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  1. tests/
  2. BlinkInitializer.cpp
  3. BlinkInitializer.h
  5. ControllerExport.h
  6. DEPS
  7. DevToolsFrontendImpl.cpp
  8. DevToolsFrontendImpl.h
  9. OomInterventionImpl.cpp
  10. OomInterventionImpl.h
  11. OomInterventionImplTest.cpp
  12. OWNERS

The controller/ directory

controller/ contains the system infrastructure of the renderer process that uses or drives the web platform. controller/ can directly use core/ and modules/ without using Web types (but with some DEPS rules). Examples are RenderProcess, RenderThread, Android View, Extensions, Native Client etc.

We should avoid making controller/ a “catch-all” directory. Things that are part of core/ should go to core/. Things that are part of modules/ should go to modules/. Only things that lives outside the web platform should go to controller/.