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<!DOCTYPE html>
div {
height: 100px;
width: 100px;
#outerDiv {
visibility: hidden;
overflow: hidden;
.paddingBlockNoVisibleDescendantOrContent {
position: relative;
background: red;
visibility: visible;
.noVisibleContentVisibleWrapper {
position: relative;
visibility: visible;
.greenContainer {
background: green;
function scroll()
var outerDiv = document.getElementById("outerDiv");
outerDiv.scrollTop = "100";
window.addEventListener("load", scroll, false);
Bug 76126: REGRESSION (r94016): Visibility hidden to visible override with outer fixed inner relative elements
This test has PASSED if there is only a green square and no red!
<div class="hidden noOverflow" id="outerDiv">
<div class="paddingBlockNoVisibleDescendantOrContent"></div>
<div class="noVisibleContentVisibleWrapper">
<div class="greenContainer"></div>