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* Copyright (C) 1999 Lars Knoll (
* (C) 1999 Antti Koivisto (
* (C) 2001 Dirk Mueller (
* (C) 2006 Alexey Proskuryakov (
* Copyright (C) 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (C) 2008, 2009 Torch Mobile Inc. All rights reserved. (
* Copyright (C) 2010 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies)
* Copyright (C) 2011 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Library General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public License
* along with this library; see the file COPYING.LIB. If not, write to
* the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
* Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
#ifndef Document_h
#define Document_h
#include "bindings/core/v8/ExceptionStatePlaceholder.h"
#include "bindings/core/v8/ScriptValue.h"
#include "core/CoreExport.h"
#include "core/dom/ContainerNode.h"
#include "core/dom/DocumentEncodingData.h"
#include "core/dom/DocumentInit.h"
#include "core/dom/DocumentLifecycle.h"
#include "core/dom/DocumentTiming.h"
#include "core/dom/ExecutionContext.h"
#include "core/dom/MutationObserver.h"
#include "core/dom/TextLinkColors.h"
#include "core/dom/TreeScope.h"
#include "core/dom/UserActionElementSet.h"
#include "core/dom/ViewportDescription.h"
#include "core/dom/custom/V0CustomElement.h"
#include "core/fetch/ClientHintsPreferences.h"
#include "core/frame/DOMTimerCoordinator.h"
#include "core/frame/HostsUsingFeatures.h"
#include "core/html/parser/ParserSynchronizationPolicy.h"
#include "core/page/PageVisibilityState.h"
#include "platform/Length.h"
#include "platform/Timer.h"
#include "platform/weborigin/KURL.h"
#include "platform/weborigin/ReferrerPolicy.h"
#include "public/platform/WebFocusType.h"
#include "wtf/HashSet.h"
#include "wtf/OwnPtr.h"
#include "wtf/PassOwnPtr.h"
#include "wtf/PassRefPtr.h"
namespace blink {
class AnimationClock;
class AnimationTimeline;
class AXObjectCache;
class Attr;
class CDATASection;
class CSSStyleDeclaration;
class CSSStyleSheet;
class CancellableTaskFactory;
class CanvasFontCache;
class CanvasRenderingContext2D;
class CanvasRenderingContext2DOrWebGLRenderingContext;
class CharacterData;
class ChromeClient;
class CompositorPendingAnimations;
class Comment;
class ConsoleMessage;
class ContextFeatures;
class V0CustomElementMicrotaskRunQueue;
class V0CustomElementRegistrationContext;
class DOMImplementation;
class DOMWindow;
class DocumentFragment;
class DocumentLoader;
class DocumentMarkerController;
class DocumentNameCollection;
class DocumentParser;
class DocumentState;
class DocumentType;
class Element;
class ElementDataCache;
class ElementRegistrationOptions;
class Event;
class EventFactoryBase;
class EventListener;
template <typename EventType>
class EventWithHitTestResults;
class ExceptionState;
class FloatQuad;
class FloatRect;
class FormController;
class Frame;
class FrameHost;
class FrameRequestCallback;
class FrameView;
class HTMLAllCollection;
class HTMLBodyElement;
class HTMLCanvasElement;
class HTMLCollection;
class HTMLDialogElement;
class HTMLElement;
class HTMLFrameOwnerElement;
class HTMLHeadElement;
class HTMLImportLoader;
class HTMLImportsController;
class HTMLLinkElement;
class HTMLScriptElementOrSVGScriptElement;
class HitTestRequest;
class IdleRequestCallback;
class IdleRequestOptions;
class InputDeviceCapabilities;
class IntersectionObserverController;
class LayoutPoint;
class LayoutViewItem;
class LiveNodeListBase;
class LocalDOMWindow;
class Locale;
class LocalFrame;
class Location;
class MainThreadTaskRunner;
class MediaQueryListListener;
class MediaQueryMatcher;
class NodeFilter;
class NodeIntersectionObserverData;
class NodeIterator;
class NthIndexCache;
class OriginAccessEntry;
class Page;
class PlatformMouseEvent;
class ProcessingInstruction;
class QualifiedName;
class Range;
class LayoutView;
class ResourceFetcher;
class SVGDocumentExtensions;
class SVGUseElement;
class ScriptRunner;
class ScriptableDocumentParser;
class ScriptedAnimationController;
class ScriptedIdleTaskController;
class SecurityOrigin;
class SegmentedString;
class SelectorQueryCache;
class SerializedScriptValue;
class Settings;
class SnapCoordinator;
class StyleEngine;
class StyleResolver;
class StyleSheet;
class StyleSheetList;
class Text;
class TextAutosizer;
class Touch;
class TouchList;
class TransformSource;
class TreeWalker;
class VisitedLinkState;
class VisualViewport;
class WebGLRenderingContext;
enum class SelectionBehaviorOnFocus;
struct AnnotatedRegionValue;
struct FocusParams;
struct IconURL;
using MouseEventWithHitTestResults = EventWithHitTestResults<PlatformMouseEvent>;
using ExceptionCode = int;
enum StyleResolverUpdateMode {
// Discards the StyleResolver and rebuilds it.
// Attempts to use StyleInvalidationAnalysis to avoid discarding the entire StyleResolver.
enum NodeListInvalidationType {
DoNotInvalidateOnAttributeChanges = 0,
const int numNodeListInvalidationTypes = InvalidateOnAnyAttrChange + 1;
enum DocumentClass {
DefaultDocumentClass = 0,
HTMLDocumentClass = 1,
XHTMLDocumentClass = 1 << 1,
ImageDocumentClass = 1 << 2,
PluginDocumentClass = 1 << 3,
MediaDocumentClass = 1 << 4,
SVGDocumentClass = 1 << 5,
XMLDocumentClass = 1 << 6,
enum ShadowCascadeOrder {
enum CreateElementFlags {
CreatedByParser = 1 << 0,
// Synchronous custom elements flag:
SynchronousCustomElements = 0 << 1,
AsynchronousCustomElements = 1 << 1,
// Aliases by callers.
// Clone a node:
CreatedByCloneNode = AsynchronousCustomElements,
CreatedByImportNode = CreatedByCloneNode,
CreatedByCreateElement = SynchronousCustomElements,
CreatedByFragmentParser = CreatedByParser | AsynchronousCustomElements,
using DocumentClassFlags = unsigned char;
class CORE_EXPORT Document : public ContainerNode, public TreeScope, public SecurityContext, public ExecutionContext, public Supplementable<Document> {
static Document* create(const DocumentInit& initializer = DocumentInit())
return new Document(initializer);
~Document() override;
MediaQueryMatcher& mediaQueryMatcher();
void mediaQueryAffectingValueChanged();
using SecurityContext::getSecurityOrigin;
using SecurityContext::contentSecurityPolicy;
using TreeScope::getElementById;
bool canContainRangeEndPoint() const override { return true; }
SelectorQueryCache& selectorQueryCache();
// Focus Management.
