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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module extensions.mojom;
struct WiFiDisplayMediaPacket {
array<uint8> data;
// WiFiDisplaySessionService class provides access to the network for
// the render-hosted Wi-Fi Display session.
interface WiFiDisplaySessionService {
SetClient(WiFiDisplaySessionServiceClient client);
// Requires connection to a sink using the given authentication information.
// Note: 'auth_method' values must correspond to 'enum AuthenticationMethod'
// from display_source.idl
Connect(int32 sink_id, int32 auth_method, string auth_data);
// Drops the established connection to the connected sink.
// Sends a controlling mesage to the connected sink.
SendMessage(string message);
interface WiFiDisplaySessionServiceClient {
// Notification of a successfull connection to a sink.
OnConnected(string local_ip_address, string sink_ip_address);
// Notification of a handled connection request.
OnConnectRequestHandled(bool success, string error_message);
// Notification of a session termination.
// Notification of a handled termination request.
OnDisconnectRequestHandled(bool success, string error_message);
// Notification of an error occurred during the session.
// Note: 'type' values must correspond to 'enum ErrorType'
// from display_source.idl
OnError(int32 type, string description);
// Invoked to transmit a controlling message from
// the connected sink.
OnMessage(string data);
// This interface is used to send media stream to the
// connected sink.
interface WiFiDisplayMediaService {
// Sets the destination point for sending media stream.
SetDesinationPoint(string ip_address, int32 port) => (bool success);
// Sends media packet to the destination point.
SendMediaPacket(WiFiDisplayMediaPacket packet);