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Name: harfbuzz-ng
Short Name: harfbuzz-ng
Version: 1.7.3
Date: 20171220
Security Critical: yes
License: MIT
License File: COPYING
This is harfbuzz-ng, a new implementation of harfbuzz with a different
API from the old one.
This copy of harfbuzz is usually updated by downloading the release tarball from , removing files in src,
copying *.h *.hh *.cc (except for hb-uniscribe* and hb-directwrite.* and from the tarball's src folder over to src, then checking
for removed or added files and update our build recipes in and
harfbuzz.gyp accordingly, update the NEWS file from HarfBuzz' release notes, and
bump the version numbers in README.chromium.
Cherry-pick 2fe5f885..a9432bde on top of 1.7.3 to incorporate hb_set
regression fixes.