Element* activeElement() const;
bool hasFocus() const;
// DOM methods & attributes for Document
bool shouldMergeWithLegacyDescription(ViewportDescription::Type) const;
bool shouldOverrideLegacyDescription(ViewportDescription::Type) const;
void setViewportDescription(const ViewportDescription&);
ViewportDescription viewportDescription() const;
Length viewportDefaultMinWidth() const { return m_viewportDefaultMinWidth; }
String outgoingReferrer() const override;
void setDoctype(DocumentType*);
DocumentType* doctype() const { return m_docType.get(); }
DOMImplementation& implementation();
Element* documentElement() const
return m_documentElement.get();
// Returns whether the Document has an AppCache manifest.
bool hasAppCacheManifest() const;
Location* location() const;
Element* createElement(const AtomicString& name, ExceptionState&);
DocumentFragment* createDocumentFragment();
Text* createTextNode(const String& data);
Comment* createComment(const String& data);
CDATASection* createCDATASection(const String& data, ExceptionState&);
ProcessingInstruction* createProcessingInstruction(const String& target, const String& data, ExceptionState&);
Attr* createAttribute(const AtomicString& name, ExceptionState&);
Attr* createAttributeNS(const AtomicString& namespaceURI, const AtomicString& qualifiedName, ExceptionState&, bool shouldIgnoreNamespaceChecks = false);
Node* importNode(Node* importedNode, bool deep, ExceptionState&);
Element* createElementNS(const AtomicString& namespaceURI, const AtomicString& qualifiedName, ExceptionState&);
Element* createElement(const QualifiedName&, CreateElementFlags);
Element* elementFromPoint(int x, int y) const;
HeapVector<Member<Element>> elementsFromPoint(int x, int y) const;
Range* caretRangeFromPoint(int x, int y);
Element* scrollingElement();
VisualViewport* visualViewport();
String readyState() const;
AtomicString characterSet() const { return Document::encodingName(); }
AtomicString encodingName() const;
void setContent(const String&);
String suggestedMIMEType() const;
void setMimeType(const AtomicString&);
AtomicString contentType() const; // DOM 4 document.contentType
const AtomicString& contentLanguage() const { return m_contentLanguage; }
void setContentLanguage(const AtomicString&);
String xmlEncoding() const { return m_xmlEncoding; }
String xmlVersion() const { return m_xmlVersion; }
enum StandaloneStatus { StandaloneUnspecified, Standalone, NotStandalone };
bool xmlStandalone() const { return m_xmlStandalone == Standalone; }
StandaloneStatus xmlStandaloneStatus() const { return static_cast<StandaloneStatus>(m_xmlStandalone); }
bool hasXMLDeclaration() const { return m_hasXMLDeclaration; }
void setXMLEncoding(const String& encoding) { m_xmlEncoding = encoding; } // read-only property, only to be set from XMLDocumentParser
void setXMLVersion(const String&, ExceptionState&);
void setXMLStandalone(bool, ExceptionState&);
void setHasXMLDeclaration(bool hasXMLDeclaration) { m_hasXMLDeclaration = hasXMLDeclaration ? 1 : 0; }
String origin() const { return getSecurityOrigin()->toString(); }
String suborigin() const { return getSecurityOrigin()->hasSuborigin() ? getSecurityOrigin()->suborigin()->name() : String(); }
String visibilityState() const;
PageVisibilityState pageVisibilityState() const;
bool hidden() const;
void didChangeVisibilityState();
Node* adoptNode(Node* source, ExceptionState&);
HTMLCollection* images();
HTMLCollection* embeds();
HTMLCollection* applets();
HTMLCollection* links();
HTMLCollection* forms();
HTMLCollection* anchors();
HTMLCollection* scripts();
HTMLAllCollection* allForBinding();
HTMLAllCollection* all();
HTMLCollection* windowNamedItems(const AtomicString& name);
DocumentNameCollection* documentNamedItems(const AtomicString& name);
bool isHTMLDocument() const { return m_documentClasses & HTMLDocumentClass; }
bool isXHTMLDocument() const { return m_documentClasses & XHTMLDocumentClass; }
bool isXMLDocument() const { return m_documentClasses & XMLDocumentClass; }
bool isImageDocument() const { return m_documentClasses & ImageDocumentClass; }
bool isSVGDocument() const { return m_documentClasses & SVGDocumentClass; }
bool isPluginDocument() const { return m_documentClasses & PluginDocumentClass; }
bool isMediaDocument() const { return m_documentClasses & MediaDocumentClass; }
bool hasSVGRootNode() const;
bool isFrameSet() const;
bool isSrcdocDocument() const { return m_isSrcdocDocument; }
bool isMobileDocument() const { return m_isMobileDocument; }
StyleResolver* styleResolver() const;
StyleResolver& ensureStyleResolver() const;
bool isViewSource() const { return m_isViewSource; }
void setIsViewSource(bool);
bool sawElementsInKnownNamespaces() const { return m_sawElementsInKnownNamespaces; }
bool isRenderingReady() const { return haveImportsLoaded() && haveRenderBlockingStylesheetsLoaded(); }
bool isScriptExecutionReady() const { return haveImportsLoaded() && haveScriptBlockingStylesheetsLoaded(); }
// This is a DOM function.
StyleSheetList& styleSheets();
StyleEngine& styleEngine() { DCHECK(m_styleEngine.get()); return *m_styleEngine.get(); }
bool gotoAnchorNeededAfterStylesheetsLoad() { return m_gotoAnchorNeededAfterStylesheetsLoad; }
void setGotoAnchorNeededAfterStylesheetsLoad(bool b) { m_gotoAnchorNeededAfterStylesheetsLoad = b; }
void scheduleUseShadowTreeUpdate(SVGUseElement&);
void unscheduleUseShadowTreeUpdate(SVGUseElement&);
// FIXME: SVG filters should change to store the filter on the ComputedStyle
// instead of the LayoutObject so we can get rid of this hack.
