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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ui/gl/gl_switches.h"
#include "base/stl_util.h"
namespace gl {
const char kGLImplementationDesktopName[] = "desktop";
const char kGLImplementationAppleName[] = "apple";
const char kGLImplementationEGLName[] = "egl";
const char kGLImplementationANGLEName[] = "angle";
const char kGLImplementationSwiftShaderName[] = "swiftshader";
const char kGLImplementationSwiftShaderForWebGLName[] = "swiftshader-webgl";
const char kGLImplementationMockName[] = "mock";
const char kGLImplementationStubName[] = "stub";
const char kGLImplementationDisabledName[] = "disabled";
const char kANGLEImplementationDefaultName[] = "default";
const char kANGLEImplementationD3D9Name[] = "d3d9";
const char kANGLEImplementationD3D11Name[] = "d3d11";
const char kANGLEImplementationOpenGLName[] = "gl";
const char kANGLEImplementationOpenGLESName[] = "gles";
const char kANGLEImplementationNullName[] = "null";
const char kANGLEImplementationVulkanName[] = "vulkan";
// Special switches for "NULL"/stub driver implementations.
const char kANGLEImplementationD3D11NULLName[] = "d3d11-null";
const char kANGLEImplementationOpenGLNULLName[] = "gl-null";
const char kANGLEImplementationOpenGLESNULLName[] = "gles-null";
const char kANGLEImplementationVulkanNULLName[] = "vulkan-null";
// The command decoder names that can be passed to --use-cmd-decoder.
const char kCmdDecoderValidatingName[] = "validating";
const char kCmdDecoderPassthroughName[] = "passthrough";
} // namespace gl
namespace switches {
// Disables use of D3D11.
const char kDisableD3D11[] = "disable-d3d11";
// Disables use of ES3 backend (use ES2 backend instead).
const char kDisableES3GLContext[] = "disable-es3-gl-context";
// Disables use of ES3 backend at a lower level, for testing purposes.
// This isn't guaranteed to work everywhere, so it's test-only.
const char kDisableES3GLContextForTesting[] =
// Stop the GPU from synchronizing presentation with vblank.
const char kDisableGpuVsync[] = "disable-gpu-vsync";
// Turns on GPU logging (debug build only).
const char kEnableGPUServiceLogging[] = "enable-gpu-service-logging";
// Turns on calling TRACE for every GL call.
const char kEnableGPUServiceTracing[] = "enable-gpu-service-tracing";
// Select which ANGLE backend to use. Options are:
// default: Attempts several ANGLE renderers until one successfully
// initializes, varying ES support by platform.
// d3d9: Legacy D3D9 renderer, ES2 only.
// d3d11: D3D11 renderer, ES2 and ES3.
// warp: D3D11 renderer using software rasterization, ES2 and ES3.
// gl: Desktop GL renderer, ES2 and ES3.
// gles: GLES renderer, ES2 and ES3.
const char kUseANGLE[] = "use-angle";
// Use the Pass-through command decoder, skipping all validation and state
// tracking. Switch lives in ui/gl because it affects the GL binding
// initialization on platforms that would otherwise not default to using
// EGL bindings.
const char kUseCmdDecoder[] = "use-cmd-decoder";
// ANGLE features are defined per-backend in third_party/angle/include/platform
// Enables specified comma separated ANGLE features if found.
const char kEnableANGLEFeatures[] = "enable-angle-features";
// Disables specified comma separated ANGLE features if found.
const char kDisableANGLEFeatures[] = "disable-angle-features";
// Select which implementation of GL the GPU process should use. Options are:
// desktop: whatever desktop OpenGL the user has installed (Linux and Mac
// default).
// egl: whatever EGL / GLES2 the user has installed (Windows default - actually
// ANGLE).
// swiftshader: The SwiftShader software renderer.
const char kUseGL[] = "use-gl";
// Inform Chrome that a GPU context will not be lost in power saving mode,
// screen saving mode, etc. Note that this flag does not ensure that a GPU
// context will never be lost in any situations, say, a GPU reset.
const char kGpuNoContextLost[] = "gpu-no-context-lost";
// Flag used for Linux tests: for desktop GL bindings, try to load this GL
// library first, but fall back to regular library if loading fails.
const char kTestGLLib[] = "test-gl-lib";
// Use hardware gpu, if available, for tests.
const char kUseGpuInTests[] = "use-gpu-in-tests";
// Enable use of the SGI_video_sync extension, which can have
// driver/sandbox/window manager compatibility issues.
const char kEnableSgiVideoSync[] = "enable-sgi-video-sync";
// Disables GL drawing operations which produce pixel output. With this
// the GL output will not be correct but tests will run faster.
const char kDisableGLDrawingForTests[] = "disable-gl-drawing-for-tests";
// Forces the use of software GL instead of hardware gpu.
const char kOverrideUseSoftwareGLForTests[] =
// Disables specified comma separated GL Extensions if found.
const char kDisableGLExtensions[] = "disable-gl-extensions";
// Enables SwapBuffersWithBounds if it is supported.
const char kEnableSwapBuffersWithBounds[] = "enable-swap-buffers-with-bounds";
// Disables DirectComposition surface.
const char kDisableDirectComposition[] = "disable-direct-composition";
// Enables using DirectComposition layers, even if hardware overlays aren't
// supported.
const char kEnableDirectCompositionLayers[] =
// Disables using DirectComposition layers.
const char kDisableDirectCompositionLayers[] =
// This is the list of switches passed from this file that are passed from the
// GpuProcessHost to the GPU Process. Add your switch to this list if you need
// to read it in the GPU process, else don't add it.
const char* const kGLSwitchesCopiedFromGpuProcessHost[] = {
const int kGLSwitchesCopiedFromGpuProcessHostNumSwitches =
} // namespace switches
namespace features {
// Allow putting content with complex transforms (e.g. rotations) into an
// overlay.
const base::Feature kDirectCompositionComplexOverlays{
"DirectCompositionComplexOverlays", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
const base::Feature kDirectCompositionGpuVSync{
"DirectCompositionGpuVSync", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Allow using overlays for non-root render passes.
const base::Feature kDirectCompositionNonrootOverlays{
"DirectCompositionNonrootOverlays", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Overrides preferred overlay format to NV12 instead of YUY2.
const base::Feature kDirectCompositionPreferNV12Overlays{
"DirectCompositionPreferNV12Overlays", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Use decode swap chain created from compatible video decoder buffers.
const base::Feature kDirectCompositionUseNV12DecodeSwapChain{
// Default to using ANGLE's OpenGL backend
const base::Feature kDefaultANGLEOpenGL{"DefaultANGLEOpenGL",
// Use swap chain frame statistics for GLSurface presentation feedback. Also
// forces direct composition root surface to always use a swap chain instead of
// an IDCompositionSurface.
const base::Feature kSwapChainFrameStatistics{
"SwapChainFrameStatistics", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Track current program's shaders at glUseProgram() call for crash report
// purpose. Only effective on Windows because the attached shaders may only
// be reliably retrieved with ANGLE backend.
const base::Feature kTrackCurrentShaders{"TrackCurrentShaders",
} // namespace features