Reland "[layoutng] Use the correct layout algorithm to compute min/max sizes"

This reverts commit 43df04fe7fe11a69605cfa669226ae74b91c41c2.

Looks like there is no need for a flag-specific expectation anymore for

Original change's description:
> [layoutng] Use the correct layout algorithm to compute min/max sizes
> This also required adding a check in NGBlockNode::ComputeMinMaxSize
> for whether we are inside of PerformLayout -- on Mac, we can
> compute preferred sizes outside of layout; however, we can't do
> actual layout in that case, so we have to fallback to legacy
> min/max size in this case (c.f. RenderViewImpl::CheckPreferredSize())
> Bug: 635619
> Cq-Include-Trybots: luci.chromium.try:linux_layout_tests_layout_ng
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Bug: 635619
Change-Id: I28ca2367e21327d9f911c75b9f9950d171d48e1b
Cq-Include-Trybots: luci.chromium.try:linux_layout_tests_layout_ng
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