void scheduleSVGFilterLayerUpdateHack(Element&);
void unscheduleSVGFilterLayerUpdateHack(Element&);
void evaluateMediaQueryList();
FormController& formController();
DocumentState* formElementsState() const;
void setStateForNewFormElements(const Vector<String>&);
FrameView* view() const; // can be null
LocalFrame* frame() const { return m_frame; } // can be null
FrameHost* frameHost() const; // can be null
Page* page() const; // can be null
Settings* settings() const; // can be null
float devicePixelRatio() const;
Range* createRange();
NodeIterator* createNodeIterator(Node* root, unsigned whatToShow, NodeFilter*);
TreeWalker* createTreeWalker(Node* root, unsigned whatToShow, NodeFilter*);
// Special support for editing
Text* createEditingTextNode(const String&);
void setupFontBuilder(ComputedStyle& documentStyle);
bool needsLayoutTreeUpdate() const;
bool needsLayoutTreeUpdateForNode(const Node&) const;
// Update ComputedStyles and attach LayoutObjects if necessary, but don't
// lay out.
void updateStyleAndLayoutTree();
// Same as updateStyleAndLayoutTree() except ignoring pending stylesheets.
void updateStyleAndLayoutTreeIgnorePendingStylesheets();
void updateStyleAndLayoutTreeForNode(const Node*);
void updateStyleAndLayout();
void layoutUpdated();
enum RunPostLayoutTasks {
void updateStyleAndLayoutIgnorePendingStylesheets(RunPostLayoutTasks = RunPostLayoutTasksAsyhnchronously);
void updateStyleAndLayoutIgnorePendingStylesheetsForNode(Node*);
PassRefPtr<ComputedStyle> styleForElementIgnoringPendingStylesheets(Element*);
PassRefPtr<ComputedStyle> styleForPage(int pageIndex);
// Returns true if page box (margin boxes and page borders) is visible.
bool isPageBoxVisible(int pageIndex);
// Returns the preferred page size and margins in pixels, assuming 96
// pixels per inch. pageSize, marginTop, marginRight, marginBottom,
// marginLeft must be initialized to the default values that are used if
// auto is specified.
void pageSizeAndMarginsInPixels(int pageIndex, IntSize& pageSize, int& marginTop, int& marginRight, int& marginBottom, int& marginLeft);
ResourceFetcher* fetcher() { return m_fetcher.get(); }
void attach(const AttachContext& = AttachContext()) override;
void detach(const AttachContext& = AttachContext()) override;
// If you have a Document, use layoutView() instead which is faster.
void layoutObject() const = delete;
LayoutView* layoutView() const { return m_layoutView; }
LayoutViewItem layoutViewItem() const;
Document& axObjectCacheOwner() const;
AXObjectCache* existingAXObjectCache() const;
AXObjectCache* axObjectCache() const;
void clearAXObjectCache();
// to get visually ordered hebrew and arabic pages right
bool visuallyOrdered() const { return m_visuallyOrdered; }
DocumentLoader* loader() const;
// This is the DOM API enteredDocument is the responsible
// document of the entry settings object.
void open(Document* enteredDocument, ExceptionState&);
// This is used internally and does not handle exceptions.
void open();
DocumentParser* implicitOpen(ParserSynchronizationPolicy);
// This is the DOM API document.close()
void close(ExceptionState&);
// This is used internally and does not handle exceptions.
void close();
// implicitClose() actually does the work of closing the input stream.
void implicitClose();
bool dispatchBeforeUnloadEvent(ChromeClient&, bool isReload, bool& didAllowNavigation);
void dispatchUnloadEvents();
enum PageDismissalType {
PageDismissalType pageDismissalEventBeingDispatched() const;
void cancelParsing();
void write(const SegmentedString& text, Document* enteredDocument = nullptr, ExceptionState& = ASSERT_NO_EXCEPTION);
void write(const String& text, Document* enteredDocument = nullptr, ExceptionState& = ASSERT_NO_EXCEPTION);
void writeln(const String& text, Document* enteredDocument = nullptr, ExceptionState& = ASSERT_NO_EXCEPTION);
void write(LocalDOMWindow*, const Vector<String>& text, ExceptionState&);
void writeln(LocalDOMWindow*, const Vector<String>& text, ExceptionState&);
bool wellFormed() const { return m_wellFormed; }
const KURL& url() const { return m_url; }
void setURL(const KURL&);
// To understand how these concepts relate to one another, please see the
// comments surrounding their declaration.
const KURL& baseURL() const { return m_baseURL; }
void setBaseURLOverride(const KURL&);
const KURL& baseURLOverride() const { return m_baseURLOverride; }
const KURL& baseElementURL() const { return m_baseElementURL; }
const AtomicString& baseTarget() const { return m_baseTarget; }
void processBaseElement();
// Creates URL based on passed relative url and this documents base URL.
// Depending on base URL value it is possible that parent document
// base URL will be used instead. Uses completeURLWithOverride internally.
KURL completeURL(const String&) const;
// Creates URL based on passed relative url and passed base URL override.
// Depending on baseURLOverride value it is possible that parent document
// base URL will be used instead of it. See baseURLForOverride function
// for details.
KURL completeURLWithOverride(const String&, const KURL& baseURLOverride) const;
// Determines which base URL should be used given specified override.
// If override is empty or is about:blank url and parent document exists
// base URL of parent will be returned, passed base URL override otherwise.
const KURL& baseURLForOverride(const KURL& baseURLOverride) const;
String userAgent() const final;
void disableEval(const String& errorMessage) final;
CSSStyleSheet& elementSheet();
virtual DocumentParser* createParser();
DocumentParser* parser() const { return m_parser.get(); }
ScriptableDocumentParser* scriptableDocumentParser() const;
bool printing() const { return m_printing; }
void setPrinting(bool isPrinting) { m_printing = isPrinting; }
bool wasPrinting() const { return m_wasPrinting; }
bool paginatedForScreen() const { return m_paginatedForScreen; }
void setPaginatedForScreen(bool p) { m_paginatedForScreen = p; }
bool paginated() const { return printing() || paginatedForScreen(); }
enum CompatibilityMode { QuirksMode, LimitedQuirksMode, NoQuirksMode };
void setCompatibilityMode(CompatibilityMode);
CompatibilityMode getCompatibilityMode() const { return m_compatibilityMode; }
String compatMode() const;
bool inQuirksMode() const { return m_compatibilityMode == QuirksMode; }
bool inLimitedQuirksMode() const { return m_compatibilityMode == LimitedQuirksMode; }
bool inNoQuirksMode() const { return m_compatibilityMode == NoQuirksMode; }
enum ReadyState {
void setReadyState(ReadyState);
bool isLoadCompleted();
enum ParsingState {
void setParsingState(ParsingState);
bool parsing() const { return m_parsingState == Parsing; }
bool isInDOMContentLoaded() const { return m_parsingState == InDOMContentLoaded; }
bool hasFinishedParsing() const { return m_parsingState == FinishedParsing; }
bool shouldScheduleLayout() const;
int elapsedTime() const;
TextLinkColors& textLinkColors() { return m_textLinkColors; }
VisitedLinkState& visitedLinkState() const { return *m_visitedLinkState; }
MouseEventWithHitTestResults prepareMouseEvent(const HitTestRequest&, const LayoutPoint&, const PlatformMouseEvent&);
/* Newly proposed CSS3 mechanism for selecting alternate
stylesheets using the DOM. May be subject to change as
spec matures. - dwh
String preferredStylesheetSet() const;
String selectedStylesheetSet() const;
void setSelectedStylesheetSet(const String&);
bool setFocusedElement(Element*, const FocusParams&);
void clearFocusedElement();
Element* focusedElement() const { return m_focusedElement.get(); }
UserActionElementSet& userActionElements() { return m_userActionElements; }
const UserActionElementSet& userActionElements() const { return m_userActionElements; }
void setNeedsFocusedElementCheck();
void setAutofocusElement(Element*);
Element* autofocusElement() const { return m_autofocusElement.get(); }
void setSequentialFocusNavigationStartingPoint(Node*);
Element* sequentialFocusNavigationStartingPoint(WebFocusType) const;
void setActiveHoverElement(Element*);
Element* activeHoverElement() const { return m_activeHoverElement.get(); }
Node* hoverNode() const { return m_hoverNode.get(); }
void removeFocusedElementOfSubtree(Node*, bool amongChildrenOnly = false);
void hoveredNodeDetached(Element&);
void activeChainNodeDetached(Element&);
void updateHoverActiveState(const HitTestRequest&, Element*);
// Updates for :target (CSS3 selector).
