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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ui/gl/gl_export.h"
namespace gl {
// Expresses surface format properties that may vary depending
// on the underlying gl_surface implementation or specific usage
// scenarios. Intended usage is to support copying formats and
// checking compatibility.
class GL_EXPORT GLSurfaceFormat {
// Default surface format for the underlying gl_surface subtype.
// Use the setters below to change attributes if needed.
// Copy constructor from pre-existing format.
GLSurfaceFormat(const GLSurfaceFormat& other);
// A given pair of surfaces is considered compatible if glSetSurface
// can be used to switch between them without generating BAD_MATCH
// errors, visual errors, or gross inefficiency, and incompatible
// otherwise. For example, a pixel layout mismatch would be
// considered incompatible. This comparison only makes sense within
// the context of a single gl_surface subtype.
bool IsCompatible(GLSurfaceFormat other_format) const;
// Default pixel format is RGBA8888. Use this method to select
// a preference of RGB565. TODO(klausw): use individual setter
// methods if there's a use case for them.
void SetRGB565();
// Other properties for future use.
void SetDepthBits(int depth_bits);
int GetDepthBits() const { return depth_bits_; }
void SetStencilBits(int stencil_bits);
int GetStencilBits() const { return stencil_bits_; }
void SetSamples(int samples);
int GetSamples() const { return samples_; }
enum SurfaceColorSpace {
void SetColorSpace(SurfaceColorSpace color_space) {
color_space_ = color_space;
SurfaceColorSpace GetColorSpace() const { return color_space_; }
// Compute number of bits needed for storing one pixel, not
// including any padding. At this point mainly used to distinguish
// RGB565 (16) from RGBA8888 (32).
int GetBufferSize() const;
SurfaceColorSpace color_space_ = COLOR_SPACE_UNSPECIFIED;
int red_bits_ = -1;
int green_bits_ = -1;
int blue_bits_ = -1;
int alpha_bits_ = -1;
int depth_bits_ = -1;
int samples_ = -1;
int stencil_bits_ = -1;
} // namespace gl