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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "base/scoped_observer.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "content/public/renderer/render_process_observer.h"
#include "extensions/common/event_filter.h"
#include "extensions/common/extension.h"
#include "extensions/common/extensions_client.h"
#include "extensions/common/features/feature.h"
#include "extensions/renderer/resource_bundle_source_map.h"
#include "extensions/renderer/script_context.h"
#include "extensions/renderer/script_context_set.h"
#include "extensions/renderer/user_script_set_manager.h"
#include "extensions/renderer/v8_schema_registry.h"
#include "third_party/WebKit/public/platform/WebString.h"
#include "third_party/WebKit/public/platform/WebVector.h"
#include "v8/include/v8.h"
class ChromeRenderViewTest;
class GURL;
class ModuleSystem;
class URLPattern;
struct ExtensionMsg_ExternalConnectionInfo;
struct ExtensionMsg_Loaded_Params;
struct ExtensionMsg_TabConnectionInfo;
struct ExtensionMsg_UpdatePermissions_Params;
namespace blink {
class WebFrame;
class WebLocalFrame;
class WebSecurityOrigin;
namespace base {
class ListValue;
namespace content {
class RenderThread;
namespace extensions {
class ContentWatcher;
class DispatcherDelegate;
class FilteredEventRouter;
class ManifestPermissionSet;
class RequestSender;
class ScriptContext;
class ScriptInjectionManager;
struct Message;
// Dispatches extension control messages sent to the renderer and stores
// renderer extension related state.
class Dispatcher : public content::RenderProcessObserver,
public UserScriptSetManager::Observer {
explicit Dispatcher(DispatcherDelegate* delegate);
~Dispatcher() override;
const ScriptContextSet& script_context_set() const {
return *script_context_set_;
V8SchemaRegistry* v8_schema_registry() { return v8_schema_registry_.get(); }
ContentWatcher* content_watcher() { return content_watcher_.get(); }
RequestSender* request_sender() { return request_sender_.get(); }
const std::string& webview_partition_id() { return webview_partition_id_; }
void OnRenderFrameCreated(content::RenderFrame* render_frame);
bool IsExtensionActive(const std::string& extension_id) const;
void DidCreateScriptContext(blink::WebLocalFrame* frame,
const v8::Local<v8::Context>& context,
int extension_group,
int world_id);
// Runs on a different thread and should not use any member variables.
static void DidInitializeServiceWorkerContextOnWorkerThread(
v8::Local<v8::Context> v8_context,
const GURL& url);
void WillReleaseScriptContext(blink::WebLocalFrame* frame,
const v8::Local<v8::Context>& context,
int world_id);
// Runs on a different thread and should not use any member variables.
static void WillDestroyServiceWorkerContextOnWorkerThread(
v8::Local<v8::Context> v8_context,
const GURL& url);
// This method is not allowed to run JavaScript code in the frame.
void DidCreateDocumentElement(blink::WebLocalFrame* frame);
// These methods may run (untrusted) JavaScript code in the frame, and
// cause |render_frame| to become invalid.
void RunScriptsAtDocumentStart(content::RenderFrame* render_frame);
void RunScriptsAtDocumentEnd(content::RenderFrame* render_frame);
void OnExtensionResponse(int request_id,
bool success,
const base::ListValue& response,
const std::string& error);
// Dispatches the event named |event_name| to all render views.
void DispatchEvent(const std::string& extension_id,
const std::string& event_name) const;
// Shared implementation of the various MessageInvoke IPCs.
void InvokeModuleSystemMethod(content::RenderFrame* render_frame,
const std::string& extension_id,
const std::string& module_name,
const std::string& function_name,
const base::ListValue& args,
bool user_gesture);
void ClearPortData(int port_id);
// Returns a list of (module name, resource id) pairs for the JS modules to
// add to the source map.
static std::vector<std::pair<std::string, int> > GetJsResources();
static void RegisterNativeHandlers(ModuleSystem* module_system,
ScriptContext* context,
Dispatcher* dispatcher,
RequestSender* request_sender,
V8SchemaRegistry* v8_schema_registry);
bool WasWebRequestUsedBySomeExtensions() const { return webrequest_used_; }
// The RendererPermissionsPolicyDelegateTest.CannotScriptWebstore test needs
// to call the OnActivateExtension IPCs.