void setCSSTarget(Element*);
Element* cssTarget() const { return m_cssTarget; }
void scheduleLayoutTreeUpdateIfNeeded();
bool hasPendingForcedStyleRecalc() const;
void registerNodeList(const LiveNodeListBase*);
void unregisterNodeList(const LiveNodeListBase*);
void registerNodeListWithIdNameCache(const LiveNodeListBase*);
void unregisterNodeListWithIdNameCache(const LiveNodeListBase*);
bool shouldInvalidateNodeListCaches(const QualifiedName* attrName = nullptr) const;
void invalidateNodeListCaches(const QualifiedName* attrName);
void attachNodeIterator(NodeIterator*);
void detachNodeIterator(NodeIterator*);
void moveNodeIteratorsToNewDocument(Node&, Document&);
void attachRange(Range*);
void detachRange(Range*);
void updateRangesAfterChildrenChanged(ContainerNode*);
void updateRangesAfterNodeMovedToAnotherDocument(const Node&);
// nodeChildrenWillBeRemoved is used when removing all node children at once.
void nodeChildrenWillBeRemoved(ContainerNode&);
// nodeWillBeRemoved is only safe when removing one node at a time.
void nodeWillBeRemoved(Node&);
// Called just before a destructive update to some CharacterData.
void dataWillChange(const CharacterData&);
bool canAcceptChild(const Node& newChild, const Node* oldChild, ExceptionState&) const;
void didInsertText(Node*, unsigned offset, unsigned length);
void didRemoveText(Node*, unsigned offset, unsigned length);
void didMergeTextNodes(Text& oldNode, unsigned offset);
void didSplitTextNode(Text& oldNode);
void clearDOMWindow() { m_domWindow = nullptr; }
LocalDOMWindow* domWindow() const { return m_domWindow; }
// Helper functions for forwarding LocalDOMWindow event related tasks to the LocalDOMWindow if it exists.
void setWindowAttributeEventListener(const AtomicString& eventType, EventListener*);
EventListener* getWindowAttributeEventListener(const AtomicString& eventType);
static void registerEventFactory(PassOwnPtr<EventFactoryBase>);
static Event* createEvent(ExecutionContext*, const String& eventType, ExceptionState&);
// keep track of what types of event listeners are registered, so we don't
// dispatch events unnecessarily
enum ListenerType {
// 5 bits remaining
bool hasListenerType(ListenerType listenerType) const { return (m_listenerTypes & listenerType); }
void addListenerTypeIfNeeded(const AtomicString& eventType);
bool hasMutationObserversOfType(MutationObserver::MutationType type) const
return m_mutationObserverTypes & type;
bool hasMutationObservers() const { return m_mutationObserverTypes; }
void addMutationObserverTypes(MutationObserverOptions types) { m_mutationObserverTypes |= types; }
IntersectionObserverController* intersectionObserverController();
IntersectionObserverController& ensureIntersectionObserverController();
NodeIntersectionObserverData& ensureIntersectionObserverData();
void updateViewportDescription();
void processReferrerPolicy(const String& policy);
// Returns the owning element in the parent document. Returns nullptr if
// this is the top level document or the owner is remote.
HTMLFrameOwnerElement* localOwner() const;
// Returns true if this document belongs to a frame that the parent document
// made invisible (for instance by setting as style display:none).
bool isInInvisibleSubframe() const;
String title() const { return m_title; }
void setTitle(const String&);
Element* titleElement() const { return m_titleElement.get(); }
void setTitleElement(Element*);
void removeTitle(Element* titleElement);
const AtomicString& dir();
void setDir(const AtomicString&);
String cookie(ExceptionState&) const;
void setCookie(const String&, ExceptionState&);
const AtomicString& referrer() const;
String domain() const;
void setDomain(const String& newDomain, ExceptionState&);
String lastModified() const;
// The cookieURL is used to query the cookie database for this document's
// cookies. For example, if the cookie URL is, we'll
// use the non-Secure cookies for when computing
// document.cookie.
// Q: How is the cookieURL different from the document's URL?
// A: The two URLs are the same almost all the time. However, if one
// document inherits the security context of another document, it
// inherits its cookieURL but not its URL.
const KURL& cookieURL() const { return m_cookieURL; }
void setCookieURL(const KURL& url) { m_cookieURL = url; }
const KURL firstPartyForCookies() const;
// The following implements the rule from HTML 4 for what valid names are.
// To get this right for all the XML cases, we probably have to improve this or move it
// and make it sensitive to the type of document.
static bool isValidName(const String&);
// The following breaks a qualified name into a prefix and a local name.
// It also does a validity check, and returns false if the qualified name
// is invalid. It also sets ExceptionCode when name is invalid.
static bool parseQualifiedName(const AtomicString& qualifiedName, AtomicString& prefix, AtomicString& localName, ExceptionState&);
// Checks to make sure prefix and namespace do not conflict (per DOM Core 3)
static bool hasValidNamespaceForElements(const QualifiedName&);
static bool hasValidNamespaceForAttributes(const QualifiedName&);
// "body element" as defined by HTML5 (
// That is, the first body or frameset child of the document element.
HTMLElement* body() const;
// "HTML body element" as defined by CSSOM View spec (
// That is, the first body child of the document element.
