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/** @mainpage c_salt Reference Documentation
This reference documentation describes the c_salt API, which is
an open-source API for browser plugins that layers on
top of the Pepper API and the NPAPI.
You can use the c_salt API
in <a href="">Native Client</a>
modules to communicate with the Google Chrome browser.
This page has the following contents:
- @ref reading
- @ref modules
- @ref about
@section reading Before you start
This documentation assumes that you have read and understood
the following pages in the Native Client SDK project:
- <a href="">Getting started</a>
@section modules API categories
The c_salt API consists of a C++ API in the c_salt namespace.
(Details TBD)...
@section about About this doc
The tabs at the top of each page take you to the following sections.
- <b>Main Page</b>: This page
- <a href="modules.html"><b>Modules</b></a>: Lets you find API by functional area
- <a href="annotated.html"><b>Data Structures</b></a>:
List of classes and data structures in c_salt.
- <a href="files.html"><b>Files</b></a>:
The header files used to generate this documentation,
with file descriptions and links to generated doc.
Don't miss the <a href="globals.html">File member index</a>.