friend class ::ChromeRenderViewTest;
// RenderProcessObserver implementation:
bool OnControlMessageReceived(const IPC::Message& message) override;
void WebKitInitialized() override;
void IdleNotification() override;
void OnRenderProcessShutdown() override;
void OnActivateExtension(const std::string& extension_id);
void OnCancelSuspend(const std::string& extension_id);
void OnDeliverMessage(int target_port_id, const Message& message);
void OnDispatchOnConnect(int target_port_id,
const std::string& channel_name,
const ExtensionMsg_TabConnectionInfo& source,
const ExtensionMsg_ExternalConnectionInfo& info,
const std::string& tls_channel_id);
void OnDispatchOnDisconnect(int port_id, const std::string& error_message);
void OnLoaded(
const std::vector<ExtensionMsg_Loaded_Params>& loaded_extensions);
void OnMessageInvoke(const std::string& extension_id,
const std::string& module_name,
const std::string& function_name,
const base::ListValue& args,
bool user_gesture);
void OnSetChannel(int channel);
void OnSetScriptingWhitelist(
const ExtensionsClient::ScriptingWhitelist& extension_ids);
void OnSetSystemFont(const std::string& font_family,
const std::string& font_size);
void OnSetWebViewPartitionID(const std::string& partition_id);
void OnShouldSuspend(const std::string& extension_id, uint64_t sequence_id);
void OnSuspend(const std::string& extension_id);
void OnTransferBlobs(const std::vector<std::string>& blob_uuids);
void OnUnloaded(const std::string& id);
void OnUpdatePermissions(const ExtensionMsg_UpdatePermissions_Params& params);
void OnUpdateTabSpecificPermissions(const GURL& visible_url,
const std::string& extension_id,
const URLPatternSet& new_hosts,
bool update_origin_whitelist,
int tab_id);
void OnClearTabSpecificPermissions(
const std::vector<std::string>& extension_ids,
bool update_origin_whitelist,
int tab_id);
void OnUsingWebRequestAPI(bool webrequest_used);
// UserScriptSetManager::Observer implementation.
void OnUserScriptsUpdated(const std::set<HostID>& changed_hosts,
const std::vector<UserScript*>& scripts) override;
void UpdateActiveExtensions();
// Sets up the host permissions for |extension|.
void InitOriginPermissions(const Extension* extension);
// Updates the host permissions for the extension url to include only those in
// |new_patterns|, and remove from |old_patterns| that are no longer allowed.
void UpdateOriginPermissions(const GURL& extension_url,
const URLPatternSet& old_patterns,
const URLPatternSet& new_patterns);
// Enable custom element whitelist in Apps.
void EnableCustomElementWhiteList();
// Adds or removes bindings for every context belonging to |extension_id|, or
// or all contexts if |extension_id| is empty.
void UpdateBindings(const std::string& extension_id);
void UpdateBindingsForContext(ScriptContext* context);
void RegisterBinding(const std::string& api_name, ScriptContext* context);
void RegisterNativeHandlers(ModuleSystem* module_system,
ScriptContext* context);
// Determines if a ScriptContext can connect to any externally_connectable-
// enabled extension.
bool IsRuntimeAvailableToContext(ScriptContext* context);
// Updates a web page context with any content capabilities granted by active
// extensions.
void UpdateContentCapabilities(ScriptContext* context);
// Inserts static source code into |source_map_|.
void PopulateSourceMap();
// Returns whether the current renderer hosts a platform app.
bool IsWithinPlatformApp();
// Gets |field| from |object| or creates it as an empty object if it doesn't
// exist.
v8::Local<v8::Object> GetOrCreateObject(const v8::Local<v8::Object>& object,
const std::string& field,
v8::Isolate* isolate);
v8::Local<v8::Object> GetOrCreateBindObjectIfAvailable(
const std::string& api_name,
std::string* bind_name,
ScriptContext* context);
// Requires the GuestView modules in the module system of the ScriptContext
// |context|.
void RequireGuestViewModules(ScriptContext* context);
// The delegate for this dispatcher. Not owned, but must extend beyond the
// Dispatcher's own lifetime.
DispatcherDelegate* delegate_;
// True if the IdleNotification timer should be set.
bool set_idle_notifications_;
// The IDs of extensions that failed to load, mapped to the error message
// generated on failure.
std::map<std::string, std::string> extension_load_errors_;
// All the bindings contexts that are currently loaded for this renderer.
// There is zero or one for each v8 context.
scoped_ptr<ScriptContextSet> script_context_set_;
scoped_ptr<ContentWatcher> content_watcher_;
scoped_ptr<UserScriptSetManager> user_script_set_manager_;
scoped_ptr<ScriptInjectionManager> script_injection_manager_;
// Same as above, but on a longer timer and will run even if the process is
// not idle, to ensure that IdleHandle gets called eventually.
scoped_ptr<base::RepeatingTimer> forced_idle_timer_;
// The extensions and apps that are active in this process.
ExtensionIdSet active_extension_ids_;
ResourceBundleSourceMap source_map_;
// Cache for the v8 representation of extension API schemas.
scoped_ptr<V8SchemaRegistry> v8_schema_registry_;
// Sends API requests to the extension host.
scoped_ptr<RequestSender> request_sender_;
// The platforms system font family and size;
std::string system_font_family_;
std::string system_font_size_;
// Mapping of port IDs to tabs. If there is no tab, the value would be -1.
std::map<int, int> port_to_tab_id_map_;
// True once WebKit has been initialized (and it is therefore safe to poke).
bool is_webkit_initialized_;
// It is important for this to come after the ScriptInjectionManager, so that
// the observer is destroyed before the UserScriptSet.
ScopedObserver<UserScriptSetManager, UserScriptSetManager::Observer>
// Status of webrequest usage.
bool webrequest_used_;
// The WebView partition ID associated with this process's storage partition,
// if this renderer is a WebView guest render process. Otherwise, this will be
// empty.
std::string webview_partition_id_;
} // namespace extensions