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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "components/sync/base/model_type.h"
#include "components/sync/engine/configure_reason.h"
#include "components/sync/engine/model_safe_worker.h"
namespace syncer {
class ChangeProcessor;
struct DataTypeActivationResponse;
// The DataTypeConfigurer interface abstracts out the action of
// configuring a set of new data types and cleaning up after a set of
// removed data types.
class ModelTypeConfigurer {
// Utility struct for holding ConfigureDataTypes options.
struct ConfigureParams {
ConfigureParams(ConfigureParams&& other);
ConfigureParams& operator=(ConfigureParams&& other);
ConfigureReason reason;
ModelTypeSet enabled_types;
ModelTypeSet disabled_types;
ModelTypeSet to_download;
ModelTypeSet to_purge;
ModelTypeSet to_journal;
ModelTypeSet to_unapply;
// Run when configuration is done with the set of all types that failed
// configuration (if its argument isn't empty, an error was encountered).
// TODO(akalin): Use a Delegate class with OnConfigureSuccess,
// OnConfigureFailure, and OnConfigureRetry instead of a pair of callbacks.
// The awkward part is handling when SyncEngine calls ConfigureDataTypes on
// itself to configure Nigori.
base::Callback<void(ModelTypeSet, ModelTypeSet)> ready_task;
// Whether full sync (or sync the feature) is enabled;
bool is_sync_feature_enabled;
virtual ~ModelTypeConfigurer();
// Changes the set of data types that are currently being synced.
virtual void ConfigureDataTypes(ConfigureParams params) = 0;
// Registers directory type with sync engine. This function creates update
// handler for the type and thus needs to be called before ConfigureDataType
// that includes the type in |to_download| type set.
virtual void RegisterDirectoryDataType(ModelType type,
ModelSafeGroup group) = 0;
// Unregisters directory type from sync engine. After this call updates and
// local change will not be synced with server.
virtual void UnregisterDirectoryDataType(ModelType type) = 0;
// Activates change processing for the given directory data type. This must
// be called synchronously with the data type's model association so
// no changes are dropped between model association and change
// processor activation.
virtual void ActivateDirectoryDataType(ModelType type,
ModelSafeGroup group,
ChangeProcessor* change_processor) = 0;
// Deactivates change processing for the given data type.
virtual void DeactivateDirectoryDataType(ModelType type) = 0;
// Activates change processing for the given non-blocking data type.
// This must be called before initial sync for data type.
virtual void ActivateNonBlockingDataType(
ModelType type,
std::unique_ptr<DataTypeActivationResponse> activation_response) = 0;
// Deactivates change processing for the given non-blocking data type.
virtual void DeactivateNonBlockingDataType(ModelType type) = 0;
} // namespace syncer