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// Copyright (c) 2006-2008 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/scoped_handle.h"
#include "base/gfx/point.h"
#include "base/gfx/rect.h"
#include "base/timer.h"
#include "base/values.h"
#include "chrome/common/page_zoom.h"
#include "chrome/common/resource_dispatcher.h"
#include "chrome/personalization/personalization.h"
#include "chrome/renderer/automation/dom_automation_controller.h"
#include "chrome/renderer/dom_ui_bindings.h"
#include "chrome/renderer/external_host_bindings.h"
#include "chrome/renderer/external_js_object.h"
#include "chrome/renderer/render_process.h"
#include "chrome/renderer/render_widget.h"
#include "testing/gtest/include/gtest/gtest_prod.h"
#include "webkit/glue/console_message_level.h"
#include "webkit/glue/dom_serializer_delegate.h"
#include "webkit/glue/glue_accessibility.h"
#include "webkit/glue/webview_delegate.h"
#include "webkit/glue/webview.h"
// RenderView is a diamond-shaped hierarchy, with WebWidgetDelegate at the root.
// VS warns when we inherit the WebWidgetDelegate method implementations from
// RenderWidget. It's safe to ignore that warning.
#pragma warning(disable: 4250)
class DebugMessageHandler;
class GURL;
class RenderThread;
class SkBitmap;
struct ThumbnailScore;
class WebError;
class WebFrame;
class WebPluginDelegate;
class WebPluginDelegateProxy;
enum WebRequestCachePolicy;
namespace base {
class WaitableEvent;
namespace webkit_glue {
struct FileUploadData;
// We need to prevent a page from trying to create infinite popups. It is not
// as simple as keeping a count of the number of immediate children
// popups. Having an html file that itself would create
// an unlimited chain of RenderViews who only have one RenderView child.
// Therefore, each new top level RenderView creates a new counter and shares it
// with all its children and grandchildren popup RenderViews created with
// CreateWebView() to have a sort of global limit for the page so no more than
// kMaximumNumberOfPopups popups are created.
// This is a RefCounted holder of an int because I can't say
// scoped_refptr<int>.
typedef base::RefCountedData<int> SharedRenderViewCounter;
// RenderView is an object that manages a WebView object, and provides a
// communication interface with an embedding application process
class RenderView : public RenderWidget,
public WebViewDelegate,
public webkit_glue::DomSerializerDelegate {
// Creates a new RenderView. The parent_hwnd specifies a HWND to use as the
// parent of the WebView HWND that will be created. The modal_dialog_event
// is set by the RenderView whenever a modal dialog alert is shown, so that
// the renderer and plugin processes know to pump window messages. If this
// is a constrained popup or as a new tab, opener_id is the routing ID of the
// RenderView responsible for creating this RenderView (corresponding to the
// parent_hwnd). |counter| is either a currently initialized counter, or NULL
// (in which case we treat this RenderView as a top level window).
static RenderView* Create(
RenderThreadBase* render_thread,
HWND parent_hwnd,
base::WaitableEvent* modal_dialog_event, // takes ownership
int32 opener_id,
const WebPreferences& webkit_prefs,
SharedRenderViewCounter* counter,
int32 routing_id);
// Sets the "next page id" counter.
static void SetNextPageID(int32 next_page_id);
// The resource dispatcher used to fetch resources for this view.
ResourceDispatcher* resource_dispatcher() {
return resource_dispatcher_;
// May return NULL when the view is closing.
