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Internal property sheets:
Contains the common settings used throughout the projects. Is included by either ..\debug.vsprops or ..\release.vsprops, so in general, it is not included directly.
Included by ..\release.vsprops. Its settings are overriden by release_impl$(CHROME_BUILD_TYPE).vsprops. Uses the default VS setting which is "Maximize Speed". Results in relatively fast build with reasonable optimization level but without whole program optimization to reduce build time.
Included by ..\release.vsprops by default when CHROME_BUILD_TYPE is undefined. Includes release_defaults.vsprops.
Included by ..\release.vsprops when CHROME_BUILD_TYPE=_checksenabled. Matches what release_defaults.vsprops does, but doesn't actually inherit from it as we couldn't quite get that working. The only difference is that _DEBUG is set instead of NDEBUG. Used for keeping debug checks enabled with a build that is fast enough to dogfood with.
Included by ..\release.vsprops when CHROME_BUILD_TYPE=_official. Includes release_defaults.vsprops. Enables Whole Program Optimizations (WPO), which doubles the build time. Results in much more optimized build. Uses "Full Optimization" and "Flavor small code".
Included by ..\release.vsprops when CHROME_BUILD_TYPE=_pgo_instrument. Includes release_defaults.vsprops. Enables Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) instrumentation (first pass). Uses "Full Optimization" and "Flavor small code".
Included by ..\release.vsprops when CHROME_BUILD_TYPE=_pgo_optimize. Includes release_defaults.vsprops. Enables Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) optimization (second pass). Uses "Full Optimization" and "Flavor small code".
Included by ..\release.vsprops when CHROME_BUILD_TYPE=_purify. Includes release_defaults.vsprops. Disables optimizations. Used with Purify to test without debug tools and without optimization; i.e. NDEBUG is defined but the compiler doesn't optimize the binary.