HTMLBodyElement* firstBodyElement() const;
void setBody(HTMLElement*, ExceptionState&);
void willInsertBody();
HTMLHeadElement* head() const;
// Decide which element is to define the viewport's overflow policy. If |rootStyle| is set, use
// that as the style for the root element, rather than obtaining it on our own. The reason for
// this is that style may not have been associated with the elements yet - in which case it may
// have been calculated on the fly (without associating it with the actual element) somewhere.
Element* viewportDefiningElement(const ComputedStyle* rootStyle = nullptr) const;
DocumentMarkerController& markers() const { return *m_markers; }
bool execCommand(const String& command, bool showUI, const String& value, ExceptionState&);
bool isRunningExecCommand() const { return m_isRunningExecCommand; }
bool queryCommandEnabled(const String& command, ExceptionState&);
bool queryCommandIndeterm(const String& command, ExceptionState&);
bool queryCommandState(const String& command, ExceptionState&);
bool queryCommandSupported(const String& command, ExceptionState&);
String queryCommandValue(const String& command, ExceptionState&);
KURL openSearchDescriptionURL();
// designMode support
bool inDesignMode() const { return m_designMode; }
String designMode() const;
void setDesignMode(const String&);
Document* parentDocument() const;
Document& topDocument() const;
Document* contextDocument();
ScriptRunner* scriptRunner() { return m_scriptRunner.get(); }
Element* currentScript() const { return !m_currentScriptStack.isEmpty() ? m_currentScriptStack.last().get() : nullptr; }
void currentScriptForBinding(HTMLScriptElementOrSVGScriptElement&) const;
void pushCurrentScript(Element*);
void popCurrentScript();
void setTransformSource(PassOwnPtr<TransformSource>);
TransformSource* transformSource() const { return m_transformSource.get(); }
void incDOMTreeVersion() { DCHECK(m_lifecycle.stateAllowsTreeMutations()); m_domTreeVersion = ++s_globalTreeVersion; }
uint64_t domTreeVersion() const { return m_domTreeVersion; }
uint64_t styleVersion() const { return m_styleVersion; }
enum PendingSheetLayout { NoLayoutWithPendingSheets, DidLayoutWithPendingSheets, IgnoreLayoutWithPendingSheets };
bool didLayoutWithPendingStylesheets() const { return m_pendingSheetLayout == DidLayoutWithPendingSheets; }
bool ignoreLayoutWithPendingStylesheets() const { return m_pendingSheetLayout == IgnoreLayoutWithPendingSheets; }
bool hasNodesWithPlaceholderStyle() const { return m_hasNodesWithPlaceholderStyle; }
void setHasNodesWithPlaceholderStyle() { m_hasNodesWithPlaceholderStyle = true; }
Vector<IconURL> iconURLs(int iconTypesMask);
Color themeColor() const;
// Returns the HTMLLinkElement currently in use for the Web Manifest.
// Returns null if there is no such element.
HTMLLinkElement* linkManifest() const;
void setUseSecureKeyboardEntryWhenActive(bool);
bool useSecureKeyboardEntryWhenActive() const;
void updateFocusAppearanceSoon(SelectionBehaviorOnFocus);
void cancelFocusAppearanceUpdate();
bool isDNSPrefetchEnabled() const { return m_isDNSPrefetchEnabled; }
void parseDNSPrefetchControlHeader(const String&);
// FIXME( This should be removed once LocalDOMWindow is an ExecutionContext.
void postTask(const WebTraceLocation&, std::unique_ptr<ExecutionContextTask>) override; // Executes the task on context's thread asynchronously.
void postInspectorTask(const WebTraceLocation&, std::unique_ptr<ExecutionContextTask>);
void tasksWereSuspended() final;
void tasksWereResumed() final;
void suspendScheduledTasks() final;
void resumeScheduledTasks() final;
bool tasksNeedSuspension() final;
void finishedParsing();
void setEncodingData(const DocumentEncodingData& newData);
const WTF::TextEncoding& encoding() const { return m_encodingData.encoding(); }
bool encodingWasDetectedHeuristically() const { return m_encodingData.wasDetectedHeuristically(); }
bool sawDecodingError() const { return m_encodingData.sawDecodingError(); }
void setAnnotatedRegionsDirty(bool f) { m_annotatedRegionsDirty = f; }
bool annotatedRegionsDirty() const { return m_annotatedRegionsDirty; }
bool hasAnnotatedRegions () const { return m_hasAnnotatedRegions; }
void setHasAnnotatedRegions(bool f) { m_hasAnnotatedRegions = f; }
const Vector<AnnotatedRegionValue>& annotatedRegions() const;
void setAnnotatedRegions(const Vector<AnnotatedRegionValue>&);
void removeAllEventListeners() final;
const SVGDocumentExtensions* svgExtensions();
SVGDocumentExtensions& accessSVGExtensions();
void initContentSecurityPolicy(ContentSecurityPolicy* = nullptr);
bool isSecureTransitionTo(const KURL&) const;
bool allowInlineEventHandler(Node*, EventListener*, const String& contextURL, const WTF::OrdinalNumber& contextLine);
bool allowExecutingScripts(Node*);
void enforceSandboxFlags(SandboxFlags mask) override;
void statePopped(PassRefPtr<SerializedScriptValue>);
enum LoadEventProgress {
bool loadEventStillNeeded() const { return m_loadEventProgress == LoadEventNotRun; }
bool processingLoadEvent() const { return m_loadEventProgress == LoadEventInProgress; }
bool loadEventFinished() const { return m_loadEventProgress >= LoadEventCompleted; }
bool unloadStarted() const { return m_loadEventProgress >= PageHideInProgress; }
bool processingBeforeUnload() const { return m_loadEventProgress == BeforeUnloadEventInProgress; }
void suppressLoadEvent();
void setContainsPlugins() { m_containsPlugins = true; }
bool containsPlugins() const { return m_containsPlugins; }
bool isContextThread() const final;
bool isJSExecutionForbidden() const final { return false; }
bool containsValidityStyleRules() const { return m_containsValidityStyleRules; }
void setContainsValidityStyleRules() { m_containsValidityStyleRules = true; }
void enqueueResizeEvent();
void enqueueScrollEventForNode(Node*);
void enqueueAnimationFrameEvent(Event*);
// Only one event for a target/event type combination will be dispatched per frame.
void enqueueUniqueAnimationFrameEvent(Event*);
void enqueueMediaQueryChangeListeners(HeapVector<Member<MediaQueryListListener>>&);
void enqueueVisualViewportChangedEvent();
void dispatchEventsForPrinting();
bool hasFullscreenSupplement() const { return m_hasFullscreenSupplement; }
void setHasFullscreenSupplement() { m_hasFullscreenSupplement = true; }
void exitPointerLock();
Element* pointerLockElement() const;
// Used to allow element that loads data without going through a FrameLoader to delay the 'load' event.
