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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "components/sync/driver/data_type_manager.h"
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include "base/callback_forward.h"
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/containers/queue.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "components/sync/base/weak_handle.h"
#include "components/sync/driver/configure_context.h"
#include "components/sync/driver/model_association_manager.h"
#include "components/sync/engine/model_type_configurer.h"
namespace syncer {
class DataTypeController;
class DataTypeDebugInfoListener;
class DataTypeEncryptionHandler;
class DataTypeManagerObserver;
class SyncClient;
struct DataTypeConfigurationStats;
// List of data types grouped by priority and ordered from high priority to
// low priority.
using TypeSetPriorityList = base::queue<ModelTypeSet>;
class DataTypeManagerImpl : public DataTypeManager,
public ModelAssociationManagerDelegate {
SyncClient* sync_client,
ModelTypeSet initial_types,
const WeakHandle<DataTypeDebugInfoListener>& debug_info_listener,
const DataTypeController::TypeMap* controllers,
const DataTypeEncryptionHandler* encryption_handler,
ModelTypeConfigurer* configurer,
DataTypeManagerObserver* observer);
~DataTypeManagerImpl() override;
// DataTypeManager interface.
void Configure(ModelTypeSet desired_types,
const ConfigureContext& context) override;
void ReenableType(ModelType type) override;
void ReadyForStartChanged(ModelType type) override;
void ResetDataTypeErrors() override;
// Needed only for backend migration.
void PurgeForMigration(ModelTypeSet undesired_types) override;
void Stop(ShutdownReason reason) override;
ModelTypeSet GetActiveDataTypes() const override;
bool IsNigoriEnabled() const override;
State state() const override;
// |ModelAssociationManagerDelegate| implementation.
void OnSingleDataTypeWillStart(ModelType type) override;
void OnAllDataTypesReadyForConfigure() override;
void OnSingleDataTypeAssociationDone(
ModelType type,
const DataTypeAssociationStats& association_stats) override;
void OnModelAssociationDone(
const DataTypeManager::ConfigureResult& result) override;
void OnSingleDataTypeWillStop(ModelType type,
const SyncError& error) override;
// Used by unit tests. TODO(sync) : This would go away if we made
// this class be able to do Dependency injection.
ModelAssociationManager* GetModelAssociationManagerForTesting() {
return &model_association_manager_;
// Returns the priority types (control + priority user types).
// Virtual for overriding during tests.
virtual ModelTypeSet GetPriorityTypes() const;
// The set of types whose initial download of sync data has completed.
ModelTypeSet downloaded_types_;
enum DataTypeConfigState {
CONFIGURE_ACTIVE, // Actively being configured. Data of such types
// will be downloaded if not present locally.
CONFIGURE_INACTIVE, // Already configured or to be configured in future.
// Data of such types is left as it is, no
// downloading or purging.
CONFIGURE_CLEAN, // Actively being configured but requiring unapply
// and GetUpdates first (e.g. for persistence errors).
DISABLED, // Not syncing. Disabled by user.
FATAL, // Not syncing due to unrecoverable error.
CRYPTO, // Not syncing due to a cryptographer error.
UNREADY, // Not syncing due to transient error.
using DataTypeConfigStateMap = std::map<ModelType, DataTypeConfigState>;
// Helper enum for identifying which types within a priority group to
// associate.
enum AssociationGroup {
// Those types that were already downloaded and didn't have an error at
// configuration time. Corresponds with AssociationTypesInfo's
// |ready_types|. These types can start associating as soon as the
// ModelAssociationManager is not busy.
// All other types, including first time sync types and those that have
// encountered an error. These types must wait until the syncer has done
// any db changes and/or downloads before associating.
// Return model types in |state_map| that match |state|.
static ModelTypeSet GetDataTypesInState(
DataTypeConfigState state,
const DataTypeConfigStateMap& state_map);
// Set state of |types| in |state_map| to |state|.
static void SetDataTypesState(DataTypeConfigState state,
ModelTypeSet types,
DataTypeConfigStateMap* state_map);
// Prepare the parameters for the configurer's configuration. Returns the set
// of types that are already ready for association.
ModelTypeSet PrepareConfigureParams(
ModelTypeConfigurer::ConfigureParams* params);
// Abort configuration and stop all data types due to configuration errors.
void Abort(ConfigureStatus status);
// Divide |types| into sets by their priorities and return the sets from
// high priority to low priority.