WebView* webview() const {
return static_cast<WebView*>(webwidget());
HWND host_window() const {
return host_window_;
base::WaitableEvent* modal_dialog_event() {
return modal_dialog_event_.get();
// IPC::Channel::Listener
virtual void OnMessageReceived(const IPC::Message& msg);
// WebViewDelegate
virtual void ShowModalHTMLDialog(const GURL& url, int width, int height,
const std::string& json_arguments,
std::string* json_retval);
virtual void RunJavaScriptAlert(WebView* webview,
const std::wstring& message);
virtual bool RunJavaScriptConfirm(WebView* webview,
const std::wstring& message);
virtual bool RunJavaScriptPrompt(WebView* webview,
const std::wstring& message,
const std::wstring& default_value,
std::wstring* result);
virtual bool RunBeforeUnloadConfirm(WebView* webview,
const std::wstring& message);
virtual void EnableSuddenTermination();
virtual void DisableSuddenTermination();
virtual void QueryFormFieldAutofill(const std::wstring& field_name,
const std::wstring& text,
int64 node_id);
virtual void UpdateTargetURL(WebView* webview,
const GURL& url);
virtual void RunFileChooser(bool multi_select,
const std::wstring& title,
const std::wstring& initial_filename,
const std::wstring& filter,
WebFileChooserCallback* file_chooser);
virtual void AddMessageToConsole(WebView* webview,
const std::wstring& message,
unsigned int line_no,
const std::wstring& source_id);
virtual void DebuggerOutput(const std::wstring& out);
virtual void DidStartLoading(WebView* webview);
virtual void DidStopLoading(WebView* webview);
virtual void DidStartProvisionalLoadForFrame(
WebView* webview,
WebFrame* frame,
NavigationGesture gesture);
virtual void DidReceiveProvisionalLoadServerRedirect(WebView* webview,
WebFrame* frame);
virtual void DidFailProvisionalLoadWithError(WebView* webview,
const WebError& error,
WebFrame* frame);
virtual void LoadNavigationErrorPage(WebFrame* frame,
const WebRequest* failed_request,
const WebError& error,
const std::string& html,
bool replace);
virtual void DidCommitLoadForFrame(WebView* webview, WebFrame* frame,
bool is_new_navigation);
virtual void DidReceiveTitle(WebView* webview,
const std::wstring& title,
WebFrame* frame);
virtual void DidFinishLoadForFrame(WebView* webview,
WebFrame* frame);
virtual void DidFailLoadWithError(WebView* webview,
const WebError& error,
WebFrame* forFrame);
virtual void DidFinishDocumentLoadForFrame(WebView* webview, WebFrame* frame);
virtual bool DidLoadResourceFromMemoryCache(WebView* webview,
const WebRequest& request,
const WebResponse& response,
WebFrame* frame);
virtual void DidHandleOnloadEventsForFrame(WebView* webview, WebFrame* frame);
virtual void DidChangeLocationWithinPageForFrame(WebView* webview,
WebFrame* frame,
bool is_new_navigation);
virtual void DidReceiveIconForFrame(WebView* webview, WebFrame* frame);
virtual void WillPerformClientRedirect(WebView* webview,
WebFrame* frame,
const GURL& src_url,
const GURL& dest_url,
unsigned int delay_seconds,
unsigned int fire_date);
virtual void DidCancelClientRedirect(WebView* webview,
WebFrame* frame);
virtual void DidCompleteClientRedirect(WebView* webview,
WebFrame* frame,
const GURL& source);
virtual void WindowObjectCleared(WebFrame* webframe);
virtual WindowOpenDisposition DispositionForNavigationAction(
WebView* webview,
WebFrame* frame,
const WebRequest* request,
WebNavigationType type,
WindowOpenDisposition disposition,
bool is_redirect);
virtual WebView* CreateWebView(WebView* webview, bool user_gesture);
virtual WebWidget* CreatePopupWidget(WebView* webview, bool activatable);
