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* alexa_domains.list
The Alexa top 10k domains, one per line, constructed by running Used as an input to make_top_domain_gperf.
It's derived from
src/tools/perf/page_sets/alexa1-10000-urls.json with
* alexa_skeletons.gperf
The checked-in output of make_top_domain_gperf. Processed during the
build to generate, which is used by This must be regenerated as follows if ICU is updated,
since skeletons can differ across ICU versions:
$ ninja -C $build_outdir make_top_domain_gperf
$ $build_outdir/make_top_domain_gperf
* test_domains.list
A list of domains to use in IDNToUnicode test instead of the actual
alexa top dmain. Manually edited to match what's in IDNToUnicode test.
* test_skeletons.gperf
Generated out of test_domains.list along with alexa_skeletons.gperf
by make_top_domain_gperf.