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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "media/base/media_export.h"
#include "media/blink/encrypted_media_player_support.h"
namespace media {
// A "null" implementation of the EncryptedMediaPlayerSupport interface
// that indicates all key systems are not supported. This makes sure that
// any attempts to play encrypted content always fail.
class MEDIA_EXPORT NullEncryptedMediaPlayerSupport
: public EncryptedMediaPlayerSupport {
static scoped_ptr<EncryptedMediaPlayerSupport> Create(
blink::WebMediaPlayerClient* client);
~NullEncryptedMediaPlayerSupport() override;
// Prefixed API methods.
blink::WebMediaPlayer::MediaKeyException GenerateKeyRequest(
blink::WebLocalFrame* frame,
const blink::WebString& key_system,
const unsigned char* init_data,
unsigned init_data_length) override;
blink::WebMediaPlayer::MediaKeyException AddKey(
const blink::WebString& key_system,
const unsigned char* key,
unsigned key_length,
const unsigned char* init_data,
unsigned init_data_length,
const blink::WebString& session_id) override;
blink::WebMediaPlayer::MediaKeyException CancelKeyRequest(
const blink::WebString& key_system,
const blink::WebString& session_id) override;
// Unprefixed API methods.
void SetInitialContentDecryptionModule(
blink::WebContentDecryptionModule* initial_cdm) override;
void SetContentDecryptionModule(
blink::WebContentDecryptionModule* cdm) override;
void SetContentDecryptionModule(
blink::WebContentDecryptionModule* cdm,
blink::WebContentDecryptionModuleResult result) override;
// Callback factory and notification methods used by WebMediaPlayerImpl.
// Creates a callback that Demuxers can use to signal that the content
// requires a key. This method makes sure the callback returned can be safely
// invoked from any thread.
Demuxer::NeedKeyCB CreateNeedKeyCB() override;
// Creates a callback that renderers can use to set decryptor
// ready callback. This method makes sure the callback returned can be safely
// invoked from any thread.
SetDecryptorReadyCB CreateSetDecryptorReadyCB() override;
// Called to inform this object that the media pipeline encountered
// and handled a decryption error.
void OnPipelineDecryptError() override;
} // namespace media