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<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src='../resources/testharness.js'></script>
<script src='../resources/testharnessreport.js'></script>
<script src='resources/shadow-dom.js'></script>
<script src='resources/focus-utils.js'></script>
<p>Tests for moving focus by pressing tab key across shadow boundaries.<br>
To manually test, press tab key six times then shift+tab six times.<br>
It should traverse focusable elements in the increasing numerical order and then in the reverse order.</p>
<div id='host'>
<template data-mode='open'>
<slot name='slot1'>Slot shouldn't be focused.
<slot name='slot2'>Slot shouldn't be focused.
<div id='non1' tabindex=0>This text shouldn't appear.</div>
<slot name='slot3'>Slot shouldn't be focused.
<div id='second' tabindex=0>2. No host child is assigned to slot3.</div>
<div id='third' tabindex=0>3. Inner Shadow Host.
<template data-mode='open'>
<slot name='slot4'>Slot shouldn't be focused.
<slot name='slot5'>Slot shouldn't be focused.
<div id='non2' tabindex=0>This text shouldn't appear.</div>
<div id='fourth' slot='slot4' tabindex=0>4. Assigned to slot4.</div>
<div id='non3' slot='slot5' tabindex=0>
This text shouldn't appear. slot5 is in the fallback content of slot4 which has assigned nodes.</div>
<div id='fifth' tabindex=0>5. Inner Shadow Host.
<template data-mode='open'>
<slot name='slot6'>Slot shouldn't be focused.
<div id='non4' tabindex=0>This text shouldn't appear.</div>
<slot name='slot7' slot='slot6'>Slot shouldn't be focused. Assigned to slot6.
<div id='non5' tabindex=0>This text shouldn't appear.</div>
<div id='first' slot='slot2' tabindex=0>1. Assigned to slot2.</div>
<div id='sixth' slot='slot7' tabindex=0>6. Assigned to slot7 which is assigned to slot6.</div>
'use strict';
test(() => {
let host = document.getElementById('host');
let elements = [
}, 'Focus should cover assigned elements of an assigned slot espacially there are fallback contents.');