virtual WebPluginDelegate* CreatePluginDelegate(
WebView* webview,
const GURL& url,
const std::string& mime_type,
const std::string& clsid,
std::string* actual_mime_type);
virtual webkit_glue::WebMediaPlayerDelegate* CreateMediaPlayerDelegate();
virtual void OnMissingPluginStatus(WebPluginDelegate* delegate, int status);
virtual void OpenURL(WebView* webview, const GURL& url,
const GURL& referrer,
WindowOpenDisposition disposition);
virtual void DidDownloadImage(int id,
const GURL& image_url,
bool errored,
const SkBitmap& image);
virtual GURL GetAlternateErrorPageURL(const GURL& failedURL,
ErrorPageType error_type);
virtual void ShowContextMenu(WebView* webview,
ContextNode::Type type,
int x,
int y,
const GURL& link_url,
const GURL& image_url,
const GURL& page_url,
const GURL& frame_url,
const std::wstring& selection_text,
const std::wstring& misspelled_word,
int edit_flags,
const std::string& security_info);
virtual void StartDragging(WebView* webview,
const WebDropData& drag_data);
virtual void TakeFocus(WebView* webview, bool reverse);
virtual void JSOutOfMemory();
virtual WebHistoryItem* GetHistoryEntryAtOffset(int offset);
virtual int GetHistoryBackListCount();
virtual int GetHistoryForwardListCount();
virtual void OnNavStateChanged(WebView* webview);
virtual void SetTooltipText(WebView* webview,
const std::wstring& tooltip_text);
virtual void DownloadUrl(const GURL& url, const GURL& referrer);
virtual void OnPasswordFormsSeen(WebView* webview,
const std::vector<PasswordForm>& forms);
virtual void OnAutofillFormSubmitted(WebView* webview,
const AutofillForm& form);
virtual void ReportFindInPageMatchCount(int count, int request_id,
bool final_update);
virtual void ReportFindInPageSelection(int request_id,
int active_match_ordinal,
const gfx::Rect& selection_rect);
virtual bool WasOpenedByUserGesture(WebView* webview) const;
virtual void SpellCheck(const std::wstring& word, int& misspell_location,
int& misspell_length);
virtual void SetInputMethodState(bool enabled);
virtual void ScriptedPrint(WebFrame* frame);
virtual void WebInspectorOpened(int num_resources);
virtual void UserMetricsRecordAction(const std::wstring& action);
virtual void DnsPrefetch(const std::vector<std::string>& host_names);
// DomSerializerDelegate
virtual void DidSerializeDataForFrame(const GURL& frame_url,
const std::string& data, PageSavingSerializationStatus status);
// WebWidgetDelegate
// Most methods are handled by RenderWidget.
virtual void Show(WebWidget* webwidget, WindowOpenDisposition disposition);
virtual void CloseWidgetSoon(WebWidget* webwidget);
virtual void RunModal(WebWidget* webwidget);
// Do not delete directly. This class is reference counted.
virtual ~RenderView();
// Called when a plugin is destroyed.
void PluginDestroyed(WebPluginDelegateProxy* proxy);
// Called when a plugin is crashed.
void PluginCrashed(const FilePath& plugin_path);
// Called from JavaScript window.external.AddSearchProvider() to add a
// keyword for a provider described in the given OpenSearch document.
void AddSearchProvider(const std::string& url);
// Asks the browser for the CPBrowsingContext associated with this renderer.
uint32 GetCPBrowsingContext();
// Dispatches the current navigation state to the browser. Called on a
// periodic timer so we don't send too many messages.
void SyncNavigationState();
// Evaluates a string of JavaScript in a particular frame.
void EvaluateScript(const std::wstring& frame_xpath,
const std::wstring& jscript);
// Called when the Javascript debugger is no longer attached.
