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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/command_line.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "chrome/browser/chromeos/authpolicy/authpolicy_helper.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/webui/chromeos/login/base_screen_handler.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/webui/chromeos/login/core_oobe_handler.h"
#include "chrome/browser/ui/webui/chromeos/login/network_state_informer.h"
#include "chromeos/network/portal_detector/network_portal_detector.h"
#include "net/base/net_errors.h"
class AccountId;
namespace base {
class DictionaryValue;
} // namespace base
namespace net {
class CanonicalCookie;
namespace network {
class NSSTempCertsCacheChromeOS;
namespace chromeos {
class ActiveDirectoryPasswordChangeScreenHandler;
class Key;
class SamlPasswordAttributes;
class SigninScreenHandler;
class GaiaView {
constexpr static StaticOobeScreenId kScreenId{"gaia-signin"};
GaiaView() = default;
virtual ~GaiaView() = default;
// Decides whether an auth extension should be pre-loaded. If it should,
// pre-loads it.
virtual void MaybePreloadAuthExtension() = 0;
virtual void DisableRestrictiveProxyCheckForTest() = 0;
// Show the sign-in screen. Depending on internal state, the screen will
// either be shown immediately or after an asynchronous clean-up process that
// cleans DNS cache and cookies. If available, |account_id| is used for
// prefilling information.
virtual void ShowGaiaAsync(const AccountId& account_id) = 0;
// Show sign-in screen for the given credentials. |services| is a list of
// services returned by userInfo call as JSON array. Should be an empty array
// for a regular user: "[]".
virtual void ShowSigninScreenForTest(const std::string& username,
const std::string& password,
const std::string& services) = 0;
// A class that handles WebUI hooks in Gaia screen.
class GaiaScreenHandler : public BaseScreenHandler,
public GaiaView,
public NetworkPortalDetector::Observer {
using TView = GaiaView;
// The possible modes that the Gaia signin screen can be in.
enum GaiaScreenMode {
// Default Gaia authentication will be used.
// Gaia offline mode will be used.
// An interstitial page will be used before SAML redirection.
// Offline UI for Active Directory authentication.
enum FrameState {
JSCallsContainer* js_calls_container,
CoreOobeView* core_oobe_view,
const scoped_refptr<NetworkStateInformer>& network_state_informer,
~GaiaScreenHandler() override;
// GaiaView:
void MaybePreloadAuthExtension() override;
void DisableRestrictiveProxyCheckForTest() override;
void ShowGaiaAsync(const AccountId& account_id) override;
void ShowSigninScreenForTest(const std::string& username,
const std::string& password,
const std::string& services) override;
// Returns true if offline login mode was either required, or reported by the
// WebUI (i.e. WebUI mignt not have completed transition to the new mode).
bool IsOfflineLoginActive() const;
// TODO (xiaoyinh): remove this dependency.
friend class SigninScreenHandler;
struct GaiaContext;
void LoadGaia(const GaiaContext& context);
// Callback that loads GAIA after version and stat consent information has
// been retrieved.
void LoadGaiaWithPartition(const GaiaContext& context,
const std::string& partition_name);
// Called after the GAPS cookie, if present, is added to the cookie store.
void OnSetCookieForLoadGaiaWithPartition(
const GaiaContext& context,
const std::string& partition_name,
net::CanonicalCookie::CookieInclusionStatus status);
// Callback that loads GAIA after version and stat consent information has
// been retrieved.
void LoadGaiaWithPartitionAndVersionAndConsent(
const GaiaContext& context,
const std::string& partition_name,
const std::string* platform_version,
const bool* collect_stats_consent);
// Sends request to reload Gaia. If |force_reload| is true, request
// will be sent in any case, otherwise it will be sent only when Gaia is
// not loading right now.
void ReloadGaia(bool force_reload);
// Turns offline idle detection on or off. Idle detection should only be on if
// we're using the offline login page but the device is online.
void MonitorOfflineIdle(bool is_online);
// Show error UI at the end of GAIA flow when user is not whitelisted.
void ShowWhitelistCheckFailedError();
// BaseScreenHandler implementation:
void DeclareLocalizedValues(
::login::LocalizedValuesBuilder* builder) override;
void Initialize() override;
// WebUIMessageHandler implementation:
void RegisterMessages() override;
// NetworkPortalDetector::Observer implementation.
void OnPortalDetectionCompleted(
const NetworkState* network,
const NetworkPortalDetector::CaptivePortalState& state) override;
// WebUI message handlers.
void HandleWebviewLoadAborted(const std::string& error_reason_str);
void HandleCompleteAuthentication(
const std::string& gaia_id,
const std::string& email,
const std::string& password,
bool using_saml,
const ::login::StringList& services,
const base::DictionaryValue* password_attributes);
void OnGetCookiesForCompleteAuthentication(
const std::string& gaia_id,
const std::string& email,
const std::string& password,
bool using_saml,
const ::login::StringList& services,
const SamlPasswordAttributes& password_attributes,
const std::vector<net::CanonicalCookie>& cookies,
const net::CookieStatusList& excluded_cookies);
void HandleCompleteLogin(const std::string& gaia_id,
const std::string& typed_email,
const std::string& password,
bool using_saml);
void HandleCompleteAdAuthentication(const std::string& username,
const std::string& password);
void HandleCancelActiveDirectoryAuth();
void HandleUsingSAMLAPI();
void HandleScrapedPasswordCount(int password_count);
void HandleScrapedPasswordVerificationFailed();
void HandleGaiaUIReady();
void HandleIdentifierEntered(const std::string& account_identifier);
void HandleAuthExtensionLoaded();
void HandleUpdateOobeDialogSize(int width, int height);
void HandleHideOobeDialog();
void HandleShowAddUser(const base::ListValue* args);
void HandleGetIsSamlUserPasswordless(const std::string& callback_id,
const std::string& typed_email,
const std::string& gaia_id);
void HandleUpdateSigninUIState(int state);
// Allows WebUI to control the login shelf's guest button visibility during
// OOBE.
