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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "base/base_export.h"
#include "base/check_op.h"
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/dcheck_is_on.h"
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/location.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Usage documentation
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Overview:
// This file exposes functions to ban and allow certain slow operations
// on a per-thread basis. To annotate *usage* of such slow operations, refer to
// scoped_blocking_call.h instead.
// Specific allowances that can be controlled in this file are:
// - Blocking call: Refers to any call that causes the calling thread to wait
// off-CPU. It includes but is not limited to calls that wait on synchronous
// file I/O operations: read or write a file from disk, interact with a pipe
// or a socket, rename or delete a file, enumerate files in a directory, etc.
// Acquiring a low contention lock is not considered a blocking call.
// - Waiting on a //base sync primitive: Refers to calling one of these methods:
// - base::WaitableEvent::*Wait*
// - base::ConditionVariable::*Wait*
// - base::Process::WaitForExit*
// - Accessing singletons: Accessing global state (Singleton / LazyInstance) is
// problematic on threads whom aren't joined on shutdown as they can be using
// the state as it becomes invalid during tear down. base::NoDestructor is the
// preferred alternative for global state and doesn't have this restriction.
// - Long CPU work: Refers to any code that takes more than 100 ms to
// run when there is no CPU contention and no hard page faults and therefore,
// is not suitable to run on a thread required to keep the browser responsive
// (where jank could be visible to the user).
// The following disallowance functions are offered:
// - DisallowBlocking(): Disallows blocking calls on the current thread.
// - DisallowBaseSyncPrimitives(): Disallows waiting on a //base sync primitive
// on the current thread.
// - DisallowSingleton(): Disallows using singletons on the current thread.
// - DisallowUnresponsiveTasks() Disallows blocking calls, waiting on a //base
// sync primitive, and long CPU work on the current thread.
// In addition, scoped-allowance mechanisms are offered to make an exception
// within a scope for a behavior that is normally disallowed.
// - ScopedAllowBlocking(ForTesting): Allows blocking calls.
// - ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives(ForTesting)(OutsideBlockingScope): Allow
// waiting on a //base sync primitive. The OutsideBlockingScope suffix allows
// uses in a scope where blocking is also disallowed.
// Avoid using allowances outside of unit tests. In unit tests, use allowances
// with the suffix "ForTesting".
// Prefer making blocking calls from tasks posted to base::ThreadPoolInstance
// with base::MayBlock().
// Instead of waiting on a WaitableEvent or a ConditionVariable, prefer putting
// the work that should happen after the wait in a continuation callback and
// post it from where the WaitableEvent or ConditionVariable would have been
// signaled. If something needs to be scheduled after many tasks have executed,
// use base::BarrierClosure.
// On Windows, join processes asynchronously using base::win::ObjectWatcher.
// Where unavoidable, put ScopedAllow* instances in the narrowest scope possible
// in the caller making the blocking call but no further down. For example: if a
// Cleanup() method needs to do a blocking call, document Cleanup() as blocking
// and add a ScopedAllowBlocking instance in callers that can't avoid making
// this call from a context where blocking is banned, as such:
// void Client::MyMethod() {
// (...)
// {
// // Blocking is okay here because XYZ.
// ScopedAllowBlocking allow_blocking;
// my_foo_->Cleanup();
// }
// (...)
// }
// // This method can block.
// void Foo::Cleanup() {
// // Do NOT add the ScopedAllowBlocking in Cleanup() directly as that hides
// // its blocking nature from unknowing callers and defeats the purpose of
// // these checks.
// FlushStateToDisk();
// }
// Note: In rare situations where the blocking call is an implementation detail
// (i.e. the impl makes a call that invokes AssertBlockingAllowed() but it
// somehow knows that in practice this will not block), it might be okay to hide
// the ScopedAllowBlocking instance in the impl with a comment explaining why
// that's okay.
