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PNG Images
Please run src/tools/resources/ on all new icons. For example:
tools/resources/ -o2 new_pngs_dir
If this script does not work for some reason, at least pngcrush the files:
mkdir crushed
pngcrush -d crushed -brute -reduce -rem alla new/*.png
ICO Images
Windows ICO icons should be in the following format:
* A square image of each size: 256, 48, 32, 16.
* The 256 image should be in PNG format, and optimized.
* The smaller images should be in BMP (uncompressed) format.
* Each of the smaller images (48 and less) should have an 8-bit and 32-bit
* The 256 image should not be last (there is a bug in Gnome on Linux where icons
look corrupted if the PNG image is last).
If you are creating an ICO from a set of PNGs of different sizes, the following
process (using ImageMagick and GIMP) satisfies the above conditions:
1. Convert each of the smaller images to 8-bit. With ImageMagick:
for f in FILENAME-??.png; \
do convert $f -dither None -colors 256 \
png8:`basename $f .png`-indexed.png; \
2. Combine the images into an ICO file. With ImageMagick:
convert FILENAME-256.png FILENAME-{48,32,16}{-indexed,}.png FILENAME.ico
3. Unfortunately, the 8-bit images have been converted back into 32-bit images.
Open the icon in GIMP and re-export it. This will also convert the large
256 image into a compressed PNG.
4. Run src/tools/resources/ on the resulting .ico file.
You can also run src/tools/resources/ on existing .ico
files. This will convert BMPs to PNGs and run a basic PNG optimization pass, as
well as fix up any broken image masks (