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Name: dav1d is an AV1 decoder :)
Short Name: dav1d
Version: 589e96a1f2cff8e803c79eec48509fa4a792f1d9
License: 2-Clause BSD
License File: LICENSE
Security Critical: yes
--[ DESCRIPTION ] ------------------
This contains the source to the dav1d video decoder; used for AV1 decoding in
Chromium. The LICENSE file is copied from libdav1d/COPYING.
--[ UPDATING ] ------------------
To update run "git pull" within the libdav1d directory to sync your local copy
of the checkout to upstream. Then you need to update the configuration files
and source listing.
First have clang (//third_party/llvm-build/Release+Asserts/bin), clang-cl
and meson ( in your path. Then you
can run ./
Next you should update the dav1d_generated.gni file, to that run the
./ command.
Hopefully all that works and then you can roll DEPS to the new revision with
all the updated configuration files. If not, you'll need to debug the bots :(