void incrementLoadEventDelayCount() { ++m_loadEventDelayCount; }
void decrementLoadEventDelayCount();
void checkLoadEventSoon();
bool isDelayingLoadEvent();
void loadPluginsSoon();
Touch* createTouch(DOMWindow*, EventTarget*, int identifier, double pageX, double pageY, double screenX, double screenY, double radiusX, double radiusY, float rotationAngle, float force) const;
TouchList* createTouchList(HeapVector<Member<Touch>>&) const;
const DocumentTiming& timing() const { return m_documentTiming; }
int requestAnimationFrame(FrameRequestCallback*);
void cancelAnimationFrame(int id);
void serviceScriptedAnimations(double monotonicAnimationStartTime);
int requestIdleCallback(IdleRequestCallback*, const IdleRequestOptions&);
void cancelIdleCallback(int id);
EventTarget* errorEventTarget() final;
void logExceptionToConsole(const String& errorMessage, PassOwnPtr<SourceLocation>) final;
void initDNSPrefetch();
bool isInDocumentWrite() const { return m_writeRecursionDepth > 0; }
TextAutosizer* textAutosizer();
Element* createElement(const AtomicString& localName, const AtomicString& typeExtension, ExceptionState&);
Element* createElementNS(const AtomicString& namespaceURI, const AtomicString& qualifiedName, const AtomicString& typeExtension, ExceptionState&);
ScriptValue registerElement(ScriptState*, const AtomicString& name, const ElementRegistrationOptions&, ExceptionState&, V0CustomElement::NameSet validNames = V0CustomElement::StandardNames);
V0CustomElementRegistrationContext* registrationContext() { return m_registrationContext.get(); }
V0CustomElementMicrotaskRunQueue* customElementMicrotaskRunQueue();
void setImportsController(HTMLImportsController*);
HTMLImportsController* importsController() const { return m_importsController; }
HTMLImportLoader* importLoader() const;
bool haveImportsLoaded() const;
void didLoadAllImports();
void adjustFloatQuadsForScrollAndAbsoluteZoom(Vector<FloatQuad>&, LayoutObject&);
void adjustFloatRectForScrollAndAbsoluteZoom(FloatRect&, LayoutObject&);
void setContextFeatures(ContextFeatures&);
ContextFeatures& contextFeatures() const { return *m_contextFeatures; }
ElementDataCache* elementDataCache() { return m_elementDataCache.get(); }
void didLoadAllScriptBlockingResources();
void didRemoveAllPendingStylesheet();
bool inStyleRecalc() const { return m_lifecycle.state() == DocumentLifecycle::InStyleRecalc; }
// Return a Locale for the default locale if the argument is null or empty.
Locale& getCachedLocale(const AtomicString& locale = nullAtom);
AnimationClock& animationClock();
AnimationTimeline& timeline() const { return *m_timeline; }
CompositorPendingAnimations& compositorPendingAnimations() { return *m_compositorPendingAnimations; }
void addToTopLayer(Element*, const Element* before = nullptr);
void removeFromTopLayer(Element*);
const HeapVector<Member<Element>>& topLayerElements() const { return m_topLayerElements; }
HTMLDialogElement* activeModalDialog() const;
// A non-null m_templateDocumentHost implies that |this| was created by ensureTemplateDocument().
bool isTemplateDocument() const { return !!m_templateDocumentHost; }
Document& ensureTemplateDocument();
Document* templateDocumentHost() { return m_templateDocumentHost; }
// TODO(thestig): Rename these and related functions, since we can call them
// for labels and input fields outside of forms as well.
void didAssociateFormControl(Element*);
void removeFormAssociation(Element*);
void addConsoleMessage(ConsoleMessage*) final;
LocalDOMWindow* executingWindow() final;
LocalFrame* executingFrame();
DocumentLifecycle& lifecycle() { return m_lifecycle; }
bool isActive() const { return m_lifecycle.isActive(); }
bool isDetached() const { return m_lifecycle.state() >= DocumentLifecycle::Stopping; }
bool isStopped() const { return m_lifecycle.state() == DocumentLifecycle::Stopped; }
enum HttpRefreshType {
void maybeHandleHttpRefresh(const String&, HttpRefreshType);
void updateSecurityOrigin(PassRefPtr<SecurityOrigin>);
void setHasViewportUnits() { m_hasViewportUnits = true; }
bool hasViewportUnits() const { return m_hasViewportUnits; }
void notifyResizeForViewportUnits();
void updateStyleInvalidationIfNeeded();
bool hasSVGFilterElementsRequiringLayerUpdate() const { return m_layerUpdateSVGFilterElements.size(); }
AtomicString convertLocalName(const AtomicString&);
void platformColorsChanged();
DOMTimerCoordinator* timers() final;
v8::Local<v8::Object> wrap(v8::Isolate*, v8::Local<v8::Object> creationContext) override;
v8::Local<v8::Object> associateWithWrapper(v8::Isolate*, const WrapperTypeInfo*, v8::Local<v8::Object> wrapper) override WARN_UNUSED_RETURN;
HostsUsingFeatures::Value& HostsUsingFeaturesValue() { return m_hostsUsingFeaturesValue; }
NthIndexCache* nthIndexCache() const { return m_nthIndexCache; }
bool isSecureContext(String& errorMessage, const SecureContextCheck = StandardSecureContextCheck) const override;
bool isSecureContext(const SecureContextCheck = StandardSecureContextCheck) const override;
ClientHintsPreferences& clientHintsPreferences() { return m_clientHintsPreferences; }
CanvasFontCache* canvasFontCache();
// Used by unit tests so that all parsing will be main thread for
// controlling parsing and chunking precisely.
