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Linker shim that enables the use of "Use Library Dependency Inputs" on
large exe/dlls via Visual Studio.
That flag is required to enable useful incremental linking, however, with a
large number of objects in components, the linker fails with:
...RSP00002E45885644.rsp : fatal error LNK1170: line in command file contains 131071 or more characters
This seems to be that the IDE team didn't talk to the linker team; the
response file can handle long commands, just all the files can't be on
*one* line which is what the IDE generates.
So, this program simply replaces link.exe, fixes the response file, and
then shells to the original linker. Ridiculous? Yes. Faster links? Yes.
Compile/install with Run from cmd.exe as Administrator,
and make sure to run vsvars32.bat first.