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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "athena/athena_export.h"
#include "athena/util/drag_handle.h"
#include "athena/wm/public/window_list_provider_observer.h"
#include "athena/wm/public/window_manager_observer.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
namespace gfx {
class Rect;
class Transform;
namespace aura {
class ScopedWindowTargeter;
class Window;
class WindowTargeter;
namespace views {
class ViewTargeterDelegate;
class Widget;
namespace athena {
class SplitViewControllerTest;
class WindowListProviderImpl;
// Responsible for entering split view mode, exiting from split view mode, and
// laying out the windows in split view mode.
class ATHENA_EXPORT SplitViewController
: public DragHandleScrollDelegate,
public WindowManagerObserver,
public WindowListProviderObserver {
SplitViewController(aura::Window* container,
WindowListProviderImpl* window_list_provider);
~SplitViewController() override;
bool CanActivateSplitViewMode() const;
bool IsSplitViewModeActive() const;
// Activates split-view mode with |left| and |right| windows. If |left| and/or
// |right| is nullptr, then the first window in the window-list (which is
// neither
// |left| nor |right|) is selected instead. |to_activate| indicates which of
// |left| or |right| should be activated. If |to_activate| is nullptr, the
// currently active window is kept active if it is one of the split-view
// windows.
void ActivateSplitMode(aura::Window* left,
aura::Window* right,
aura::Window* to_activate);
// Resets the internal state to an inactive state.
void DeactivateSplitMode();
// Replaces |window| in split-view mode with |replace_with|. Adjusts
// |replace_with|'s visibility, transform and bounds. Resets |window|'s
// visibility and transform but does not change its bounds.
void ReplaceWindow(aura::Window* window,
aura::Window* replace_with);
// Returns the bounds of the left and right parts of the |container_| based
// on the current value of |divider_position_|.
gfx::Rect GetLeftAreaBounds();
gfx::Rect GetRightAreaBounds();
aura::Window* left_window() { return left_window_; }
aura::Window* right_window() { return right_window_; }
friend class SplitViewControllerTest;
enum State {
// Split View mode is not active. |left_window_| and |right_window| are
// nullptr.
// Two windows |left_window_| and |right_window| are shown side by side and
// there is a horizontal scroll in progress which is dragging the divider
// between the two windows.
// Split View mode is active with |left_window_| and |right_window| showing
// side by side each occupying half the screen. No scroll in progress.
void SetState(State state);
void InitializeDivider();
void HideDivider();
void ShowDivider();
void UpdateLayout(bool animate);
void SetWindowTransforms(const gfx::Transform& left_transform,
const gfx::Transform& right_transform,
const gfx::Transform& divider_transform,
bool animate);
// Called when the animation initiated by SetWindowTransforms() completes.
void OnAnimationCompleted();
// Returns the default divider position for when the split view mode is
// active and the divider is not being dragged.
int GetDefaultDividerPosition();
// Access to constants in anonymous namespace for testing purposes.
float GetMaxDistanceFromMiddleForTest() const;
float GetMinFlingVelocityForTest() const;
// DragHandleScrollDelegate:
void HandleScrollBegin(float delta) override;
void HandleScrollEnd(float velocity) override;
void HandleScrollUpdate(float delta) override;
// WindowManagerObserver:
void OnOverviewModeEnter() override;
void OnOverviewModeExit() override;
void OnSplitViewModeEnter() override;
void OnSplitViewModeExit() override;
// WindowListProviderObserver:
void OnWindowStackingChangedInList() override {}
void OnWindowAddedToList(aura::Window* added_window) override;
void OnWindowRemovedFromList(aura::Window* removed_window,
int index) override;
State state_;
aura::Window* container_;
// Provider of the list of windows to cycle through. Not owned.
WindowListProviderImpl* window_list_provider_;
// Windows for the left and right activities shown in SCROLLING and ACTIVE
// states. In INACTIVE state these are nullptr.
aura::Window* left_window_;
aura::Window* right_window_;
// X-Coordinate of the (center of the) divider between left_window_ and
// right_window_ in |container_| coordinates.
int divider_position_;
// Meaningful only when state_ is SCROLLING.
// X-Coordinate of the divider when the scroll started.
int divider_scroll_start_position_;
// Visually separates the windows and contains the drag handle.
views::Widget* divider_widget_;
// The drag handle which can be used when split view is active to exit the
// split view mode.
views::View* drag_handle_;
scoped_ptr<aura::ScopedWindowTargeter> window_targeter_;
scoped_ptr<views::ViewTargeterDelegate> view_targeter_delegate_;
// Windows which should be hidden when the animation initiated by
// UpdateLayout() completes.
std::vector<aura::Window*> to_hide_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<SplitViewController> weak_factory_;
} // namespace athena