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// Copyright (c) 2006-2008 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <wtypes.h>
#include "constants.h"
// TabImpl
// It is a wrapper to Tab specific functionalities.
// Note:
// In most of the tasks, keyboard messages are used for now.
// DoDefaultAction() will be called on accessibility objects,
// once implementation is available in chrome accessibility server.
// And keyboard messages will be tested using ApplyAccelerator().
// Forward declaration.
class BrowserImpl;
// Structure storing Tab parameters.
struct ChromeTab {
INT64 index_;
BSTR title_;
class TabImpl {
TabImpl(): tab_(NULL), browser_(NULL) {}
// Close this tab.
bool Close(void);
// Returns title of this tab.
bool GetTitle(BSTR* title);
// Sets the URL in address bar.
bool SetAddressBarText(const BSTR text);
// Sets the URL and navigates tab to the page.
bool NavigateToURL(const BSTR url);
// Find string by invoking Find Window.
bool FindInPage(const BSTR find_text);
// Reloads/Refreshes the tab-page.
bool Reload(void);
// Duplicates this tab.
bool Duplicate(TabImpl** tab);
// Returns true of Authentication dialog is opena nd visible.
bool IsAuthDialogVisible();
// Invokes authentication dialog with specified user name and password.
bool SetAuthDialog(const BSTR user_name, const BSTR password);
// Cancels invoked authentication dialog.
bool CancelAuthDialog(void);
// Authenticates with the credentials set in authentication dialog and
// closes it.
bool UseAuthDialog(void);
// Activates this tab.
bool Activate(void);
// Waits for specified time with the specified interval to get the tab
// activated.
bool WaitForTabToBecomeActive(const INT64 interval, const INT64 timeout);
// Waits for specified time with the specified interval to get the tab-page
// loaded with URL.
bool WaitForTabToGetLoaded(const INT64 interval, const INT64 timeout);
// Sets title of this tab.
void set_title(BSTR title);
// Sets index of this tab.
void set_index(INT64 index) {
if (index < 0)
if (!tab_)
tab_->index_ = index;
// Sets browser to which tab belongs.
bool set_browser(BrowserImpl* browser) {
if (browser)
browser_ = browser;
return false;
return true;
// Initialize data specific to tab.
ChromeTab* InitTabData() {
if (tab_)
tab_ = new ChromeTab();
if (!tab_)
return NULL;
memset(tab_, 0, sizeof(ChromeTab));
return tab_;
// To be implemeted.
bool IsSSLLockPresent(bool* present);
bool IsSSLSoftError(bool* soft_err);
bool OpenPageCertificateDialog(void);
bool ClosePageCertificateDialog(void);
bool GoBack(void);
bool GoForward(void);
// Structure to store tab data.
ChromeTab* tab_;
// Pointer to browser to which this tab belongs.
BrowserImpl* browser_;