// This is called from within the renderer, not via an IPC message.
void OnDebugDetach();
int delay_seconds_for_form_state_sync() const {
return delay_seconds_for_form_state_sync_;
void set_delay_seconds_for_form_state_sync(int delay_in_seconds) {
delay_seconds_for_form_state_sync_ = delay_in_seconds;
FRIEND_TEST(RenderViewTest, OnLoadAlternateHTMLText);
FRIEND_TEST(RenderViewTest, OnNavStateChanged);
explicit RenderView(RenderThreadBase* render_thread);
// Initializes this view with the given parent and ID. The |routing_id| can be
// set to 'MSG_ROUTING_NONE' if the true ID is not yet known. In this case,
// CompleteInit must be called later with the true ID.
void Init(HWND parent,
base::WaitableEvent* modal_dialog_event, // takes ownership
int32 opener_id,
const WebPreferences& webkit_prefs,
SharedRenderViewCounter* counter,
int32 routing_id);
void UpdateURL(WebFrame* frame);
void UpdateTitle(WebFrame* frame, const std::wstring& title);
void UpdateSessionHistory(WebFrame* frame);
// Update current main frame's encoding and send it to browser window.
// Since we want to let users see the right encoding info from menu
// before finishing loading, we call the UpdateEncoding in
// a) function:DidCommitLoadForFrame. When this function is called,
// that means we have got first data. In here we try to get encoding
// of page if it has been specified in http header.
// b) function:DidReceiveTitle. When this function is called,
// that means we have got specified title. Because in most of webpages,
// title tags will follow meta tags. In here we try to get encoding of
// page if it has been specified in meta tag.
// c) function:DidFinishDocumentLoadForFrame. When this function is
// called, that means we have got whole html page. In here we should
// finally get right encoding of page.
void UpdateEncoding(WebFrame* frame, const std::wstring& encoding_name);
// Captures the thumbnail and text contents for indexing for the given load
// ID. If the view's load ID is different than the parameter, this call is
// a NOP. Typically called on a timer, so the load ID may have changed in the
// meantime.
void CapturePageInfo(int load_id, bool preliminary_capture);
// Called to retrieve the text from the given frame contents, the page text
// up to the maximum amount will be placed into the given buffer
void CaptureText(WebFrame* frame, std::wstring* contents);
// Creates a thumbnail of |frame|'s contents resized to (|w|, |h|)
// and puts that in |thumbnail|. Thumbnail metadata goes in |score|.
bool CaptureThumbnail(WebFrame* frame, int w, int h,
SkBitmap* thumbnail,
ThumbnailScore* score);
// Calculates how "boring" a thumbnail is. The boring score is the
// 0,1 ranged percentage of pixels that are the most common
// luma. Higher boring scores indicate that a higher percentage of a
// bitmap are all the same brightness.
double CalculateBoringScore(SkBitmap* bitmap);
bool RunJavaScriptMessage(int type,
const std::wstring& message,
const std::wstring& default_value,
std::wstring* result);
// Adds search provider from the given OpenSearch description URL as a
// keyword search.
void AddGURLSearchProvider(const GURL& osd_url, bool autodetected);
// Tells the browser process to navigate to a back/forward entry at the given
// offset from current.
