit card. i.e. it contains the current year and
// the next few years.
static bool LikelyCardYearSelectField(AutofillScanner* scanner);
// Returns true if |scanner| points to a <select> field that contains credit
// card type options.
static bool LikelyCardTypeSelectField(AutofillScanner* scanner);
// Returns true if |scanner| points to a field that is for a gift card number.
// |scanner| advances if this returns true.
// Prepaid debit cards do not count as gift cards, since they can be used like
// a credit card.
static bool IsGiftCardField(AutofillScanner* scanner);
// Parses the expiration month/year/date fields. Returns true if it finds
// something new.
bool ParseExpirationDate(AutofillScanner* scanner);
// For the combined expiration field we return |exp_year_type_|; otherwise if
// |expiration_year_| is having year with |max_length| of 2-digits we return
ServerFieldType GetExpirationYearType() const;
// Returns whether the expiration has been set for this credit card field.
// It can be either a date or both the month and the year.
bool HasExpiration() const;
AutofillField* cardholder_; // Optional.
// Occasionally pages have separate fields for the cardholder's first and
// last names; for such pages |cardholder_| holds the first name field and
// we store the last name field here.
// (We could store an embedded |NameField| object here, but we don't do so
// because the text patterns for matching a cardholder name are different
// than for ordinary names, and because cardholder names never have titles,
// middle names or suffixes.)
AutofillField* cardholder_last_;
AutofillField* type_; // Optional.
std::vector<AutofillField*> numbers_; // Required.
// The 3-digit card verification number; we don't currently fill this.
AutofillField* verification_;
// Either |expiration_date_| or both |expiration_month_| and
// |expiration_year_| are required.
AutofillField* expiration_month_;
AutofillField* expiration_year_;
AutofillField* expiration_date_;
// For combined expiration field having year as 2-digits we store here
// |CREDIT_CARD_EXP_DATE_2_DIGIT_YEAR|; otherwise we store
ServerFieldType exp_year_type_;
} // namespace autofill