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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <algorithm>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "components/zucchini/address_translator.h"
#include "components/zucchini/arm_utils.h"
#include "components/zucchini/buffer_view.h"
#include "components/zucchini/image_utils.h"
#include "components/zucchini/io_utils.h"
namespace zucchini {
// Reader that emits x86 / x64 References (locations and target) from a list of
// valid locations, constrained by a portion of an image.
class Rel32ReaderX86 : public ReferenceReader {
// |image| is an image containing x86 / x64 code in [|lo|, |hi|).
// |locations| is a sorted list of offsets of rel32 reference locations.
// |translator| (for |image|) is embedded into |target_rva_to_offset_| and
// |location_offset_to_rva_| for address translation, and therefore must
// outlive |*this|.
Rel32ReaderX86(ConstBufferView image,
offset_t lo,
offset_t hi,
const std::vector<offset_t>* locations,
const AddressTranslator& translator);
~Rel32ReaderX86() override;
// Returns the next reference, or base::nullopt if exhausted.
base::Optional<Reference> GetNext() override;
ConstBufferView image_;
AddressTranslator::RvaToOffsetCache target_rva_to_offset_;
AddressTranslator::OffsetToRvaCache location_offset_to_rva_;
const offset_t hi_;
const std::vector<offset_t>::const_iterator last_;
std::vector<offset_t>::const_iterator current_;
// Writer for x86 / x64 rel32 References.
class Rel32WriterX86 : public ReferenceWriter {
// |image| wraps the raw bytes of a binary in which rel32 references will be
// written. |translator| (for |image|) is embedded into
// |target_offset_to_rva_| and |location_offset_to_rva_| for address
// translation, and therefore must outlive |*this|.
Rel32WriterX86(MutableBufferView image, const AddressTranslator& translator);
~Rel32WriterX86() override;
void PutNext(Reference ref) override;
MutableBufferView image_;
AddressTranslator::OffsetToRvaCache target_offset_to_rva_;
AddressTranslator::OffsetToRvaCache location_offset_to_rva_;
// Reader that emits x86 / x64 References (locations and target) of a spcific
// type from a list of valid locations, constrained by a portion of an image.
template <class ADDR_TRAITS>
class Rel32ReaderArm : public ReferenceReader {
using CODE_T = typename ADDR_TRAITS::code_t;
Rel32ReaderArm(const AddressTranslator& translator,
ConstBufferView view,
const std::vector<offset_t>& rel32_locations,
offset_t lo,
offset_t hi)
: view_(view),
hi_(hi) {
cur_it_ =
std::lower_bound(rel32_locations.begin(), rel32_locations.end(), lo);
rel32_end_ = rel32_locations.end();
base::Optional<Reference> GetNext() override {
while (cur_it_ < rel32_end_ && *cur_it_ < hi_) {
offset_t location = *(cur_it_++);
CODE_T code = ADDR_TRAITS::Fetch(view_, location);
rva_t instr_rva = offset_to_rva_.Convert(location);
rva_t target_rva = kInvalidRva;
if (ADDR_TRAITS::Read(instr_rva, code, &target_rva)) {
offset_t target = rva_to_offset_.Convert(target_rva);
if (target != kInvalidOffset)
return Reference{location, target};
return base::nullopt;
ConstBufferView view_;
AddressTranslator::OffsetToRvaCache offset_to_rva_;
AddressTranslator::RvaToOffsetCache rva_to_offset_;
std::vector<offset_t>::const_iterator cur_it_;
std::vector<offset_t>::const_iterator rel32_end_;
offset_t hi_;
// Writer for ARM rel32 References of a specific type.
template <class ADDR_TRAITS>
class Rel32WriterArm : public ReferenceWriter {
using CODE_T = typename ADDR_TRAITS::code_t;
Rel32WriterArm(const AddressTranslator& translator,
MutableBufferView mutable_view)
: mutable_view_(mutable_view), offset_to_rva_(translator) {}
void PutNext(Reference ref) override {
CODE_T code = ADDR_TRAITS::Fetch(mutable_view_, ref.location);
rva_t instr_rva = offset_to_rva_.Convert(ref.location);
rva_t target_rva = offset_to_rva_.Convert(;
if (ADDR_TRAITS::Write(instr_rva, target_rva, &code)) {
ADDR_TRAITS::Store(mutable_view_, ref.location, code);
} else {
LOG(ERROR) << "Write error: " << AsHex<8>(ref.location) << ": "
<< AsHex<static_cast<int>(sizeof(CODE_T)) * 2>(code)
<< " <= " << AsHex<8>(target_rva) << ".";
MutableBufferView mutable_view_;
AddressTranslator::OffsetToRvaCache offset_to_rva_;
// Type for specialized versions of ArmCopyDisp().
// TODO(etiennep/huangs): Fold ReferenceByteMixer into Disassembler and remove
// direct function pointer usage.
typedef bool (*ArmCopyDispFun)(ConstBufferView src_view,
offset_t src_idx,
MutableBufferView dst_view,
offset_t dst_idx);
// Copier that makes |*dst_it| similar to |*src_it| (both assumed to point to
// rel32 instructions of type ADDR_TRAITS) by copying the displacement (i.e.,
// payload bits) from |src_it| to |dst_it|. If successful, updates |*dst_it|,
// and returns true. Otherwise returns false. Note that alignment is not an
// issue since the displacement is not translated to target RVA!
template <class ADDR_TRAITS>
bool ArmCopyDisp(ConstBufferView src_view,
offset_t src_idx,
MutableBufferView dst_view,
offset_t dst_idx) {
using CODE_T = typename ADDR_TRAITS::code_t;
CODE_T src_code = ADDR_TRAITS::Fetch(src_view, src_idx);
arm_disp_t disp = 0;
if (ADDR_TRAITS::Decode(src_code, &disp)) {
CODE_T dst_code = ADDR_TRAITS::Fetch(dst_view, dst_idx);
if (ADDR_TRAITS::Encode(disp, &dst_code)) {
ADDR_TRAITS::Store(dst_view, dst_idx, dst_code);
return true;
return false;
} // namespace zucchini