class BrowserProcessImpl;
class ChromeNSSCryptoModuleDelegate;
class KeyStorageLinux;
class NativeBackendKWallet;
class NativeDesktopMediaList;
class Profile;
class StartupTabProviderImpl;
class GaiaConfig;
class WebEngineBrowserMainParts;
Profile* GetLastProfileMac();
namespace android_webview {
class AwFormDatabaseService;
class CookieManager;
class ScopedAllowInitGLBindings;
class VizCompositorThreadRunnerWebView;
} // namespace android_webview
namespace ash {
class MojoUtils;
class BrowserDataMigrator;
} // namespace ash
namespace audio {
class OutputDevice;
namespace blink {
class DiskDataAllocator;
class RTCVideoDecoderAdapter;
class RTCVideoEncoder;
class SourceStream;
class VideoFrameResourceProvider;
class WebRtcVideoFrameAdapter;
class LegacyWebRtcVideoFrameAdapter;
class WorkerThread;
namespace scheduler {
class WorkerThread;
} // namespace blink
namespace cc {
class CompletionEvent;
class TileTaskManagerImpl;
} // namespace cc
namespace chrome {
void DeveloperIDCertificateReauthorizeInApp();
} // namespace chrome
namespace chromecast {
class CrashUtil;
namespace chromeos {
class BlockingMethodCaller;
namespace system {
class StatisticsProviderImpl;
bool IsCoreSchedulingAvailable();
int NumberOfPhysicalCores();
} // namespace system
} // namespace chromeos
namespace chrome_cleaner {
class ResetShortcutsComponent;
class SystemReportComponent;
} // namespace chrome_cleaner
namespace content {
class BrowserGpuChannelHostFactory;
class BrowserMainLoop;
class BrowserProcessIOThread;
class BrowserTestBase;
class CategorizedWorkerPool;
class DesktopCaptureDevice;
class DWriteFontCollectionProxy;
class DWriteFontProxyImpl;
class EmergencyTraceFinalisationCoordinator;
class InProcessUtilityThread;
class NestedMessagePumpAndroid;
class NetworkServiceInstancePrivate;
class PepperPrintSettingsManagerImpl;
class RenderProcessHostImpl;
class RenderProcessHost;
class RenderWidgetHostViewMac;
class RendererBlinkPlatformImpl;
class RTCVideoDecoder;
class SandboxHostLinux;
class ScopedAllowWaitForDebugURL;
class ServiceWorkerContextClient;
class ShellPathProvider;
class SynchronousCompositor;
class SynchronousCompositorHost;
class SynchronousCompositorSyncCallBridge;
class TextInputClientMac;
class WebContentsImpl;
class WebContentsViewMac;
} // namespace content
namespace cronet {
class CronetPrefsManager;
class CronetContext;
} // namespace cronet
namespace crosapi {
class LacrosThreadPriorityDelegate;
} // namespace crosapi
namespace dbus {
class Bus;
namespace device {
class UsbContext;
namespace disk_cache {
class BackendImpl;
class InFlightIO;
} // namespace disk_cache
namespace enterprise_connectors {
class LinuxKeyRotationCommand;
} // namespace enterprise_connectors
namespace functions {
class ExecScriptScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives;
namespace history_report {
class HistoryReportJniBridge;
namespace ios_web_view {
class WebViewBrowserState;
namespace leveldb_env {
class DBTracker;
namespace location {
namespace nearby {
namespace chrome {
class ScheduledExecutor;
class SubmittableExecutor;
} // namespace chrome
} // namespace nearby
} // namespace location
namespace media {
class AudioInputDevice;
class AudioOutputDevice;
class BlockingUrlProtocol;
class FileVideoCaptureDeviceFactory;
class PaintCanvasVideoRenderer;
} // namespace media
namespace memory_instrumentation {
class OSMetrics;
namespace metrics {
class AndroidMetricsServiceClient;
class CleanExitBeacon;
} // namespace metrics
namespace midi {
class TaskService; //
namespace module_installer {
class ScopedAllowModulePakLoad;
namespace mojo {
class CoreLibraryInitializer;
class SyncCallRestrictions;
namespace core {
class ScopedIPCSupport;
} // namespace mojo
namespace optimization_guide {
template <class OutputType, class... InputTypes>
class TFLiteModelExecutor;
namespace printing {
class LocalPrinterHandlerDefault;
class PrintBackendServiceImpl;
class PrintBackendServiceManager;
class PrintJobWorker;
class PrinterQuery;
} // namespace printing
