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// Copyright (c) 2008 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved. Use of this
// source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in the
// LICENSE file.
// Delegate calls from WebCore::MediaPlayerPrivate to google's video player.
// It is a friend of VideoStackMediaPlayer, which is the actual media player
// VideoStackMediaPlayer will use WebMediaPlayer to create a resource loader
// and bridges the WebCore::ResourceHandle and media::DataSource, so that
// VideoStackMediaPlayer would have no knowledge of WebCore::ResourceHandle.
#include "webkit/glue/webmediaplayer_delegate.h"
namespace media {
class VideoStackMediaPlayer;
class WebMediaPlayerDelegateImpl : public webkit_glue::WebMediaPlayerDelegate {
virtual ~WebMediaPlayerDelegateImpl();
virtual void Initialize(webkit_glue::WebMediaPlayer* media_player);
virtual void Load(const GURL& url);
virtual void CancelLoad();
// Playback controls.
virtual void Play();
virtual void Pause();
virtual void Stop();
virtual void Seek(float time);
virtual void SetEndTime(float time);
virtual void SetPlaybackRate(float rate);
virtual void SetVolume(float volume);
virtual void SetVisible(bool visible);
virtual bool IsTotalBytesKnown();
// Methods for painting.
virtual void SetRect(const gfx::Rect& rect);
virtual void Paint(skia::PlatformCanvas *canvas, const gfx::Rect& rect);
// True if a video is loaded.
virtual bool IsVideo() const { return video_; }
// Dimension of the video.
virtual size_t GetWidth() const { return width_; }
virtual size_t GetHeight() const { return height_; }
// Getters fo playback state.
virtual bool IsPaused() const { return paused_; }
virtual bool IsSeeking() const { return seeking_; }
virtual float GetDuration() const { return duration_; }
virtual float GetCurrentTime() const { return current_time_; }
virtual float GetPlayBackRate() const { return playback_rate_; }
virtual float GetVolume() const { return volume_; }
virtual float GetMaxTimeBuffered() const;
virtual float GetMaxTimeSeekable() const;
// Get rate of loading the resource.
virtual int32 GetDataRate() const { return data_rate_; }
// Internal states of loading and network.
virtual webkit_glue::WebMediaPlayer::NetworkState GetNetworkState() const {
return network_state_;
virtual webkit_glue::WebMediaPlayer::ReadyState GetReadyState() const {
return ready_state_;
virtual int64 GetBytesLoaded() const { return bytes_loaded_; }
virtual int64 GetTotalBytes() const { return total_bytes_; }
// Data handlers.
virtual void WillSendRequest(WebRequest& request,
const WebResponse& response);
virtual void DidReceiveResponse(const WebResponse& response);
virtual void DidReceiveData(const char* buf, size_t size);
virtual void DidFinishLoading();
virtual void DidFail(const WebError& error);
// Inline getters.
webkit_glue::WebMediaPlayer* web_media_player() { return web_media_player_; }
int64 bytes_loaded_;
float current_time_;
int32 data_rate_;
float duration_;
size_t height_;
webkit_glue::WebMediaPlayer::NetworkState network_state_;
bool paused_;
float playback_rate_;
webkit_glue::WebMediaPlayer::ReadyState ready_state_;
bool seeking_;
int64 total_bytes_;
bool video_;
media::VideoStackMediaPlayer* video_stack_media_player_;
bool visible_;
float volume_;
webkit_glue::WebMediaPlayer* web_media_player_;
size_t width_;