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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <vector>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/sequenced_task_runner.h"
#include "base/single_thread_task_runner.h"
#include "components/safe_browsing/db/v4_protocol_manager_util.h"
#include "components/safe_browsing/db/v4_store.h"
#include "components/safe_browsing/proto/webui.pb.h"
class TestSafeBrowsingDatabaseHelper;
namespace safe_browsing {
class V4Database;
// Scheduled when the database has been read from disk and is ready to process
// resource reputation requests.
using NewDatabaseReadyCallback =
// Scheduled when the checksum for all the stores in the database has been
// verified to match the expected value. Stores for which the checksum did not
// match are passed as the argument and need to be reset.
using DatabaseReadyForUpdatesCallback =
base::Callback<void(const std::vector<ListIdentifier>&)>;
// This callback is scheduled once the database has finished processing the
// update requests for all stores and is ready to process the next set of update
// requests.
using DatabaseUpdatedCallback = base::Closure;
// Maps the ListIdentifiers to their corresponding in-memory stores, which
// contain the hash prefixes for that ListIdentifier as well as manage their
// storage on disk.
using StoreMap = std::unordered_map<ListIdentifier, std::unique_ptr<V4Store>>;
// Associates metadata for a list with its ListIdentifier.
class ListInfo {
ListInfo(const bool fetch_updates,
const std::string& filename,
const ListIdentifier& list_id,
const SBThreatType sb_threat_type);
const ListIdentifier& list_id() const { return list_id_; }
const std::string& filename() const { return filename_; }
SBThreatType sb_threat_type() const { return sb_threat_type_; }
bool fetch_updates() const { return fetch_updates_; }
// Whether to fetch and store updates for this list.
bool fetch_updates_;
// The ASCII name of the file on disk. This file is created inside the
// user-data directory. For instance, the ListIdentifier could be for URL
// expressions for UwS on Windows platform, and the corresponding file on disk
// could be named: ""
std::string filename_;
// The list being read from/written to the disk.
ListIdentifier list_id_;
// The threat type enum value for this store.
SBThreatType sb_threat_type_;
ListInfo() = delete;
using ListInfos = std::vector<ListInfo>;
// Factory for creating V4Database. Tests implement this factory to create fake
// databases for testing.
class V4DatabaseFactory {
virtual ~V4DatabaseFactory() {}
virtual std::unique_ptr<V4Database> Create(
const scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner>& db_task_runner,
std::unique_ptr<StoreMap> store_map);
// The on-disk databases are shared among all profiles, as it doesn't contain
// user-specific data. This object is not thread-safe, i.e. all its methods
// should be used on the same thread that it was created on, unless specified
// otherwise.
// The hash-prefixes of each type are managed by a V4Store (including saving to
// and reading from disk).
// The V4Database serves as a single place to manage all the V4Stores.
class V4Database {
// Factory method to create a V4Database. It creates the database on the
// provided |db_task_runner| containing stores in |store_file_name_map|. When
// the database creation is complete, it runs the NewDatabaseReadyCallback on
// the same thread as it was called.
static void Create(
const scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner>& db_task_runner,
const base::FilePath& base_path,
const ListInfos& list_infos,
NewDatabaseReadyCallback new_db_callback);
// Destroys the provided v4_database on its task_runner since this may be a
// long operation.
static void Destroy(std::unique_ptr<V4Database> v4_database);
virtual ~V4Database();
// Updates the stores with the response received from the SafeBrowsing service
// and calls the db_updated_callback when done.
void ApplyUpdate(std::unique_ptr<ParsedServerResponse> parsed_server_response,
DatabaseUpdatedCallback db_updated_callback);
// Returns the current state of each of the stores being managed.
std::unique_ptr<StoreStateMap> GetStoreStateMap();
// Check if all the selected stores are available and populated.
// Returns false if any of |stores_to_check| don't have valid data.
// A store may be unavailble if either it hasn't yet gotten a proper
// full-update (just after install, or corrupted/missing file), or if it's
// not supported in this build (i.e. Chromium).
virtual bool AreAllStoresAvailable(
const StoresToCheck& stores_to_check) const;
// Check if any of the stores are available and populated.
