Revert "DevTools: Make Preview Pane Accessible"

This reverts commit 58040a832bb68a52529638518de36be17c65547f.

Reason for revert: New test in this CL is flaky or failing:

Bug: 967064

Original change's description:
> DevTools: Make Preview Pane Accessible
> The preview pane previously lacked keyboard controls for navigating
> through the JSON and XML views, the Font view unnecessarily read out the
> content of the view (the alphabet) when accessed via screen reader, and
> the Image view did not allow a screen reader user to access the size and
> mime type of the image.
> This patch fixes these issues by making the JSON and XML treeOutlines
> selectable so they can be accessed via keyboard and by displaying
> keyboard focus within the treeOutline. In the Font view, the element
> containing the sample text is marked so that a screen reader will not
> read the contents, but rather will read the source url of the font. In
> the Image view, a tab stop was moved from a parent element to the image
> itself and a label was added that reads the source url of the image.
> JSON view before:
> JSON view after, without keyboard focus: (same as before)
> JSON view after, with keyboard focus:
> XML view before:
> XML view after, without focus:
> XML view after, with focus:
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