namespace rlz_lib {
class FinancialPing;
namespace syncer {
class GetLocalChangesRequest;
class HttpBridge;
} // namespace syncer
namespace ui {
class DrmThreadProxy;
namespace weblayer {
class BrowserContextImpl;
class ContentBrowserClientImpl;
class ProfileImpl;
class WebLayerPathProvider;
} // namespace weblayer
namespace net {
class MultiThreadedCertVerifierScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives;
class MultiThreadedProxyResolverScopedAllowJoinOnIO;
class NetworkChangeNotifierMac;
class NetworkConfigWatcherMacThread;
namespace internal {
class AddressTrackerLinux;
} // namespace net
namespace proxy_resolver {
class ScopedAllowThreadJoinForProxyResolverV8Tracing;
namespace remote_cocoa {
class DroppedScreenShotCopierMac;
} // namespace remote_cocoa
namespace remoting {
class AutoThread;
class ScopedBypassIOThreadRestrictions;
namespace protocol {
class ScopedAllowSyncPrimitivesForWebRtcTransport;
class ScopedAllowThreadJoinForWebRtcTransport;
} // namespace protocol
} // namespace remoting
namespace service_manager {
class ServiceProcessLauncher;
namespace shell_integration_linux {
class LaunchXdgUtilityScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives;
namespace ui {
class WindowResizeHelperMac;
namespace viz {
class HostGpuMemoryBufferManager;
namespace vr {
class VrShell;
namespace web {
class WebMainLoop;
class WebSubThread;
} // namespace web
namespace webrtc {
class DesktopConfigurationMonitor;
namespace base {
class Environment;
bool HasWaylandDisplay(base::Environment* env);
namespace base {
namespace sequence_manager {
namespace internal {
class TaskQueueImpl;
} // namespace sequence_manager
namespace android {
class JavaHandlerThread;
namespace internal {
class GetAppOutputScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives;
class JobTaskSource;
class TaskTracker;
} // namespace internal
class AdjustOOMScoreHelper;
class FileDescriptorWatcher;
class FilePath;
class ScopedAllowThreadRecallForStackSamplingProfiler;
class StackSamplingProfiler;
class TestCustomDisallow;
class SimpleThread;
class Thread;
class BooleanWithStack;
bool PathProviderWin(int, FilePath*);
// NOT_TAIL_CALLED if dcheck-is-on so it's always evident who irrevocably
// altered the allowance (dcheck-builds will provide the setter's stack on
// assertion) or who made a failing Assert*() call.
// inline if dcheck-is-off so it's no overhead
// The static_assert() eats follow-on semicolons. `= default` would work
// too, but it makes clang realize that all the Scoped classes are no-ops in
// non-dcheck builds and it starts emitting many -Wunused-variable warnings.
{} \
static_assert(true, "")
#endif // DCHECK_IS_ON()
namespace internal {
// Asserts that blocking calls are allowed in the current scope. This is an
// internal call, external code should use ScopedBlockingCall instead, which
// serves as a precise annotation of the scope that may/will block.
INLINE_OR_NOT_TAIL_CALLED void AssertBlockingAllowed()
INLINE_OR_NOT_TAIL_CALLED void AssertBlockingDisallowedForTesting()
} // namespace internal
// Disallows blocking on the current thread.
// Disallows blocking calls within its scope.
class BASE_EXPORT ScopedDisallowBlocking {
ScopedDisallowBlocking() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
ScopedDisallowBlocking(const ScopedDisallowBlocking&) = delete;
ScopedDisallowBlocking& operator=(const ScopedDisallowBlocking&) = delete;
~ScopedDisallowBlocking() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
std::unique_ptr<BooleanWithStack> was_disallowed_;
class BASE_EXPORT ScopedAllowBlocking {
ScopedAllowBlocking(const ScopedAllowBlocking&) = delete;
ScopedAllowBlocking& operator=(const ScopedAllowBlocking&) = delete;
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(ThreadRestrictionsTest, ScopedAllowBlocking);
friend class ScopedAllowBlockingForTesting;
// This can only be instantiated by friends. Use ScopedAllowBlockingForTesting
// in unit tests to avoid the friend requirement.