void GoToEntryAtOffset(int offset);
// RenderView IPC message handlers
void OnCreatingNewAck(HWND parent);
void SendThumbnail();
void OnPrintPage(const ViewMsg_PrintPage_Params& params);
void OnGetPrintedPagesCount(const ViewMsg_Print_Params& params);
void OnPrintPages(const ViewMsg_PrintPages_Params& params);
void OnNavigate(const ViewMsg_Navigate_Params& params);
void OnStop();
void OnLoadAlternateHTMLText(const std::string& html_contents,
bool new_navigation,
const GURL& display_url,
const std::string& security_info);
void OnStopFinding(bool clear_selection);
void OnFindReplyAck();
void OnUpdateTargetURLAck();
void OnUndo();
void OnRedo();
void OnCut();
void OnCopy();
void OnPaste();
void OnReplace(const std::wstring& text);
void OnToggleSpellCheck();
void OnDelete();
void OnSelectAll();
void OnCopyImageAt(int x, int y);
void OnInspectElement(int x, int y);
void OnShowJavaScriptConsole();
void OnCancelDownload(int32 download_id);
void OnFind(const FindInPageRequest& request);
void OnZoom(int function);
void OnSetPageEncoding(const std::wstring& encoding_name);
void OnGetAllSavableResourceLinksForCurrentPage(const GURL& page_url);
void OnGetSerializedHtmlDataForCurrentPageWithLocalLinks(
const std::vector<std::wstring>& links,
const std::vector<std::wstring>& local_paths,
const std::wstring& local_directory_name);
void OnUploadFileRequest(const ViewMsg_UploadFile_Params& p);
void OnFormFill(const FormData& form);
void OnFillPasswordForm(const PasswordFormDomManager::FillData& form_data);
void OnDragTargetDragEnter(const WebDropData& drop_data,
const gfx::Point& client_pt,
const gfx::Point& screen_pt);
void OnDragTargetDragOver(const gfx::Point& client_pt,
const gfx::Point& screen_pt);
void OnDragTargetDragLeave();
void OnDragTargetDrop(const gfx::Point& client_pt,
const gfx::Point& screen_pt);
void OnAllowDomAutomationBindings(bool allow_binding);
void OnAllowBindings(bool enable_dom_ui_bindings,
bool enable_external_host_bindings);
void OnSetDOMUIProperty(const std::string& name, const std::string& value);
void OnSetInitialFocus(bool reverse);
void OnUpdateWebPreferences(const WebPreferences& prefs);
void OnSetAltErrorPageURL(const GURL& gurl);
void OnDownloadImage(int id, const GURL& image_url, int image_size);
void OnGetApplicationInfo(int page_id);
void OnScriptEvalRequest(const std::wstring& frame_xpath,
const std::wstring& jscript);
void OnAddMessageToConsole(const std::wstring& frame_xpath,
const std::wstring& msg,
ConsoleMessageLevel level);
void OnDebugAttach();
void OnReservePageIDRange(int size_of_range);
void OnDragSourceEndedOrMoved(
int client_x, int client_y, int screen_x, int screen_y, bool ended);
void OnDragSourceSystemDragEnded();
void OnInstallMissingPlugin();
void OnFileChooserResponse(const std::vector<std::wstring>& file_names);
void OnEnableViewSourceMode();
void OnUpdateBackForwardListCount(int back_list_count,
int forward_list_count);
void OnGetAccessibilityInfo(const ViewMsg_Accessibility_In_Params& in_params,
ViewHostMsg_Accessibility_Out_Params* out_params);
void OnClearAccessibilityInfo(int iaccessible_id, bool clear_all);
// Checks if the RenderView should close, runs the beforeunload handler and
// sends ViewMsg_ShouldClose to the browser.
void OnMsgShouldClose();
// Runs the onunload handler and closes the page, replying with ClosePage_ACK
// (with the given RPH and request IDs, to help track the request).
void OnClosePage(int new_render_process_host_id, int new_request_id);
// Notification about ui theme changes.
void OnThemeChanged();
// Notification that we have received autofill suggestion.
void OnReceivedAutofillSuggestions(
int64 node_id,
int request_id,
const std::vector<std::wstring>& suggestions,
int default_suggestions_index);
// Message that the popup notification has been shown or hidden.
void OnPopupNotificationVisiblityChanged(bool visible);
void OnPersonalizationEvent(std::string event_name, std::string event_args);
// Handles messages posted from automation.
void OnMessageFromExternalHost(const std::string& target,
const std::string& message);
// Message that we should no longer be part of the current popup window
// grouping, and should form our own grouping.
void OnDisassociateFromPopupCount();
// Switches the frame's CSS media type to "print" and calculate the number of
// printed pages that are to be expected. |frame| will be used to calculate
// the number of expected pages for this frame only.
int SwitchFrameToPrintMediaType(const ViewMsg_Print_Params& params,
WebFrame* frame);
// Switches the frame's CSS media type to "display".
void SwitchFrameToDisplayMediaType(WebFrame* frame);
// Prints the page listed in |params|.
void PrintPage(const ViewMsg_PrintPage_Params& params, WebFrame* frame);
// Prints all the pages listed in |params|.
void PrintPages(const ViewMsg_PrintPages_Params& params, WebFrame* frame);
// Attempt to upload the file that we are trying to process if any.
