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  3. chromium.csp-fetch-from-installed-service-worker-connect.html
  4. chromium.csp-fetch-from-installed-service-worker-default.html
  5. chromium.csp-fetch-from-installed-service-worker-script.html
  6. chromium.fetch-canvas-tainting.html
  7. chromium.fetch-cors-xhr.html
  8. chromium.fetch-csp-expected.txt
  9. chromium.fetch-csp.html
  10. chromium.fetch-event-headers.html
  11. chromium.fetch-event-request-body.html
  12. chromium.http-to-https-redirect-and-register-iframe.html
  13. chromium.performance-timeline.html
  14. chromium.redirected-response.html
  15. chromium.register-wait-forever-in-install-worker.html
  16. chromium.request-end-to-end.html
  17. chromium.respond-to-same-origin-request-with-cross-origin-response.html
  18. chromium.respond-to-same-origin-request-with-redirected-cross-origin-response.html
  19. chromium.update-served-from-cache.html
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This directory contains Chromium-specific tests for service workers, i.e., tests that are not suitable for adding to Web Platform Tests. Generally, new tests should be added to external/wpt/service-workers instead of here.

Tests in this directory should have a comment explaining why the test cannot be upstreamed to WPT. Tests here fall into one or more of the following categories:

  1. Tests that should be upstreamed to WPT, but we just have not done so. Eventually this category should be eliminated. See

  2. Tests that assert behavior that contradicts the specification. Ideally we would fix Chromium's behavior, but in the meantime sometimes need to maintain the deprecated behavior until it can be fixed.

Instead of a Chromium-only test, it‘s preferable to have a WPT test that asserts the correct things, and an -expected.txt file for Chromium’s failing expectations. However, in some cases that would not provide sufficient test coverage for Chromium's spec-violating behavior.

When tests like this are added, they should have a comment at the top pointing to the correct WPT test, and link to the bug tracking removal of the Chromium test.

  1. Tests that exercise implementation specific behavior like (not) crashing and garbage collection.

  2. Tests that require use of the Internals API or other Chromium-specific APIs.