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<title>SVGLengthList, initialize()</title>
<script src="../../resources/testharness.js"></script>
<script src="../../resources/testharnessreport.js"></script>
<script src="resources/SVGLengthList-helper.js"></script>
<svg width="200" height="200">
<text id="text1" x="500 1000 1500" y="25"> ABC </text>
<text id="text2" x="50 500" y="50"> ABC </text>
<text id="text3" x="50 500 50" y="75">ABC</text>
<text id="text4" x="500" y="100">ABC</text>
test(function() {
// This is a test of the SVGLengthList.initialize() API.
var svg = document.querySelector("svg");
var list1 = document.getElementById("text1").x.baseVal;
var list2 = document.getElementById("text2").x.baseVal;
var list3 = document.getElementById("text3").x.baseVal;
var list4 = document.getElementById("text4").x.baseVal;
// Check initial list state of text1.
assert_list(list1, [500, 1000, 1500]);
// Check initial list state of text2.
assert_list(list2, [50, 500]);
// Check initial list state of text3.
assert_list(list3, [50, 500, 50]);
// Check initial list state of text4.
assert_list(list4, [500]);
// Create a new SVGLength object, that will be the only x coordinate in the first text element.
var newLength = svg.createSVGLength();
newLength.value = 50;
assert_equals(newLength.value, 50);
// Spec: Clears all existing current items from the list and re-initializes the list to hold the single item specified by the parameter.
// Initialize SVGLengthList with 'newLength'.
assert_equals(list1.initialize(newLength).value, newLength.value);
assert_equals(list1.getItem(0).value, newLength.value);
// Take the second x item '500' of the second text element, store it in 'itemInAnotherList' change it to '50'.
assert_equals(list2.getItem(1).value, 500);
var itemInAnotherList = list2.getItem(1);
itemInAnotherList.value = 50;
assert_equals(list2.getItem(1).value, 50);
// Spec: If newItem is already in a list, then a new object is created with the same values as newItem and this item is inserted into the list.
// Otherwise, newItem itself is inserted into the list..
// Override the third text elements x list with the item x=50 from the second text element, where it should not be removed afterwards.
assert_equals(list3.initialize(itemInAnotherList).value, itemInAnotherList.value);
assert_equals(list3.getItem(0).value, 50);
assert_equals(list2.getItem(0).value, 50);
list2.getItem(1); // Should not throw.
// Ensure that 'itemInAnotherList' isn't live (wrt 'list3') by changing its value.
itemInAnotherList.value = 999;
assert_equals(itemInAnotherList.value, 999);
assert_equals(list3.getItem(0).value, 50);
itemInAnotherList.value = 50;
assert_equals(itemInAnotherList.value, 50);
assert_equals(list3.getItem(0).value, 50);
// Copy item from text3 to text4.
assert_equals(list4.initialize(list3.getItem(0)).value, itemInAnotherList.value);
assert_equals(list4.getItem(0).value, 50);
list3.getItem(0); // Should not throw.
// Initialize text2 using setAttribute('x', '50').
text2.setAttribute("x", "50");
assert_equals(list2.getItem(0).value, 50);
// Final check whether the lists all look like expected.
assert_list(list1, [50]);
assert_list(list2, [50]);
assert_list(list3, [50]);
assert_list(list4, [50]);