// Reset the pending file upload data if the form was successfully
// posted.
void ProcessPendingUpload();
// Reset the pending file upload.
void ResetPendingUpload();
// Exposes the DOMAutomationController object that allows JS to send
// information to the browser process.
void BindDOMAutomationController(WebFrame* webframe);
void set_opened_by_user_gesture(bool value) {
opened_by_user_gesture_ = value;
// Called by RenderWidget after it paints.
virtual void DidPaint();
// Locates a sub frame with given xpath
WebFrame* GetChildFrame(const std::wstring& frame_xpath) const;
std::string GetAltHTMLForTemplate(const DictionaryValue& error_strings,
int template_resource_id) const;
virtual void TransitionToCommittedForNewPage();
virtual void DidAddHistoryItem();
// A helper method used by WasOpenedByUserGesture.
bool WasOpenedByUserGestureHelper() const;
void set_waiting_for_create_window_ack(bool wait) {
waiting_for_create_window_ack_ = wait;
// Handles resource loads for this view.
scoped_refptr<ResourceDispatcher> resource_dispatcher_;
// DOM Automation Controller CppBoundClass.
bool enable_dom_automation_;
DomAutomationController dom_automation_controller_;
// Chrome page<->browser messaging CppBoundClass.
bool enable_dom_ui_bindings_;
DOMUIBindings dom_ui_bindings_;
RendererPersonalization personalization_;
// window.external object for "built-in" JS extensions
ExternalJSObject external_js_object_;
// External host exposed through automation controller.
bool enable_external_host_bindings_;
ExternalHostBindings external_host_bindings_;
// The last gotten main frame's encoding.
std::wstring last_encoding_name_;
// The URL we think the user's mouse is hovering over. We use this to
// determine if we want to send a new one (we do not need to send
// duplicates).
GURL target_url_;
// The state of our target_url transmissions. When we receive a request to
// send a URL to the browser, we set this to TARGET_INFLIGHT until an ACK
// comes back - if a new request comes in before the ACK, we store the new
// URL in pending_target_url_ and set the status to TARGET_PENDING. If an
// ACK comes back and we are in TARGET_PENDING, we send the stored URL and
// revert to TARGET_INFLIGHT.
// We don't need a queue of URLs to send, as only the latest is useful.
enum {
TARGET_INFLIGHT, // We have a request in-flight, waiting for an ACK
TARGET_PENDING // INFLIGHT + we have a URL waiting to be sent
} target_url_status_;
// The next target URL we want to send to the browser.
GURL pending_target_url_;
// Are we loading our top level frame
bool is_loading_;
// If we are handling a top-level client-side redirect, this tracks the URL
// of the page that initiated it. Specifically, when a load is committed this
// is used to determine if that load originated from a client-side redirect.
// It is empty if there is no top-level client-side redirect.
GURL completed_client_redirect_src_;
// The gesture that initiated the current navigation.
NavigationGesture navigation_gesture_;
// Unique id to identify the current page between browser and renderer.
// Note that this is NOT updated for every main frame navigation, only for
// "regular" navigations that go into session history. In particular, client
// redirects, like the page cycler uses (document.location.href="foo") do not
// count as regular navigations and do not increment the page id.
int32 page_id_;
// Indicates the ID of the last page that we sent a FrameNavigate to the
// browser for. This is used to determine if the most recent transition
// generated a history entry (less than page_id_), or not (equal to or
// greater than). Note that this will be greater than page_id_ if the user
// goes back.
int32 last_page_id_sent_to_browser_;
// Page_id from the last page we indexed. This prevents us from indexing the
// same page twice in a row.
int32 last_indexed_page_id_;
// Used for popups.
bool opened_by_user_gesture_;
// The alternate error page URL, if one exists.
