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These are interim instructions for building and testing Dart's Mojo bindings.
These instructions currently only work for Linux, and assume you already have a
Mojo checkout.
1.) Install the Dart SDK.
- apt-get -
Follow instructions at:
- Debian package -
Download from:
$ wget
$ dpkg -i dart_1.8.0-dev.2.0-1_amd64.deb
- From source -
Follow instructions here:
and build the "create_sdk" target.
With the first two options, dart is on your path and you are ready to go.
When building from source, you must explicitly add
e.g. out/ReleaseX64/dart-sdk/bin to your path.
2.) Configure Mojo with Dart.
$ ./ --release --with-dart gn
3.) Build Mojo with Dart.
$ ./ --release build
4.) Run Dart tests.
$ ./ --release darttest