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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
# Language values match constants in Sponge protocol buffer (sponge.proto).
JAVA = 5
class BaseTestResult(object):
"""A single result from a unit test."""
def __init__(self, name, log): = name
self.log = log
class SingleTestResult(BaseTestResult):
"""Result information for a single test.
full_name: Full name of the test.
start_date: Date in milliseconds when the test began running.
dur: Duration of the test run in milliseconds.
lang: Language of the test (JAVA or PYTHON).
log: An optional string listing any errors.
error: A tuple of a short error message and a longer version used by Sponge
if test resulted in a fail or error. An empty tuple implies a pass.
def __init__(self, full_name, start_date, dur, lang, log='', error=()):
BaseTestResult.__init__(self, full_name, log)
name_pieces = full_name.rsplit('#')
if len(name_pieces) > 0:
self.test_name = name_pieces[1]
self.class_name = name_pieces[0]
self.class_name = full_name
self.test_name = full_name
self.start_date = start_date
self.dur = dur
self.error = error
self.lang = lang
class TestResults(object):
"""Results of a test run."""
def __init__(self):
self.ok = []
self.failed = []
self.crashed = []
self.unknown = []
self.disabled = []
self.unexpected_pass = []
def FromOkAndFailed(ok, failed):
ret = TestResults()
ret.ok = ok
ret.failed = failed
return ret
def FromTestResults(results):
"""Combines a list of results in a single TestResults object."""
ret = TestResults()
for t in results:
ret.ok += t.ok
ret.failed += t.failed
ret.crashed += t.crashed
ret.unknown += t.unknown
ret.disabled += t.disabled
ret.unexpected_pass += t.unexpected_pass
return ret
def _Log(self, sorted_list):
for t in sorted_list:
if t.log:
def GetAllBroken(self):
"""Returns the all broken tests including failed, crashed, unknown."""
return self.failed + self.crashed + self.unknown
def LogFull(self):
"""Output all broken tests or 'passed' if none broken"""
logging.critical('*' * 80)
logging.critical('Final result')
if self.failed:
if self.crashed:
if self.unknown:
if not self.GetAllBroken():
logging.critical('*' * 80)