GURL alternate_error_page_url_;
// The pending file upload.
scoped_ptr<webkit_glue::FileUploadData> pending_upload_data_;
ScopedRunnableMethodFactory<RenderView> method_factory_;
// Timer used to delay the updating of nav state (see SyncNavigationState).
base::OneShotTimer<RenderView> nav_state_sync_timer_;
typedef std::vector<WebPluginDelegateProxy*> PluginDelegateList;
PluginDelegateList plugin_delegates_;
// Remember the first uninstalled plugin, so that we can ask the plugin
// to install itself when user clicks on the info bar.
WebPluginDelegate* first_default_plugin_;
// If the browser hasn't sent us an ACK for the last FindReply we sent
// to it, then we need to queue up the message (keeping only the most
// recent message if new ones come in).
scoped_ptr<IPC::Message> queued_find_reply_message_;
// Handle to an event that's set when the page is showing a modal dialog (or
// equivalent constrained window). The renderer and any plugin processes
// check this to know if they should pump messages/tasks then.
scoped_ptr<base::WaitableEvent> modal_dialog_event_;
// Document width when in print CSS media type. 0 otherwise.
int printed_document_width_;
// Backup the view size before printing since it needs to be overriden. This
// value is set to restore the view size when printing is done.
gfx::Size printing_view_size_;
scoped_refptr<DebugMessageHandler> debug_message_handler_;
scoped_ptr<WebFileChooserCallback> file_chooser_;
int history_back_list_count_;
int history_forward_list_count_;
// True if pop-up blocking is disabled. False by default.
bool disable_popup_blocking_;
// True if the page has any frame-level unload or beforeunload listeners.
bool has_unload_listener_;
// The total number of unrequested popups that exist and can be followed back
// to a common opener. This count is shared among all RenderViews created
// with CreateWebView(). All popups are treated as unrequested until
// specifically instructed otherwise by the Browser process.
scoped_refptr<SharedRenderViewCounter> shared_popup_counter_;
// Whether this is a top level window (instead of a popup). Top level windows
// shouldn't count against their own |shared_popup_counter_|.
bool decrement_shared_popup_at_destruction_;
// Handles accessibility requests into the renderer side, as well as
// maintains the cache and other features of the accessibility tree.
scoped_ptr<GlueAccessibility> glue_accessibility_;
// True if user scripts are enabled in this process.
bool user_scripts_enabled_;
// Resource message queue. Used to queue up resource IPCs if we need
// to wait for an ACK from the browser before proceeding.
std::queue<IPC::Message*> queued_resource_messages_;
// Set if we are waiting for an ack for ViewHostMsg_CreateWindow
bool waiting_for_create_window_ack_;
// The id of the last request sent for form field autofill. Used to ignore
// out of date responses.
int form_field_autofill_request_id_;
// A cached WebHistoryItem used for back/forward navigations initiated by
// WebCore (via the window.history.go API). We only have one such navigation
// pending at a time.
scoped_refptr<WebHistoryItem> history_navigation_item_;
// We need to prevent windows from closing themselves with a window.close()
// call while a blocked popup notification is being displayed. We cannot
// synchronously querry the Browser process. We cannot wait for the Browser
// process to send a message to us saying that a blocked popup notification
// is being displayed. We instead assume that when we create a window off
// this RenderView, that it is going to be blocked until we get a message
// from the Browser process telling us otherwise.
bool popup_notification_visible_;
// Time in seconds of the delay between syncing page state such as form
// elements and scroll position. This timeout allows us to avoid spamming the
// browser process with every little thing that changes. This normally doesn't
// change but is overridden by tests.
int delay_seconds_for_form_state_sync_;