Reland "Add remoting FTL API key"

This is a reland of c0cf050da7f33e4437a7616935a2d5ca9ae50aa2.

It also fixes a bug that the GetRemotingFtlAPIKey function is mistakenly
named GetFtlAPIKey in the CC file.

Original change's description:
> Add remoting FTL API key
> Add API key for remoting to use during the signaling process. Note that
> this key is only used by Chrome Remote Desktop and will not be used in
> the Chrome browser.
> Internal CL:
> Bug: 927962
> Change-Id: Iecfa48aebe1078a4a0c747f42711000d9155fc3f
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> Reviewed-by: Joe Downing <>
> Reviewed-by: Roger Tawa <>
> Auto-Submit: Yuwei Huang <>
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Bug: 927962
Change-Id: I04c995d4348ef42de8a72c8c4abd5cff60cda1cd
Reviewed-by: Roger Tawa <>
Commit-Queue: Yuwei Huang <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#631828}
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