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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# mass-rename: update source files (gyp lists, #includes) to reflect
# a rename. Expects "git diff --cached -M" to list a bunch of renames.
# To use:
# 1) git mv foo1 bar1; git mv foo2 bar2; etc.
# 2) *without committing*, ./tools/git/
# 3) look at git diff (without --cached) to see what the damage is
# 4) commit, then use tools/ to fix #include ordering:
# for f in $(git diff --name-only origin); do ./tools/ $f; done
# rename:
# update all uses of |from| (first argument) to |to| (second argument).
rename() {
# Fix references to the files in headers/gyp files.
echo "Processing: $from -> $to"
git grep -l "$from" -- '*.cc' '*.h' '*.m' '*.mm' '*.gyp*' | \
xargs sed -i -e "s|$from|$to|"
# Fix header guards.
if [ "${from##*.}" = "h" ]; then
hfrom=$(echo "$from" | tr 'a-z/' 'A-Z_' | sed -e 's|\..*$||')
hto=$(echo "$to" | tr 'a-z/' 'A-Z_' | sed -e 's|\..*$||')
echo "Processing: $hfrom -> $hto"
git grep -l "$hfrom" -- '*.cc' '*.h' '*.m' '*.mm' | \
xargs sed -i -e "s|$hfrom|$hto|"
# Try again, stripping the first directory component -- helps with
# gyp files that rely on paths from the directory they're in.
from=$(echo "$from" | sed -e 's|^[^/]*/||')
to=$(echo "$to" | sed -e 's|^[^/]*/||')
echo "Processing: $from -> $to"
git grep -l "$from" -- '*.cc' '*.h' '*.m' '*.mm' '*.gyp*' | \
xargs sed -i -e "s|$from|$to|"
# Make the 'read' used in the while loop split only on tabs/newlines.
git diff --cached --raw -M | while read attrs from to; do
type=$(echo "$attrs" | cut -d' ' -f5)
if echo "$type" | grep -q "^R"; then
# It's a rename.
rename "$from" "$to"
echo "Skipping: $from -- not a rename?"