static void setThreadedParsingEnabledForTesting(bool);
static bool threadedParsingEnabledForTesting();
void incrementNodeCount() { m_nodeCount++; }
void decrementNodeCount()
DCHECK_GT(m_nodeCount, 0);
int nodeCount() const { return m_nodeCount; }
SnapCoordinator* snapCoordinator();
using WeakDocumentSet = HeapHashSet<WeakMember<Document>>;
static WeakDocumentSet& liveDocumentSet();
WebTaskRunner* loadingTaskRunner() const;
WebTaskRunner* timerTaskRunner() const;
void enforceStrictMixedContentChecking();
bool mayContainV0Shadow() const { return m_mayContainV0Shadow; }
ShadowCascadeOrder shadowCascadeOrder() const { return m_shadowCascadeOrder; }
void setShadowCascadeOrder(ShadowCascadeOrder);
void setRootScroller(Element*, ExceptionState&);
Element* rootScroller();
bool isInMainFrame() const;
Document(const DocumentInit&, DocumentClassFlags = DefaultDocumentClass);
void didUpdateSecurityOrigin() final;
void clearXMLVersion() { m_xmlVersion = String(); }
virtual Document* cloneDocumentWithoutChildren();
bool importContainerNodeChildren(ContainerNode* oldContainerNode, ContainerNode* newContainerNode, ExceptionState&);
void lockCompatibilityMode() { m_compatibilityModeLocked = true; }
ParserSynchronizationPolicy getParserSynchronizationPolicy() const { return m_parserSyncPolicy; }
friend class IgnoreDestructiveWriteCountIncrementer;
friend class NthIndexCache;
bool isDocumentFragment() const = delete; // This will catch anyone doing an unnecessary check.
bool isDocumentNode() const = delete; // This will catch anyone doing an unnecessary check.
bool isElementNode() const = delete; // This will catch anyone doing an unnecessary check.
ScriptedAnimationController& ensureScriptedAnimationController();
ScriptedIdleTaskController& ensureScriptedIdleTaskController();
void initSecurityContext(const DocumentInit&);
SecurityContext& securityContext() final { return *this; }
EventQueue* getEventQueue() const final;
bool hasPendingVisualUpdate() const { return m_lifecycle.state() == DocumentLifecycle::VisualUpdatePending; }
bool shouldScheduleLayoutTreeUpdate() const;
void scheduleLayoutTreeUpdate();
bool needsFullLayoutTreeUpdate() const;
void inheritHtmlAndBodyElementStyles(StyleRecalcChange);
bool dirtyElementsForLayerUpdate();
void updateUseShadowTreesIfNeeded();
void evaluateMediaQueryListIfNeeded();
void updateStyle();
void notifyLayoutTreeOfSubtreeChanges();
void detachParser();
void beginLifecycleUpdatesIfRenderingReady();
bool isDocument() const final { return true; }
void childrenChanged(const ChildrenChange&) override;
String nodeName() const final;
NodeType getNodeType() const final;
bool childTypeAllowed(NodeType) const final;
Node* cloneNode(bool deep) final;
void cloneDataFromDocument(const Document&);
bool isSecureContextImpl(String* errorMessage, const SecureContextCheck priviligeContextCheck) const;
ShadowCascadeOrder m_shadowCascadeOrder = ShadowCascadeNone;
const KURL& virtualURL() const final; // Same as url(), but needed for ExecutionContext to implement it without a performance loss for direct calls.
KURL virtualCompleteURL(const String&) const final; // Same as completeURL() for the same reason as above.
void reportBlockedScriptExecutionToInspector(const String& directiveText) final;
void updateTitle(const String&);
void updateFocusAppearanceTimerFired(Timer<Document>*);
void updateBaseURL();
void executeScriptsWaitingForResources();
void loadEventDelayTimerFired(Timer<Document>*);
void pluginLoadingTimerFired(Timer<Document>*);
void addListenerType(ListenerType listenerType) { m_listenerTypes |= listenerType; }
void addMutationEventListenerTypeIfEnabled(ListenerType);
void didAssociateFormControlsTimerFired(Timer<Document>*);
void clearFocusedElementSoon();
void clearFocusedElementTimerFired(Timer<Document>*);
bool haveScriptBlockingStylesheetsLoaded() const;
bool haveRenderBlockingStylesheetsLoaded() const;
void styleResolverMayHaveChanged();
void setHoverNode(Node*);
using EventFactorySet = HashSet<OwnPtr<EventFactoryBase>>;
static EventFactorySet& eventFactories();
void setNthIndexCache(NthIndexCache* nthIndexCache) { DCHECK(!m_nthIndexCache || !nthIndexCache); m_nthIndexCache = nthIndexCache; }
const OriginAccessEntry& accessEntryFromURL();
DocumentLifecycle m_lifecycle;
bool m_hasNodesWithPlaceholderStyle;
bool m_evaluateMediaQueriesOnStyleRecalc;
// If we do ignore the pending stylesheet count, then we need to add a boolean
// to track that this happened so that we can do a full repaint when the stylesheets
// do eventually load.
PendingSheetLayout m_pendingSheetLayout;
Member<LocalFrame> m_frame;
Member<LocalDOMWindow> m_domWindow;
Member<HTMLImportsController> m_importsController;
Member<ResourceFetcher> m_fetcher;
Member<DocumentParser> m_parser;
Member<ContextFeatures> m_contextFeatures;
bool m_wellFormed;
// Document URLs.
KURL m_url; // Document.URL: The URL from which this document was retrieved.
KURL m_baseURL; // Node.baseURI: The URL to use when resolving relative URLs.
KURL m_baseURLOverride; // An alternative base URL that takes precedence over m_baseURL (but not m_baseElementURL).
KURL m_baseElementURL; // The URL set by the <base> element.
KURL m_cookieURL; // The URL to use for cookie access.
OwnPtr<OriginAccessEntry> m_accessEntryFromURL;
AtomicString m_baseTarget;
// Mime-type of the document in case it was cloned or created by XHR.
AtomicString m_mimeType;
Member<DocumentType> m_docType;
Member<DOMImplementation> m_implementation;
Member<CSSStyleSheet> m_elemSheet;
bool m_printing;
bool m_wasPrinting;
bool m_paginatedForScreen;
CompatibilityMode m_compatibilityMode;
bool m_compatibilityModeLocked; // This is cheaper than making setCompatibilityMode virtual.
