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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Collect debug info for a test."""
import datetime
import logging
import os
import re
import shutil
import string
import subprocess
import tempfile
import cmd_helper
TOMBSTONE_DIR = '/data/tombstones/'
class GTestDebugInfo(object):
"""A helper class to get relate debug information for a gtest.
adb: ADB interface the tests are using.
device: Serial# of the Android device in which the specified gtest runs.
testsuite_name: Name of the specified gtest.
gtest_filter: Test filter used by the specified gtest.
def __init__(self, adb, device, testsuite_name, gtest_filter,
"""Initializes the DebugInfo class for a specified gtest."""
self.adb = adb
self.device = device
self.testsuite_name = testsuite_name
self.gtest_filter = gtest_filter
self.logcat_process = None
self.has_storage = False
self.log_dir = None
self.log_file_name = None
self.collect_new_crashes = collect_new_crashes
self.old_crash_files = self.ListCrashFiles()
def InitStorage(self):
"""Initializes the storage in where we put the debug information."""
if self.has_storage:
self.has_storage = True
self.log_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
self.log_file_name = os.path.join(self.log_dir,
self._GeneratePrefixName() + '_log.txt')
def CleanupStorage(self):
"""Cleans up the storage in where we put the debug information."""
if not self.has_storage:
self.has_storage = False
assert os.path.exists(self.log_dir)
self.log_dir = None
self.log_file_name = None
def GetStoragePath(self):
"""Returns the path in where we store the debug information."""
return self.log_dir
def _GetSignatureFromGTestFilter(self):
"""Gets a signature from gtest_filter.
Signature is used to identify the tests from which we collect debug
A signature string. Returns 'all' if there is no gtest filter.
if not self.gtest_filter:
return 'all'
filename_chars = "-_()%s%s" % (string.ascii_letters, string.digits)
return ''.join(c for c in self.gtest_filter if c in filename_chars)
def _GeneratePrefixName(self):
"""Generates a prefix name for debug information of the test.
The prefix name consists of the following:
(1) root name of test_suite_base.
(2) device serial number.
(3) filter signature generate from gtest_filter.
(4) date & time when calling this method.
Name of the log file.
return (os.path.splitext(self.testsuite_name)[0] + '_' + self.device + '_' +
self._GetSignatureFromGTestFilter() + '_' +
def StartRecordingLog(self, clear=True, filters=['*:v']):
"""Starts recording logcat output to a file.
This call should come before running test, with calling StopRecordingLog
following the tests.
clear: True if existing log output should be cleared.
filters: A list of logcat filters to be used.
if clear:
cmd_helper.RunCmd(['adb', 'logcat', '-c'])'Start dumping log to %s ...' % self.log_file_name)
command = 'adb logcat -v threadtime %s > %s' % (' '.join(filters),
self.logcat_process = subprocess.Popen(command, shell=True)
def StopRecordingLog(self):
"""Stops an existing logcat recording subprocess."""
if not self.logcat_process:
# Cannot evaluate directly as 0 is a possible value.
if self.logcat_process.poll() is None:
self.logcat_process = None'Finish log dump.')
def TakeScreenshot(self, identifier_mark):
"""Takes a screen shot from current specified device.
identifier_mark: A string to identify the screen shot DebugInfo will take.
It will be part of filename of the screen shot. Empty
string is acceptable.
Returns True if successfully taking screen shot from device, otherwise
returns False.
assert isinstance(identifier_mark, str)
shot_path = os.path.join(self.log_dir, ''.join([self._GeneratePrefixName(),
screenshot_path = os.path.join(os.getenv('ANDROID_HOST_OUT'), 'bin',
re_success = re.compile(re.escape('Success.'), re.MULTILINE)
if re_success.findall(cmd_helper.GetCmdOutput([screenshot_path, '-s',
self.device, shot_path])):"Successfully took a screen shot to %s" % shot_path)
return True
logging.error('Failed to take screen shot from device %s' % self.device)
return False
def ListCrashFiles(self):
"""Collects crash files from current specified device.
A dict of crash files in format {"name": (size, lastmod), ...}.
if not self.collect_new_crashes:
return {}
return self.adb.ListPathContents(TOMBSTONE_DIR)
def ArchiveNewCrashFiles(self):
"""Archives the crash files newly generated until calling this method."""
if not self.collect_new_crashes:
current_crash_files = self.ListCrashFiles()
files = [f for f in current_crash_files if f not in self.old_crash_files]'New crash file(s):%s' % ' '.join(files))
for f in files:
self.adb.Adb().Pull(TOMBSTONE_DIR + f,
os.path.join(self.GetStoragePath(), f))
def ZipAndCleanResults(dest_dir, dump_file_name, debug_info_list):
"""A helper method to zip all debug information results into a dump file.
dest-dir: Dir path in where we put the dump file.
dump_file_name: Desired name of the dump file. This method makes sure
'.zip' will be added as ext name.
debug_info_list: List of all debug info objects.
if not dest_dir or not dump_file_name or not debug_info_list:
cmd_helper.RunCmd(['mkdir', '-p', dest_dir])
log_basename = os.path.basename(dump_file_name)
log_file = os.path.join(dest_dir,
os.path.splitext(log_basename)[0] + '.zip')'Zipping debug dumps into %s ...' % log_file)
for d in debug_info_list:
# Add new dumps into the zip file. The zip may exist already if previous
# gtest also dumps the debug information. It's OK since we clean up the old
# dumps in each build step.
cmd_helper.RunCmd(['zip', '-q', '-r', log_file,
' '.join([d.GetStoragePath() for d in debug_info_list])])
assert os.path.exists(log_file)
for debug_info in debug_info_list: