Reland "[getUserMedia] Fix selection of AEC2 over AEC3 when override is not present."

This is a reland of 5ff8ab34825598b7a525cc0631a866320f9039d1

Original change's description:
> [getUserMedia] Fix selection of AEC2 over AEC3 when override is not present.
> During the rewrite of select settings for getUserMedia, a check was
> introduced that verified whether the override_aec3 optional value was
> not base::nullptr. However, this is incorrect as this was not returning the
> default selection for AEC3 but rather was returning AEC2 instead. This
> CL restores the original behavior.
> However, this bug made so that did not fail any test
> when the default value was switched. Hence, this CL also addresses this by
> fixing the default value assumed in the select-settings unittests.
> BUG=926158
> Change-Id: If0ff62607ecb227c773af94bdf2ca9410c1e59fc
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> Commit-Queue: Armando Miraglia <>
> Reviewed-by: Guido Urdaneta <>
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Bug: 926158
Change-Id: I9e11e6b21fac23c8909a6b629c368392946fa4f8
Reviewed-by: Guido Urdaneta <>
Commit-Queue: Armando Miraglia <>
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