friend class ::GaiaConfig;
friend class ::StartupTabProviderImpl;
friend class android_webview::ScopedAllowInitGLBindings;
friend class ash::MojoUtils; //
friend class ash::BrowserDataMigrator;
friend class base::AdjustOOMScoreHelper;
friend class base::StackSamplingProfiler;
friend class blink::DiskDataAllocator;
friend class chromecast::CrashUtil;
friend class content::BrowserProcessIOThread;
friend class content::DWriteFontProxyImpl;
friend class content::NetworkServiceInstancePrivate;
friend class content::PepperPrintSettingsManagerImpl;
friend class content::RenderProcessHostImpl;
friend class content::RenderWidgetHostViewMac; //
friend class content::ShellPathProvider;
friend class content::WebContentsImpl; //
friend class content::WebContentsViewMac;
friend class cronet::CronetPrefsManager;
friend class cronet::CronetContext;
friend class crosapi::LacrosThreadPriorityDelegate;
friend class ios_web_view::WebViewBrowserState;
friend class media::FileVideoCaptureDeviceFactory;
friend class memory_instrumentation::OSMetrics;
friend class metrics::AndroidMetricsServiceClient;
friend class metrics::CleanExitBeacon;
friend class module_installer::ScopedAllowModulePakLoad;
friend class mojo::CoreLibraryInitializer;
friend class printing::LocalPrinterHandlerDefault;
friend class printing::PrintBackendServiceImpl;
friend class printing::PrintBackendServiceManager;
friend class printing::PrintJobWorker;
friend class remote_cocoa::
DroppedScreenShotCopierMac; //
friend class remoting::ScopedBypassIOThreadRestrictions; //
friend class web::WebSubThread;
friend class ::WebEngineBrowserMainParts;
friend class weblayer::BrowserContextImpl;
friend class weblayer::ContentBrowserClientImpl;
friend class weblayer::ProfileImpl;
friend class weblayer::WebLayerPathProvider;
friend Profile* ::GetLastProfileMac(); //
friend bool PathProviderWin(int, FilePath*);
friend void chrome::DeveloperIDCertificateReauthorizeInApp();
friend bool chromeos::system::IsCoreSchedulingAvailable();
friend int chromeos::system::NumberOfPhysicalCores();
friend bool ::HasWaylandDisplay(base::Environment* env); //
ScopedAllowBlocking(const Location& from_here = Location::Current());
std::unique_ptr<BooleanWithStack> was_disallowed_;
class ScopedAllowBlockingForTesting {
ScopedAllowBlockingForTesting() {}
ScopedAllowBlockingForTesting(const ScopedAllowBlockingForTesting&) = delete;
ScopedAllowBlockingForTesting& operator=(
const ScopedAllowBlockingForTesting&) = delete;
~ScopedAllowBlockingForTesting() {}
ScopedAllowBlocking scoped_allow_blocking_;
INLINE_OR_NOT_TAIL_CALLED void DisallowBaseSyncPrimitives()
// Disallows singletons within its scope.
class BASE_EXPORT ScopedDisallowBaseSyncPrimitives {
ScopedDisallowBaseSyncPrimitives() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
ScopedDisallowBaseSyncPrimitives(const ScopedDisallowBaseSyncPrimitives&) =
ScopedDisallowBaseSyncPrimitives& operator=(
const ScopedDisallowBaseSyncPrimitives&) = delete;
~ScopedDisallowBaseSyncPrimitives() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
std::unique_ptr<BooleanWithStack> was_disallowed_;
class BASE_EXPORT ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives {
ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives(const ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives&) = delete;
ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives& operator=(
const ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives&) = delete;
// This can only be instantiated by friends. Use
// ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitivesForTesting in unit tests to avoid the friend
// requirement.