void HandleShowGuestInOobe(bool show);
void OnShowAddUser();
// Really handles the complete login message.
void DoCompleteLogin(const std::string& gaia_id,
const std::string& typed_email,
const std::string& password,
bool using_saml,
const SamlPasswordAttributes& password_attributes);
// Fill GAIA user name.
void set_populated_email(const std::string& populated_email) {
populated_email_ = populated_email;
// Kick off cookie / local storage cleanup.
void StartClearingCookies(const base::Closure& on_clear_callback);
void OnCookiesCleared(const base::Closure& on_clear_callback);
// Kick off DNS cache flushing.
void StartClearingDnsCache();
void OnDnsCleared();
// Callback for AuthPolicyClient.
void DoAdAuth(const std::string& username,
const Key& key,
authpolicy::ErrorType error,
const authpolicy::ActiveDirectoryAccountInfo& account_info);
// Attempts login for test.
void SubmitLoginFormForTest();
// Updates the member variable and UMA histogram indicating whether the
// principals API was used during SAML login.
void SetSAMLPrincipalsAPIUsed(bool api_used);
// Cancels the request to show the sign-in screen while the asynchronous
// clean-up process that precedes the screen showing is in progress.
void CancelShowGaiaAsync();
// Shows signin screen after dns cache and cookie cleanup operations finish.
void ShowGaiaScreenIfReady();
// Tells webui to load authentication extension. |force| is used to force the
// extension reloading, if it has already been loaded. |offline| is true when
// offline version of the extension should be used.
void LoadAuthExtension(bool force, bool offline);
// TODO (antrim@): GaiaScreenHandler should implement
// NetworkStateInformer::Observer.
void UpdateState(NetworkError::ErrorReason reason);
// TODO (antrim@): remove this dependency.
void set_signin_screen_handler(SigninScreenHandler* handler) {
signin_screen_handler_ = handler;
// Are we on a restrictive proxy?
bool IsRestrictiveProxy() const;
// Returns temporary unused device Id.
std::string GetTemporaryDeviceId();
FrameState frame_state() const { return frame_state_; }
net::Error frame_error() const { return frame_error_; }
// Returns user canonical e-mail. Finds already used account alias, if
// user has already signed in.
AccountId GetAccountId(const std::string& authenticated_email,
const std::string& id,
const AccountType& account_type) const;
// Records whether WebUI is currently in offline mode.
void SetOfflineLoginIsActive(bool is_active);
// Current state of Gaia frame.
FrameState frame_state_ = FRAME_STATE_UNKNOWN;
// Latest Gaia frame error.
net::Error frame_error_ = net::OK;
// Network state informer used to keep signin screen up.
scoped_refptr<NetworkStateInformer> network_state_informer_;
CoreOobeView* core_oobe_view_ = nullptr;
active_directory_password_change_screen_handler_ = nullptr;
// Email to pre-populate with.
std::string populated_email_;
// Whether the handler has been initialized.
bool initialized_ = false;
// True if dns cache cleanup is done.
bool dns_cleared_ = false;
// True if DNS cache task is already running.
bool dns_clear_task_running_ = false;
// True if cookie jar cleanup is done.
bool cookies_cleared_ = false;
// If true, the sign-in screen will be shown when DNS cache and cookie
// clean-up finish, and the handler is initialized (i.e. the web UI is ready).
bool show_when_ready_ = false;
// Has Gaia page silent load been started for the current sign-in attempt?
bool gaia_silent_load_ = false;
// The active network at the moment when Gaia page was preloaded.
std::string gaia_silent_load_network_;
// If the user authenticated via SAML, this indicates whether the principals
// API was used.
// TODO(emaxx): This is also currently set when the user authenticated via
// Gaia, since Gaia uses the same API for passing the password to Chrome.
// Either fix this behavior, or change the naming and the comments to reflect
// it.
bool using_saml_api_ = false;
// Test credentials.
std::string test_user_;
std::string test_pass_;
// Test result of userInfo.
std::string test_services_;
bool test_expects_complete_login_ = false;
// True if proxy doesn't allow access to
NetworkPortalDetector::CaptivePortalStatus captive_portal_status_ =
std::unique_ptr<NetworkPortalDetector> network_portal_detector_;
bool disable_restrictive_proxy_check_for_test_ = false;
// Non-owning ptr to SigninScreenHandler instance. Should not be used
// in dtor.
// TODO (antrim@): GaiaScreenHandler shouldn't communicate with
// signin_screen_handler directly.
SigninScreenHandler* signin_screen_handler_ = nullptr;
// True if WebUI is currently displaying offline GAIA.
bool offline_login_is_active_ = false;
// True if the authentication extension is still loading.
bool auth_extension_being_loaded_ = false;
// Helper to call AuthPolicyClient and cancel calls if needed. Used to
// authenticate users against Active Directory server.
std::unique_ptr<AuthPolicyHelper> authpolicy_login_helper_;
// Makes untrusted authority certificates from device policy available for
// client certificate discovery.
// The type of Gaia page to show.
GaiaScreenMode screen_mode_ = GAIA_SCREEN_MODE_DEFAULT;
base::WeakPtrFactory<GaiaScreenHandler> weak_factory_;
} // namespace chromeos