Reland "Prepare Stack/StackAnimation (migration to CompositorAnimator, part 4)"

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Original change's description:
> Prepare Stack/StackAnimation (migration to CompositorAnimator, part 4)
> This is part of changes which put as goal removing redundant ChromeAnimation API by moving everything into CompositorAnimator.
> Public doc with proposal:
> This concrete patch is preparing Stack and StackAnimation by adding support for tab animations using AnimatorSet/CompositorAnimator.
> Notes:
> 1. both ChromeAnimation and CompositorAnimator will be supported until all patches from this series will be applied (until migration will be done)
> 2. in the onUpdateCompositorAnimations we're using AnimatorSet.isRunning() to detect if animation is still working (and if we want to complete it, we animatorSetFinished to true and immediately stop animation using finishAnimationsIfDone)
> BUG=890643
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Bug: 890643, 940831
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