// Allowed usage:
friend class ::ChromeNSSCryptoModuleDelegate;
friend class base::internal::GetAppOutputScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives;
friend class base::SimpleThread;
friend class blink::SourceStream;
friend class blink::WorkerThread;
friend class blink::scheduler::WorkerThread;
friend class chrome_cleaner::ResetShortcutsComponent;
friend class chrome_cleaner::SystemReportComponent;
friend class content::BrowserMainLoop;
friend class content::BrowserProcessIOThread;
friend class content::RendererBlinkPlatformImpl;
friend class content::DWriteFontCollectionProxy;
friend class content::ServiceWorkerContextClient;
friend class device::UsbContext;
friend class enterprise_connectors::LinuxKeyRotationCommand;
friend class functions::ExecScriptScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives;
friend class history_report::HistoryReportJniBridge;
friend class internal::TaskTracker;
friend class leveldb_env::DBTracker;
friend class location::nearby::chrome::ScheduledExecutor;
friend class location::nearby::chrome::SubmittableExecutor;
friend class media::BlockingUrlProtocol;
friend class mojo::core::ScopedIPCSupport;
friend class net::MultiThreadedCertVerifierScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives;
template <class OutputType, class... InputTypes>
friend class optimization_guide::TFLiteModelExecutor;
friend class rlz_lib::FinancialPing;
friend class shell_integration_linux::
friend class syncer::HttpBridge;
friend class syncer::GetLocalChangesRequest;
friend class webrtc::DesktopConfigurationMonitor;
// Usage that should be fixed:
friend class ::NativeBackendKWallet; //
friend class ::chromeos::system::
StatisticsProviderImpl; //
friend class blink::VideoFrameResourceProvider; //
ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
~ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
std::unique_ptr<BooleanWithStack> was_disallowed_;
class BASE_EXPORT ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitivesOutsideBlockingScope {
const ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitivesOutsideBlockingScope&) = delete;
ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitivesOutsideBlockingScope& operator=(
const ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitivesOutsideBlockingScope&) = delete;
// This can only be instantiated by friends. Use
// ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitivesForTesting in unit tests to avoid the friend
// requirement.
// Allowed usage:
friend class ::BrowserProcessImpl; //
friend class ::KeyStorageLinux;
friend class ::NativeDesktopMediaList;
friend class android::JavaHandlerThread;
friend class android_webview::
AwFormDatabaseService; //
friend class android_webview::CookieManager;
friend class android_webview::VizCompositorThreadRunnerWebView;
friend class audio::OutputDevice;
friend class base::sequence_manager::internal::TaskQueueImpl;
friend class base::FileDescriptorWatcher;
friend class base::internal::JobTaskSource;
friend class base::ScopedAllowThreadRecallForStackSamplingProfiler;
friend class base::StackSamplingProfiler;
friend class blink::RTCVideoDecoderAdapter;
friend class blink::RTCVideoEncoder;
friend class blink::WebRtcVideoFrameAdapter;
friend class blink::LegacyWebRtcVideoFrameAdapter;
friend class cc::TileTaskManagerImpl;
friend class content::CategorizedWorkerPool;
friend class content::DesktopCaptureDevice;
friend class content::EmergencyTraceFinalisationCoordinator;
friend class content::InProcessUtilityThread;
friend class content::RTCVideoDecoder;
friend class content::SandboxHostLinux;
friend class content::ScopedAllowWaitForDebugURL;
friend class content::SynchronousCompositor;
friend class content::SynchronousCompositorHost;
friend class content::SynchronousCompositorSyncCallBridge;
friend class content::RenderProcessHost;
friend class media::AudioInputDevice;
friend class media::AudioOutputDevice;
friend class media::PaintCanvasVideoRenderer;
friend class mojo::SyncCallRestrictions;
friend class net::NetworkConfigWatcherMacThread;
friend class ui::DrmThreadProxy;
friend class viz::HostGpuMemoryBufferManager;
friend class vr::VrShell;
// Usage that should be fixed:
friend class ::chromeos::BlockingMethodCaller; //
friend class base::Thread; //
friend class cc::CompletionEvent; //
friend class content::
BrowserGpuChannelHostFactory; //
friend class dbus::Bus; //
friend class disk_cache::BackendImpl; //
friend class disk_cache::InFlightIO; //
friend class midi::TaskService; //
friend class net::internal::AddressTrackerLinux; //
friend class net::
MultiThreadedProxyResolverScopedAllowJoinOnIO; //
friend class net::NetworkChangeNotifierMac; //
friend class printing::PrinterQuery; //
friend class proxy_resolver::
ScopedAllowThreadJoinForProxyResolverV8Tracing; //
friend class remoting::AutoThread; //
friend class remoting::protocol::
ScopedAllowSyncPrimitivesForWebRtcTransport; //
friend class remoting::protocol::
ScopedAllowThreadJoinForWebRtcTransport; //
// Not used in production yet,
friend class service_manager::ServiceProcessLauncher;
friend class ui::WindowResizeHelperMac; //
friend class content::TextInputClientMac; //
const Location& from_here = Location::Current());
std::unique_ptr<BooleanWithStack> was_disallowed_;
// Allow base-sync-primitives in tests, doesn't require explicit friend'ing like
// ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitives-types aimed at production do.
