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<!-- Based on fast/repaint/no-caret-repaint-in-non-content-editable-element.html -->
<script src="resources/paint-invalidation-test.js"></script>
if (window.testRunner) {
// By definition, when caret browsing is enabled we always paint the caret.
// So, this test is only applicable when caret browsing is disabled because
// non-content-editable elements won't cause the caret to be drawn since they
// are not editable.
testRunner.overridePreference("WebKitEnableCaretBrowsing", false);
function paintInvalidationTest()
if (!window.eventSender)
var target = document.getElementById("target");
eventSender.mouseMoveTo(target.offsetLeft, target.offsetTop);
window.onload = runPaintInvalidationTest;
<p>This tests that clicking on a non-content editable element does not cause a repaint of it in whole or in part.</p>
<p id="target">This element is not content editable.</p>