OwnPtr<CancellableTaskFactory> m_executeScriptsWaitingForResourcesTask;
bool m_hasAutofocused;
Timer<Document> m_clearFocusedElementTimer;
Member<Element> m_autofocusElement;
Member<Element> m_focusedElement;
Member<Range> m_sequentialFocusNavigationStartingPoint;
Member<Node> m_hoverNode;
Member<Element> m_activeHoverElement;
Member<Element> m_documentElement;
UserActionElementSet m_userActionElements;
uint64_t m_domTreeVersion;
static uint64_t s_globalTreeVersion;
uint64_t m_styleVersion;
HeapHashSet<WeakMember<NodeIterator>> m_nodeIterators;
using AttachedRangeSet = HeapHashSet<WeakMember<Range>>;
AttachedRangeSet m_ranges;
unsigned short m_listenerTypes;
MutationObserverOptions m_mutationObserverTypes;
Member<StyleEngine> m_styleEngine;
Member<StyleSheetList> m_styleSheetList;
Member<FormController> m_formController;
TextLinkColors m_textLinkColors;
const Member<VisitedLinkState> m_visitedLinkState;
bool m_visuallyOrdered;
ReadyState m_readyState;
ParsingState m_parsingState;
bool m_gotoAnchorNeededAfterStylesheetsLoad;
bool m_isDNSPrefetchEnabled;
bool m_haveExplicitlyDisabledDNSPrefetch;
bool m_containsValidityStyleRules;
bool m_containsPlugins;
SelectionBehaviorOnFocus m_updateFocusAppearanceSelectionBahavior;
unsigned m_ignoreDestructiveWriteCount;
String m_title;
String m_rawTitle;
Member<Element> m_titleElement;
Member<AXObjectCache> m_axObjectCache;
Member<DocumentMarkerController> m_markers;
Timer<Document> m_updateFocusAppearanceTimer;
Member<Element> m_cssTarget;
LoadEventProgress m_loadEventProgress;
double m_startTime;
Member<ScriptRunner> m_scriptRunner;
HeapVector<Member<Element>> m_currentScriptStack;
OwnPtr<TransformSource> m_transformSource;
String m_xmlEncoding;
String m_xmlVersion;
unsigned m_xmlStandalone : 2;
unsigned m_hasXMLDeclaration : 1;
AtomicString m_contentLanguage;
DocumentEncodingData m_encodingData;
bool m_designMode;
bool m_isRunningExecCommand;
HeapHashSet<WeakMember<const LiveNodeListBase>> m_listsInvalidatedAtDocument;
// Oilpan keeps track of all registered NodeLists.
// TODO(Oilpan): improve - only need to know if a NodeList
// is currently alive or not for the different types.
HeapHashSet<WeakMember<const LiveNodeListBase>> m_nodeLists[numNodeListInvalidationTypes];
Member<SVGDocumentExtensions> m_svgExtensions;
Vector<AnnotatedRegionValue> m_annotatedRegions;
bool m_hasAnnotatedRegions;
bool m_annotatedRegionsDirty;
OwnPtr<SelectorQueryCache> m_selectorQueryCache;
// It is safe to keep a raw, untraced pointer to this stack-allocated
// cache object: it is set upon the cache object being allocated on
// the stack and cleared upon leaving its allocated scope. Hence it
// is acceptable not to trace it -- should a conservative GC occur,
// the cache object's references will be traced by a stack walk.
NthIndexCache* m_nthIndexCache = nullptr;
bool m_useSecureKeyboardEntryWhenActive;
DocumentClassFlags m_documentClasses;
bool m_isViewSource;
bool m_sawElementsInKnownNamespaces;
bool m_isSrcdocDocument;
bool m_isMobileDocument;
LayoutView* m_layoutView;
WeakMember<Document> m_contextDocument;
bool m_hasFullscreenSupplement; // For early return in Fullscreen::fromIfExists()
HeapVector<Member<Element>> m_topLayerElements;
int m_loadEventDelayCount;
Timer<Document> m_loadEventDelayTimer;
Timer<Document> m_pluginLoadingTimer;
ViewportDescription m_viewportDescription;
ViewportDescription m_legacyViewportDescription;
Length m_viewportDefaultMinWidth;
ReferrerPolicy m_referrerPolicy;
DocumentTiming m_documentTiming;
Member<MediaQueryMatcher> m_mediaQueryMatcher;
bool m_writeRecursionIsTooDeep;
unsigned m_writeRecursionDepth;
Member<ScriptedAnimationController> m_scriptedAnimationController;
Member<ScriptedIdleTaskController> m_scriptedIdleTaskController;
OwnPtr<MainThreadTaskRunner> m_taskRunner;
Member<TextAutosizer> m_textAutosizer;
Member<V0CustomElementRegistrationContext> m_registrationContext;
Member<V0CustomElementMicrotaskRunQueue> m_customElementMicrotaskRunQueue;
void elementDataCacheClearTimerFired(Timer<Document>*);
Timer<Document> m_elementDataCacheClearTimer;
Member<ElementDataCache> m_elementDataCache;
using LocaleIdentifierToLocaleMap = HashMap<AtomicString, OwnPtr<Locale>>;
LocaleIdentifierToLocaleMap m_localeCache;
Member<AnimationTimeline> m_timeline;
Member<CompositorPendingAnimations> m_compositorPendingAnimations;
Member<Document> m_templateDocument;
Member<Document> m_templateDocumentHost;
Timer<Document> m_didAssociateFormControlsTimer;
HeapHashSet<Member<Element>> m_associatedFormControls;
HeapHashSet<Member<SVGUseElement>> m_useElementsNeedingUpdate;
HeapHashSet<Member<Element>> m_layerUpdateSVGFilterElements;
DOMTimerCoordinator m_timers;
bool m_hasViewportUnits;
ParserSynchronizationPolicy m_parserSyncPolicy;
HostsUsingFeatures::Value m_hostsUsingFeaturesValue;
ClientHintsPreferences m_clientHintsPreferences;
Member<CanvasFontCache> m_canvasFontCache;
Member<IntersectionObserverController> m_intersectionObserverController;
Member<NodeIntersectionObserverData> m_intersectionObserverData;
int m_nodeCount;
bool m_mayContainV0Shadow = false;
Member<SnapCoordinator> m_snapCoordinator;
extern template class CORE_EXTERN_TEMPLATE_EXPORT Supplement<Document>;
inline bool Document::shouldOverrideLegacyDescription(ViewportDescription::Type origin) const
// The different (legacy) meta tags have different priorities based on the type
// regardless of which order they appear in the DOM. The priority is given by the
// ViewportDescription::Type enum.
return origin >= m_legacyViewportDescription.type;
inline void Document::scheduleLayoutTreeUpdateIfNeeded()
// Inline early out to avoid the function calls below.
if (hasPendingVisualUpdate())
if (shouldScheduleLayoutTreeUpdate() && needsLayoutTreeUpdate())
DEFINE_TYPE_CASTS(Document, ExecutionContext, context, context->isDocument(), context.isDocument());
DEFINE_NODE_TYPE_CASTS(Document, isDocumentNode());
DEFINE_TYPE_CASTS(thisType, Document, document, document->is##thisType(),
// This is needed to avoid ambiguous overloads with the Node and TreeScope versions.
// Put these methods here, because they require the Document definition, but we really want to inline them.
inline bool Node::isDocumentNode() const
return this == document();
Node* eventTargetNodeForDocument(Document*);
DEFINE_TYPE_CASTS(TreeScope, Document, document, true, true);
} // namespace blink
#ifndef NDEBUG
// Outside the WebCore namespace for ease of invocation from gdb.
CORE_EXPORT void showLiveDocumentInstances();
#endif // Document_h