Revert "Disable HTTP auth committed interstitials by default"

This reverts commit 060c246f7f4d1b3dae5c9bf930430de118facc85.

Reason for revert: A blocker bug has been fixed, so this revert re-enables HTTP auth committed interstitials on ToT.

Original change's description:
> Disable HTTP auth committed interstitials by default
> Committed interstitials for HTTP auth renders the 401 body underneath
> the auth prompt. This has proven to be problematic in some cases (see
> bug). This CL disables committed interstitials for HTTP auth by
> default while I work on a fix for avoiding rendering the 401 body.
> Bug: 992639
> Change-Id: I63195a66c4ad81452e24d260afdc7dd938eab769
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> Reviewed-by: Vasilii Sukhanov <>
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Bug: 992639
Change-Id: I8c31e07ab4ea2ab70bd4f7006a0d19970d7f7d34
Reviewed-by: Emily Stark <>
Commit-Queue: Emily Stark <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#696096}
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