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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "components/sync/driver/data_type_controller.h"
#include "components/sync/driver/sync_client.h"
#include "components/sync/engine/model_safe_worker.h"
#include "components/sync/syncable/directory.h"
namespace syncer {
class ChangeProcessor;
class SyncService;
// Base class for Directory based Data type controllers.
class DirectoryDataTypeController : public DataTypeController {
~DirectoryDataTypeController() override;
// DataTypeController implementation.
bool ShouldLoadModelBeforeConfigure() const override;
// Directory types need to register with sync engine before LoadModels because
// downloading initial data happens in parallel with LoadModels.
void BeforeLoadModels(ModelTypeConfigurer* configurer) override;
// Directory based data types register with backend before LoadModels in
// BeforeLoadModels. No need to do anything in RegisterWithBackend.
void RegisterWithBackend(base::OnceCallback<void(bool)> set_downloaded,
ModelTypeConfigurer* configurer) override;
// Directory specific implementation of ActivateDataType with the
// type specific ChangeProcessor and ModelSafeGroup.
// Activates change processing on the controlled data type.
// This is called by DataTypeManager, synchronously with data type's
// model association.
// See ModelTypeConfigurer::ActivateDataType for more details.
void ActivateDataType(ModelTypeConfigurer* configurer) override;
// Directory specific implementation of DeactivateDataType.
// Deactivates change processing on the controlled data type (by removing
// the data type's ChangeProcessor registration with the backend).
// See ModelTypeConfigurer::DeactivateDataType for more details.
void DeactivateDataType(ModelTypeConfigurer* configurer) override;
void Stop(ShutdownReason shutdown_reason, StopCallback callback) final;
void GetAllNodes(AllNodesCallback callback) override;
void GetStatusCounters(StatusCountersCallback callback) override;
void RecordMemoryUsageAndCountsHistograms() override;
// Convenience overload with synchronous API, since directory types are always
// capable of stopping immediately.
virtual void Stop(ShutdownReason shutdown_reason) = 0;
// Returns a ListValue representing all nodes for a specified type by querying
// the directory.
static std::unique_ptr<base::ListValue> GetAllNodesForTypeFromDirectory(
ModelType type,
syncable::Directory* directory);
// |dump_stack| is called when an unrecoverable error occurs.
DirectoryDataTypeController(ModelType type,
const base::Closure& dump_stack,
SyncService* sync_service,
ModelSafeGroup model_safe_group);
SyncService* sync_service() { return sync_service_; }
const SyncService* sync_service() const { return sync_service_; }
// Create an error handler that reports back to this controller.
virtual std::unique_ptr<DataTypeErrorHandler> CreateErrorHandler() = 0;
// Access to the ChangeProcessor for the type being controlled by |this|.
// Returns null if the ChangeProcessor isn't created or connected.
virtual ChangeProcessor* GetChangeProcessor() const = 0;
// Function to capture and upload a stack trace when an error occurs.
base::Closure dump_stack_;
SyncService* const sync_service_;
// The model safe group of this data type. This should reflect the
// thread that should be used to modify the data type's native
// model.
ModelSafeGroup model_safe_group_;
} // namespace syncer