Revert "OopAsh: improve immersive fullscreen for app windows"

This reverts commit 4480bf47dbf3708f96dc79b8314a07105b534588.

Reason for revert: Strong suspect for causing crashes in WidgetTest.FullscreenFrameLayout on linux-chromeos-rel

Bug: 868004

Original change's description:
> OopAsh: improve immersive fullscreen for app windows
> Immersive fullscreen for an app window almost works aside from the fact
> that the normal frame remains when the app window is fullscreened. This
> is a result of not updating the client area inset when the window show
> state changes (e.g. from restored to fullscreen). The client area is
> updated when the window bounds change, as they would when entering
> fullscreen, but the bounds change comes through just before the state
> change. Thus, when ClientSideNonClientFrameView checks fullscreen state
> during layout, it still finds the widget is restored and calculates the
> wrong bounds. The solution is to explicitly kick off a layout when
> entering or exiting fullscreen.
>       after launching with --enable-features=Mash --ash-dev-shortcuts
> Test: enter and exit fullscreen on an app window with ctrl+shift+F
> Bug: 640365
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