// Note: For WaitableEvents in the test logic, base::TestWaitableEvent is
// exposed as a convenience to avoid the need for
// ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitivesForTesting.
class BASE_EXPORT ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitivesForTesting {
ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitivesForTesting() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
const ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitivesForTesting&) = delete;
ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitivesForTesting& operator=(
const ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitivesForTesting&) = delete;
~ScopedAllowBaseSyncPrimitivesForTesting() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
std::unique_ptr<BooleanWithStack> was_disallowed_;
// Counterpart to base::DisallowUnresponsiveTasks() for tests to allow them to
// block their thread after it was banned.
class BASE_EXPORT ScopedAllowUnresponsiveTasksForTesting {
ScopedAllowUnresponsiveTasksForTesting() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
const ScopedAllowUnresponsiveTasksForTesting&) = delete;
ScopedAllowUnresponsiveTasksForTesting& operator=(
const ScopedAllowUnresponsiveTasksForTesting&) = delete;
~ScopedAllowUnresponsiveTasksForTesting() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
std::unique_ptr<BooleanWithStack> was_disallowed_base_sync_;
std::unique_ptr<BooleanWithStack> was_disallowed_blocking_;
std::unique_ptr<BooleanWithStack> was_disallowed_cpu_;
namespace internal {
// Asserts that waiting on a //base sync primitive is allowed in the current
// scope.
INLINE_OR_NOT_TAIL_CALLED void AssertBaseSyncPrimitivesAllowed()
// Resets all thread restrictions on the current thread.
INLINE_OR_NOT_TAIL_CALLED void ResetThreadRestrictionsForTesting()
// Check whether the current thread is allowed to use singletons (Singleton /
// LazyInstance). DCHECKs if not.
INLINE_OR_NOT_TAIL_CALLED void AssertSingletonAllowed()
} // namespace internal
// Disallow using singleton on the current thread.
// Disallows singletons within its scope.
class BASE_EXPORT ScopedDisallowSingleton {
ScopedDisallowSingleton() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
ScopedDisallowSingleton(const ScopedDisallowSingleton&) = delete;
ScopedDisallowSingleton& operator=(const ScopedDisallowSingleton&) = delete;
~ScopedDisallowSingleton() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
std::unique_ptr<BooleanWithStack> was_disallowed_;
// Asserts that running long CPU work is allowed in the current scope.
INLINE_OR_NOT_TAIL_CALLED void AssertLongCPUWorkAllowed()
INLINE_OR_NOT_TAIL_CALLED void DisallowUnresponsiveTasks()
class BASE_EXPORT ThreadRestrictions {
ThreadRestrictions() = delete;
// Constructing a ScopedAllowIO temporarily allows IO for the current
// thread. Doing this is almost certainly always incorrect.
// DEPRECATED. Use ScopedAllowBlocking(ForTesting).
// TODO( Migrate remaining users.
class BASE_EXPORT ScopedAllowIO {
ScopedAllowIO(const Location& from_here = Location::Current());
ScopedAllowIO(const ScopedAllowIO&) = delete;
ScopedAllowIO& operator=(const ScopedAllowIO&) = delete;
std::unique_ptr<BooleanWithStack> was_disallowed_;
// Friend-only methods to permanently allow the current thread to use
// blocking/sync-primitives calls. Threads start out in the *allowed* state but
// are typically *disallowed* via the above base::Disallow*() methods after
// being initialized.
// Only use these to permanently set the allowance on a thread, e.g. on
// shutdown. For temporary allowances, use scopers above.
class BASE_EXPORT PermanentThreadAllowance {
// Class is merely a namespace-with-friends.
PermanentThreadAllowance() = delete;
friend class base::TestCustomDisallow;
friend class content::BrowserMainLoop;
friend class content::BrowserTestBase;
friend class web::WebMainLoop;
static void AllowBlocking() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
static void AllowBaseSyncPrimitives() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
// Similar to PermanentThreadAllowance but separate because it's dangerous and
// should have even fewer friends.
class BASE_EXPORT PermanentSingletonAllowance {
// Class is merely a namespace-with-friends.
PermanentSingletonAllowance() = delete;
// Re-allow singletons on this thread. Since //base APIs DisallowSingleton()
// when they risk running past shutdown, this should only be called in rare
// cases where the caller knows the process will be killed rather than
// shutdown.
static void AllowSingleton() EMPTY_BODY_IF_DCHECK_IS_OFF;
} // namespace base