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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "content/browser/service_worker/service_worker_consts.h"
namespace content {
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kBadMessageFromNonWindow[] =
"The request message should not come from a non-window client.";
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kBadMessageGetRegistrationForReadyDuplicated[] =
"There's already a completed or ongoing request to get the ready "
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kBadMessageImproperOrigins[] =
"Origins are not matching, or some cannot access service worker.";
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kBadMessageInvalidURL[] =
"Some URLs are invalid.";
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kBadNavigationPreloadHeaderValue[] =
"The navigation preload header value is invalid.";
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kDatabaseErrorMessage[] =
"Failed to access storage.";
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kEnableNavigationPreloadErrorPrefix[] =
"Failed to enable or disable navigation preload: ";
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kGetNavigationPreloadStateErrorPrefix[] =
"Failed to get navigation preload state: ";
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kInvalidStateErrorMessage[] =
"The object is in an invalid state.";
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kNoActiveWorkerErrorMessage[] =
"The registration does not have an active worker.";
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kNoDocumentURLErrorMessage[] =
"No URL is associated with the caller's document.";
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kSetNavigationPreloadHeaderErrorPrefix[] =
"Failed to set navigation preload header: ";
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kShutdownErrorMessage[] =
"The Service Worker system has shutdown.";
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kUpdateTimeoutErrorMesage[] =
"Service worker self-update limit exceeded.";
const char ServiceWorkerConsts::kUserDeniedPermissionMessage[] =
"The user denied permission to use Service Worker.";
} // namespace content