TypeSetPriorityList PrioritizeTypes(const ModelTypeSet& types);
// Update unready state of types in data_type_status_table_ to match value of
// DataTypeController::ReadyForStart().
void UpdateUnreadyTypeErrors(const ModelTypeSet& desired_types);
// Post a task to reconfigure when no downloading or association are running.
void ProcessReconfigure();
// Programmatically force reconfiguration of data type (if needed).
void ForceReconfiguration();
void Restart();
void DownloadReady(ModelTypeSet types_to_download,
ModelTypeSet first_sync_types,
ModelTypeSet failed_configuration_types);
void NotifyStart();
void NotifyDone(const ConfigureResult& result);
void ConfigureImpl(ModelTypeSet desired_types,
const ConfigureContext& context);
// Calls data type controllers of requested types to register with backend.
void RegisterTypesWithBackend();
DataTypeConfigStateMap BuildDataTypeConfigStateMap(
const ModelTypeSet& types_being_configured) const;
// Start download of next set of types in |download_types_queue_| (if
// any exist, does nothing otherwise).
// Will kick off association of any new ready types.
void StartNextDownload(ModelTypeSet high_priority_types_before);
// Start association of next batch of data types after association of
// previous batch finishes. |group| controls which set of types within
// an AssociationTypesInfo to associate. Does nothing if model associator
// is busy performing association.
void StartNextAssociation(AssociationGroup group);
void StopImpl(ShutdownReason reason);
// Returns the currently enabled types.
ModelTypeSet GetEnabledTypes() const;
// Adds or removes |type| from |downloaded_types_| based on |downloaded|.
void SetTypeDownloaded(ModelType type, bool downloaded);
SyncClient* sync_client_;
ModelTypeConfigurer* configurer_;
// Map of all data type controllers that are available for sync.
// This list is determined at startup by various command line flags.
const DataTypeController::TypeMap* controllers_;
State state_;
// Types that requested in current configuration cycle.
ModelTypeSet last_requested_types_;
// Context information (e.g. the reason) for the last reconfigure attempt.
// Note: this will be set to a valid value only when |needs_reconfigure_| is
// set.
ConfigureContext last_requested_context_;
// A set of types that were enabled at the time initialization with the
// |model_association_manager_| was last attempted.
ModelTypeSet last_enabled_types_;
// Whether an attempt to reconfigure was made while we were busy configuring.
// The |last_requested_types_| will reflect the newest set of requested types.
bool needs_reconfigure_;
// The last time Restart() was called.
base::Time last_restart_time_;
// Sync's datatype debug info listener, which we pass model association
// statistics to.
const WeakHandle<DataTypeDebugInfoListener> debug_info_listener_;
// The manager that handles the model association of the individual types.
ModelAssociationManager model_association_manager_;
// DataTypeManager must have only one observer -- the ProfileSyncService that
// created it and manages its lifetime.
DataTypeManagerObserver* const observer_;
// For querying failed data types (having unrecoverable error) when
// configuring backend.
DataTypeStatusTable data_type_status_table_;
// Types waiting to be downloaded.
TypeSetPriorityList download_types_queue_;
// Types waiting for association and related time tracking info.
struct AssociationTypesInfo {
AssociationTypesInfo(const AssociationTypesInfo& other);
// Types to associate.
ModelTypeSet types;
// Types that have just been downloaded and are being associated for the
// first time. This includes types that had previously encountered an error
// and had to be purged/unapplied from the sync db.
// This is a subset of |types|.
ModelTypeSet first_sync_types;
// Types that were already ready for association at configuration time.
ModelTypeSet ready_types;
// Time at which |types| began downloading.
base::Time download_start_time;
// Time at which |types| finished downloading.
base::Time download_ready_time;
// Time at which the association for |read_types| began.
base::Time ready_association_request_time;
// Time at which the association for |types| began (not relevant to
// |ready_types|.
base::Time full_association_request_time;
// The set of types that are higher priority (and were therefore blocking)
// the association of |types|.
ModelTypeSet high_priority_types_before;
// The subset of |types| that were successfully configured.
ModelTypeSet configured_types;
base::queue<AssociationTypesInfo> association_types_queue_;
// The encryption handler lets the DataTypeManager know the state of sync
// datatype encryption.
const DataTypeEncryptionHandler* encryption_handler_;
// Association and time stats of data type configuration.
std::vector<DataTypeConfigurationStats> configuration_stats_;
// True iff we are in the process of catching up datatypes.
bool catch_up_in_progress_;
// Configuration process is started when ModelAssociationManager notifies
// DataTypeManager that all types are ready for configure.
// This flag ensures that this process is started only once.
bool download_started_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<DataTypeManagerImpl> weak_ptr_factory_;
} // namespace syncer