Media Router Integration and E2E Browser Tests

This directory contains the integration and end-to-end browser tests for Media Router. Note that running these tests requires a dev build of the Media Router component extension, which isn't open source. The project for upstreaming the component extension is tracked by this bug.

Test classes

  • MediaRouterIntegrationBrowserTest: Tests that Media Router behaves as specified by the Presentation API, and that its dialog is shown as expected. Uses mr.TestProvider (provided the component extension) as the Media Route Provider. Test cases that specifically test the functionalities of the Media Router dialog are in

  • MediaRouterIntegrationIncognitoBrowserTest: Same as MediaRouterIntegrationBrowserTest, except for that the tests are run using an incognito profile.

  • MediaRouterE2EBrowserTest: Tests the casting functionality of Media Router using the Cast Media Route Provider (provided by the component extension) and an actual Chromecast device.