Revert "Unify input delay computations for UMA, UKM, and EventTiming"

This reverts commit ae50f0f08fad0ff02cffc9923fed3d4ed6e6d62f.

Reason for revert: Suspect of causing failure of PageLoadMetricsBrowserTest.InputEventsForClick

Original change's description:
> Unify input delay computations for UMA, UKM, and EventTiming
> This CL moves the input delay computations for UKM to further down the
> pipeline to where they are computed for EventTiming. After this CL, the
> same types of events are logged by both UMA/UKM and EventTiming. The
> WebViewTest is fixed so that the artificial events move further enough
> down the pipeline. The tests checking for pointerCancels are no longer
> applicable since these only applied to the UMA/UKM computations, per
> issue 924278.
> By unifying input delay computation, this CL also fixes frame
> attribution for the UMA/UKM input delays: PageWidgetDelegate does not
> know the target frame (before, it would tell the root that an event has
> occurred even if it occurred in an iframe.
> Bug: 897656, 925130
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