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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef EphemeralRange_h
#define EphemeralRange_h
#include "core/editing/Position.h"
namespace blink {
class Document;
class Range;
// We should restrict access to the unwanted version of |TraversalRange::end()|
// function.
template <class Iterator>
class TraversalRangeNodes : private TraversalRange<Iterator> {
using StartNodeType = typename TraversalRange<Iterator>::StartNodeType;
TraversalRangeNodes(const StartNodeType* start,
const StartNodeType* past_end_node)
: TraversalRange<Iterator>(start), past_end_node_(past_end_node) {}
using TraversalRange<Iterator>::begin;
Iterator end() { return Iterator(past_end_node_); }
const Member<const StartNodeType> past_end_node_;
// This class acts like |TraversalNextIterator| but in addition
// it allows to set current position and checks |m_current| pointer before
// dereferencing.
template <class TraversalNext>
class CheckedTraversalNextIterator
: public TraversalIteratorBase<TraversalNext> {
using TraversalIteratorBase<TraversalNext>::current_;
using StartNodeType = typename TraversalNext::TraversalNodeType;
explicit CheckedTraversalNextIterator(const StartNodeType* start)
: TraversalIteratorBase<TraversalNext>(
const_cast<StartNodeType*>(start)) {}
void operator++() {
current_ = TraversalNext::Next(*current_);
// Unlike |Range| objects, |EphemeralRangeTemplate| objects aren't relocated.
// You should not use |EphemeralRangeTemplate| objects after DOM modification.
// EphemeralRangeTemplate is supposed to use returning or passing start and end
// position.
// Example usage:
// Range* range = produceRange();
// consumeRange(range);
// ... no DOM modification ...
// consumeRange2(range);
// Above code should be:
// EphemeralRangeTemplate range = produceRange();
// consumeRange(range);
// ... no DOM modification ...
// consumeRange2(range);
// Because of |Range| objects consume heap memory and inserted into |Range|
// object list in |Document| for relocation. These operations are redundant
// if |Range| objects doesn't live after DOM mutation.
template <typename Strategy>
class CORE_TEMPLATE_CLASS_EXPORT EphemeralRangeTemplate final {
using RangeTraversal =
EphemeralRangeTemplate(const PositionTemplate<Strategy>& start,
const PositionTemplate<Strategy>& end);
EphemeralRangeTemplate(const EphemeralRangeTemplate& other);
// |position| should be |Position::isNull()| or in-document.
explicit EphemeralRangeTemplate(
const PositionTemplate<Strategy>& /* position */);
// When |range| is nullptr, |EphemeralRangeTemplate| is |isNull()|.
explicit EphemeralRangeTemplate(const Range* /* range */);
EphemeralRangeTemplate<Strategy>& operator=(
const EphemeralRangeTemplate<Strategy>& other);
bool operator==(const EphemeralRangeTemplate<Strategy>& other) const;
bool operator!=(const EphemeralRangeTemplate<Strategy>& other) const;
Document& GetDocument() const;
PositionTemplate<Strategy> StartPosition() const;
PositionTemplate<Strategy> EndPosition() const;
Node* CommonAncestorContainer() const;
// Returns true if |m_startPositoin| == |m_endPosition| or |isNull()|.
bool IsCollapsed() const;
bool IsNull() const {
return start_position_.IsNull();
bool IsNotNull() const { return !IsNull(); }
RangeTraversal Nodes() const;
// |node| should be in-document and valid for anchor node of
// |PositionTemplate<Strategy>|.
static EphemeralRangeTemplate<Strategy> RangeOfContents(
const Node& /* node */);
#ifndef NDEBUG
void ShowTreeForThis() const;
bool IsValid() const;
PositionTemplate<Strategy> start_position_;
PositionTemplate<Strategy> end_position_;
uint64_t dom_tree_version_;
extern template class CORE_EXTERN_TEMPLATE_EXPORT
using EphemeralRange = EphemeralRangeTemplate<EditingStrategy>;
extern template class CORE_EXTERN_TEMPLATE_EXPORT
using EphemeralRangeInFlatTree =
// Returns a newly created |Range| object from |range| or |nullptr| if
// |range.isNull()| returns true.
CORE_EXPORT Range* CreateRange(const EphemeralRange& /* range */);
} // namespace blink