// Returns false if all of |stores_to_check| don't have valid data.
virtual bool AreAnyStoresAvailable(
const StoresToCheck& stores_to_check) const;
// Searches for a hash prefix matching the |full_hash| in stores in the
// database, filtered by |stores_to_check|, and returns the identifier of the
// store along with the matching hash prefix in |matched_hash_prefix_map|.
virtual void GetStoresMatchingFullHash(
const FullHash& full_hash,
const StoresToCheck& stores_to_check,
StoreAndHashPrefixes* matched_store_and_full_hashes);
// Resets the stores in |stores_to_reset| to an empty state. This is done if
// the checksum doesn't match the expected value.
void ResetStores(const std::vector<ListIdentifier>& stores_to_reset);
// Schedules verification of the checksum of each store read from disk on task
// runner. If the checksum doesn't match, that store is passed to the
// |db_ready_for_updates_callback|. At the end,
// |db_ready_for_updates_callback| is scheduled (on the same thread as it was
// called) to indicate that the database updates can now be scheduled.
void VerifyChecksum(
DatabaseReadyForUpdatesCallback db_ready_for_updates_callback);
// Records the size of each of the stores managed by this database, along
// with the combined size of all the stores.
void RecordFileSizeHistograms();
// Populates the DatabaseInfo message of the safe_browsing_page proto.
void CollectDatabaseInfo(DatabaseManagerInfo::DatabaseInfo* database_info);
V4Database(const scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner>& db_task_runner,
std::unique_ptr<StoreMap> store_map);
// The collection of V4Stores, keyed by ListIdentifier.
// The map itself lives on the V4Database's parent thread, but its V4Store
// objects live on the db_task_runner_thread.
// TODO(vakh): Consider writing a container object which encapsulates or
// harmonizes thread affinity for the associative container and the data.
const std::unique_ptr<StoreMap> store_map_;
friend class ::TestSafeBrowsingDatabaseHelper;
friend class V4DatabaseFactory;
friend class V4EmbeddedTestServerBrowserTest;
friend class V4DatabaseTest;
friend class V4SafeBrowsingServiceTest;
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(V4DatabaseTest, TestSetupDatabaseWithFakeStores);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(V4DatabaseTest, TestApplyUpdateWithNewStates);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(V4DatabaseTest, TestApplyUpdateWithNoNewState);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(V4DatabaseTest, TestApplyUpdateWithEmptyUpdate);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(V4DatabaseTest, TestApplyUpdateWithInvalidUpdate);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(V4DatabaseTest, TestSomeStoresMatchFullHash);
// Factory method to create a V4Database. When the database creation is
// complete, it calls the NewDatabaseReadyCallback on |callback_task_runner|.
static void CreateOnTaskRunner(
const scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner>& db_task_runner,
const base::FilePath& base_path,
const ListInfos& list_infos,
const scoped_refptr<base::SingleThreadTaskRunner>& callback_task_runner,
NewDatabaseReadyCallback callback,
const base::TimeTicks create_start_time);
// Makes the passed |factory| the factory used to instantiate a V4Database.
// Only for tests.
static void RegisterDatabaseFactoryForTest(
std::unique_ptr<V4DatabaseFactory> factory);
// Makes the passed |factory| the factory used to instantiate a V4Store. Only
// for tests.
static void RegisterStoreFactoryForTest(
std::unique_ptr<V4StoreFactory> factory);
// Callback called when a new store has been created and is ready to be used.
// This method updates the store_map_ to point to the new store, which causes
// the old store to get deleted.
void UpdatedStoreReady(ListIdentifier identifier,
std::unique_ptr<V4Store> store);
// See |VerifyChecksum|.
void VerifyChecksumOnTaskRunner(
const scoped_refptr<base::SingleThreadTaskRunner>& callback_task_runner,
DatabaseReadyForUpdatesCallback db_ready_for_updates_callback);
bool IsStoreAvailable(const ListIdentifier& identifier) const;
const scoped_refptr<base::SequencedTaskRunner> db_task_runner_;
DatabaseUpdatedCallback db_updated_callback_;
// The number of stores for which the update request is pending. When this
// goes down to 0, that indicates that the database has updated all the stores
// that needed updating and is ready for the next update. It should only be
// accessed on the IO thread.
int pending_store_updates_;
// Only meant to be dereferenced and invalidated on the IO thread and hence
// named. For details, see the comment at the top of weak_ptr.h
base::WeakPtrFactory<V4Database> weak_factory_on_io_;
} // namespace safe_browsing